LETTER: Bribing You With Your Own Money


Dear Editor:

I would appreciate some space in your newspaper to address an important issue.

Bribing You With Your Own Money

This past Saturday, I was shocked as Prime Minister Gaston Browne and his zombie-like entourage pulled up to the UPP Small Business Pull-Up in City West. It is unclear as to whether his appearance was an attempt to disrupt or intimidate.

Fortunately, he was not successful in either. But what is clear is that Gaston Browne’s behavior last Saturday was not meant to empower entrepreneurs or small business owners, but to maintain a society of beggars and to snatch dignity from our men and boys.

We watched in awe as Mr. Browne exited the passenger side of his vehicle, with pockets bulging, and proceeded to do an awkward minstrel jig.

One shirtless young man, who was inebriated grabbed hold of Mr. Browne, and together they started to gyrate. It was a pathetic sight. Perhaps it was the shocking stares of onlookers, or Mr. Browne suddenly gaining control of his senses, but once he assessed the situation, disgust and fear soon registered on Mr. Browne’s face, and the young hanger-on was abruptly dispatched.

Mr. Browne soon sought shelter in his vehicle, and a few men donned their red shirts, some shirtless, forced their way to Mr. Browne’s vehicle window, like zombies with arms outstretched, pulling away in glee with their fists full of dollars. To see this barefaced act in full view, reconfirms that Gaston likes to keep the people poor.

Was this treating or bribery? More learned minds will have to decide. The recording is making the rounds in social media and while we await its prosecution in the court of public opinion, we must say that the scene was sad and shameful. To watch the country’s prime minister engaging in such behavior was a painful reminder of the disdain Mr. Brown holds for Antiguans and Barbudans.

The strain being felt by each household is well known, but watching wads of cash thrown to grown men clawing and begging, painfully underscored the disdain and disrespect he feels for citizens and residents of Antiguan and Barbuda. Does he feel that the coonery and buffoonery he engages should earn him another term in office?

What Gaston Browne should focus on is how he can empower these young men with jobs and opportunities. How can he help rebuild community pride, where residents, businesses and civic organizations work together to uplift each other?

When generosity was needed after a number of families were left destitute following a fire earlier this year, instead of offering assistance, the prime minister accused homeowners of deliberately burning their houses to get him to offer them a new one.

This show of generosity was absent when multiple times during the year, many residents experienced unexpected hardship and for which such assistance would have been welcomed by a kind and caring leader.

Gaston Browne ought to be aware that long-suffering public servants, to include nurses, Solid Waste workers, Clarevue workers and teachers would welcome his generosity at this critical time. They are currently struggling under the weight of mass unemployment, runaway food prices, and exploding violent crime. As tax payers they deserve higher wages and a better quality of life. A few dollars from the PM will not cut it.

This wanton behavior of a leader is unacceptable and Gaston Browne will be judged by it when its time to go to the polls. Sometimes the past is something only the next generation can look at, repair, and make right. Therefore the rescue and repair of our nation now rest with the youth.

The current administration is only concerned about using money to sow seeds of division among our people. Gaston Browne can come with all the 11th hour election gimmicks. But he cannot control the truth which every citizen knows; that our nation is in crisis and in need of solutions that can improve the lives of all of us, not the few can be bribed by accepting money that is already theirs.

Let us continue to toil to build the nation that our forefathers envisioned with pride and dignity.


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  1. Dear “Patriot”

    Where is the FINAL REPORT for the “AUDIT” of the BARBUDA COUNCIL?? $50,000.00 paid to Patriot and not a single page detailing the FINDINGS of this “special report”??? How is that possible “Patriot”?




  3. Shameful indeed. Gaston doing the Hitler whine! But you can see the concern and panic on his face when the man wouldn’t let go.
    Ah so the place look run down! If he had any genuine interest in Villa and Point he would be trying to get the community to work together to uplift themselves. Where are the jobs? The gutters are horrible. But he likes keeping the people in a state of dependency.
    The constituents should thank UPP for bringing Gaston out.

  4. wow, GASTON BWOY, you get wud. MUUUUUUUURDER.
    Hey, I guess you never imagined the backlash of your stupid and irresponsible behavior .

    You tried to interfere with the UPP BUSINESS and look at how it ended up: By you looking like an idiot or a better description, a jackass!

    So that is how you do it? Do you bribe people to win an election. Please answer.
    We heard the conversation when you were talking about the Parham question and how much money your former best friend will have to pay. Is bribery your MO for winning elections? Boss, tell us!

    With just a click, the videos of you putting money in people hand and you rubbing on a man can go all over the world. Boss, did you think of that?

    You think Rowley, Mia, Ralph and the others will have respect for you?

    Partner, as people say: You are your worst enemy! You are very stupid!

  5. Patriot, why waste time and thought?
    GB is just downright devoid of decorum!
    This Freudian gyrating with the inebriated male makes one wonder what behavior may result when he too is inebriated and no one is looking …
    If he wants attention in Point, he could have just put on one of the labor queen contestants’ evening gowns and parade up and down point wharf

  6. Beautifully said:

    Gaston Browne can come with all the 11th hour election gimmicks. But he cannot control the truth which every citizen knows; that our nation is in crisis and in need of solutions that can improve the lives of all of us, not the few can be bribed by accepting money that is already theirs.

    We know the truth of:
    26+ failed projects
    Out of control and unaddressed cost of living
    National housing burning money
    NAMCO creative enrichment slushfund
    No audited reports. No transparency/
    Massive borrowing with no widespread relief
    99 loans in 9 years
    CIP 2 billion with nothing to show
    Social security late payments
    Still no water after numerous promises of increased capacity


    We have see enough – VOTE DEM ALL OUT!

  7. Outstanding commentary @ PATRIOT:

    “…what is clear is that Gaston Browne’s behaviour last Saturday was not meant to empower entrepreneurs or small business owners, but to maintain a society of beggars and to snatch dignity from our men, [women] and boys.”


    Succinctly put @ PATRIOT, I couldn’t have said it better myself – letter of the week.

    However, prepare yourself for the Gaston Browne PROPAGANDISTS and APOLOGISTS to come crawling out of their crevices in their droves.

    A true patriot 🇦🇬 you are sir or madam … 👏

  8. Sadly it appears as though Antigua is in the same position as the u.s., you have you choice of electing a pandering lunatic or free-spending radical leftist.

  9. Oh politics and politicians a game they play so well and the people will always be the pawns to be used, abused among them.
    If the voters in this country are really honest with themselves they will removed the Red..The Blue and now the Orange… that have blinded them from time eternity and once put country first.
    Look at all the communities in this country….Grays Green had Papa, Selvin, DC (we forgave him) Baldwin ( unforgivable) and now Benjamin…and not one Damn thing to change the living conditions of the people in 55 years plus ( with a primier and Prime Minister)
    Let’s go pointe and villa…Same thing..from Jerry, Henderson, Donald, Gaston…outside of the fishermen complex and now the global port and boobie alley developments all in pointe nothing in villa except for clinic. These communities remains among the worst in the island.
    Rural East…same thing. With a Prime Minister ( Lester Bird) an Errol Cort..now another Bird… it still remains the Drug addicts capitol in Antigua. And all it boast is a crazy house.
    And I go on and on to every village around the country to prove this point..that nothing meaningful done in this country by any political party or politician who loved to use the word “I”..I will do this..I will change this…what them fu change is the full pension salary they getting and if it’s late a percentage added to it.. and when committed a crime them fu go a jail.
    So people tap all this foolishness about ABLP and UPP. None of them care about this country..NONE. But Jehovah not sleeping…Daniel chapter 2: verse 44 for this religious loving country…their end will come.. for they belong to the Devil…. Matthew 4:8 KJV ” Again, the Devil taketh him(jesus) up into an exceeding high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms ( Government) of the world and the glory of them; and saith unto him…..ALL THESE ARE MINE…”

    • Ex

      Lol, so I guess your end will never come. What do you propose as an alternative? Hoe can you be of benefit to the communities you mentioned? Are you suggesting that we do away with political parties and replace with what system? If is regrettable that many of you bring no value but your talk. What have you lately to empower the lives of the people around you? All chatter.
      Me gorn dis side yah.

  10. It amazes me how many of you can write these articles and even to them without stating your real names. It is befuddling to note that your strength on penning your without backbone to let the chips fall where they may.
    Even the fact the writer would suggest that the MP needs to the one to bring the community together to build their own community is beyond me. Are you suggesting that there are no one with leadership qualities to encourage community working relationships?
    Every moment many you get to pounce on the gentleman, you do so by pretending to overlook the vision that he and his cabinet have been presenting to the country.
    Some of you are working at the UWI Five Islands and still criticizing ungratefully so.
    Help to build your country, not tear it down at all political cost.

    • Yes. All like “Mrs. WATERED DOWN” who vowed to quit! “I’d be very disaapointed in UWI if they were to bring a campus here”

      “I would not send my child to UWI”

    • Yo Dave, u want a wine up on too?
      U with ur Dr., can truly say u didn’t feel embarrassed seeing Gaston’s behavior? As a self l-acclaimed campaign logistician, is this the kind of behavior u would advise to the incumbent?
      Yes and my real name is below..
      Ben Dover.

    • @ Dave Ray

      Just shut up.

      Are you worried about your future allowance?

      Enough people have suffered under this administration. TIME FOR DEMTO GO.

      • @poverty – and when Lovell spends Antigua into bankruptcy with one welfare program after another, then when the money is gone, then what?
        I would live to hear your thoughts on this point.

        • @ Scot,
          So you have no problem with the 96 high interest loans that Gaston has choked us with.
          So you have no problem with 2 billion dollars of CIP FUNDS THAT Gaston can’t account for . Oh BTW the ABLP was against the CIP, REMEMBER, Lionel Max Hurst walking up and down the pavement saying: ” My passport not for sale”. Molwyn Joseph said that the CIP will be introduced over his dead body.
          Yet not a peep from you.

          Weston said that the National HOUSING is burning money.
          Again, not a peep from you

          76 million dollars ended in Cooks when the ebooks were discarded.
          Scott remained silent.

          ETC ETC ETC,

          However, you have a problem when UPP try to elevate people but you have no problem with the ABLP wasting money.
          Gee, I guess it says a lot about Scott

    • You reap what you sow. Didn’t ABLP march against the CIP but then turn around and herald it as the best thing in the world? Passports for sale have become the ABLP economic life line.

      The idea of a university was first conceived by the UPP as a part the our plan for tertiary education. The Party position has always been pro university, but Five Islands was designated for a secondary school.

      page 38 of UPP Manifesto 2014

      Tertiary Education

      Establishment of a University of
      Antigua and Barbuda is a long
      felt dream of the citizens of our
      Country. The steps which have to
      be taken to the realization of this
      goal are clinically carved out along
      lines which are internationally
      dictated. To achieve our goal we as
      a people must honour and respect
      these international requirements if
      we are to establish a University that
      will be internationally recognized
      and accredited. The process is as
      long as it is intricate and indeed
      just as complex.

      As a first step we will

      Amalgamate the Antigua State
      College, the Hospitality Institute
      and the Antigua and Barbuda
      institute of Technology to
      form The University College of
      Antigua and Barbuda.

      Transform the Antigua and
      Barbuda based UWI Open
      Campus into a full independent
      Teaching Institution along the
      same lines as the other UWI
      Open Campus Institutions in
      the Caribbean.

      These will be the first steps taken
      in laying the foundation for the
      establishment of the full University.

    • Come come now @ Dave Ray, even the greatest writers and authors use pseudonyms, nom de plumes or pet names, so that their identities are hidden from the general public; also if you’ve lived or spent a long length of time in Antigua, you’ll know it’s an island where people know who you are, and some love to nosey in others business.

      Furthermore, in a political sense, this could also cause untold harm.

      On another platform I give my full name, however with politics, it can bring out the FRUITCAKES AND NUTCRACKERS! 🤪 🤯 🥴

      So, if anyone wants to give their real names or remain anonymous, then leave them be … it’s nobody’s business at all!

      I have no problem with anyone using an alias, some are quite inventive and well thought out.

      Enjoy the rest of your day boss!

      • Don’t buy into your rationale. Only whistle blowers use aliases, if they feel that the information is of high intelligence where their lives and families might be threatened.
        People choose to use pseudonyms on this platform in order to slander, besmirch, denigrate and cast aspersions on the characters of people in public office.
        If you are so convinced or convicted by toit stance, let us know who you are.
        What my view is though many people on this medium, are still regrettably going against their principles to reach out to these very MPs for favors selfishly.
        So these aliases are perfect to suit their game…

    • Rightfully so. All the cry down, All the bad mouth and bad wishes, There is power in the tongue. You can curse and bless with the same mouth. When people are wishing all kinds of bad things against the country because of political color. We all need to put down the politics and think about this country and what we want for the future generations. Blue, red, orange, purple and pink my ch put down colors and think country. Antiguan s need to wake up and Wake up now.

  11. @ Dave Ray – I have to say that handing out cash looks painfully similar to the Daley administration in 1960s chicago.
    Antigua needs leadership that focuses on creating opportunity and not doling out welfare money, and it doesn’t seem to me that that’s in the wheelhouse of either Browne or Lovell.

    • Just for thought. Dave Ray you are indeed singing for your supper. I realize you don’t like when Antigua people speak about the PM and his worthless behaviour and the nonsense he speaks on point fm on his weekly programme. Time for us to make a change. U in a America, you nah lib yah. Who in the kitchen feel the heat. Blow and honk the horn , ALP gorn

      • For which supper I’m singing? Whom are you singing for? I am independent business owner from 1989. I have never asked anyone for any favours in my entire life. Because I have a different views to yours doesn’t me a hungry man.
        We all look at things from different lenses.
        What I noticed though is that the same naysayers never give credit to anything done well by the current administration. It’s always Doom & Gloom. But the fetes attract massive crowds at high price points. Restaurants are buzzing with local support. Things might not be the greatest but we’re still a work in progress. Let’s get to the next level.

    • @Scott…😆😆😀you’re learning fast. The #Deadli_Dadli Connection is murderous like fuck. Our S-election process is simply to see, which #family(Cosa Nostra Style) is gonna run the #Hoods.
      Antigua, Barbuda & REFONDA Politics is just another form of #Gansterism. Fortunately, the guns don’t blaze as much, as say Chicago or Jamaica.
      The behavior of the present PM, as in another article where he was dolling cash on the streets just adds fuel to the ALPHABET SOUP GAND and their behaviours.
      Living in the #Hand_To_Mouth Culture as most of the People do, is the perfect stomping, breeding, recruiting ground for pimps.

  12. Brix, I once read your suggestion that a team of doctors subject this man to a battery of psychological test. How reprehensible and unfit for this office this guy is. Talk about an act of desperation! And then to hit the airways in tandem with a set of disgraceful, unprincipled, unconscionable, traitors to laugh and snicker at this disgraceful display?Oh Antigua, what has become of you?

  13. UPP came to New York and have boat ride and asking people for money too see them is that a bribe? US$200 and US$100

    • I thought when someone bribes they actually give out money or some type of inducement. If UPP hosts an event what are they giving out? Aren’t people paying to attend the event? How is this bribery?

      And since when is having a fund raiser bribery? I really can’t tell whether you are really that stupid or just pretending to be more stupid than you really are.

    • @Really
      No it was a fund raiser. You idiot, why would people be bribing
      prospective politicians. Isn’t it the other way around? You idiot again.

  14. UPP as the saying go “do so don’t love so”. You are all to dunce to realize what you are doing is the same thing u accusing of. So I guess we can say you are “bribing” the business owners also to vote for you since you are pulling up every weekend at these shops.

    • UPP not bribing any body with spending twenty dollars, they are just trying to convince the people to vote for them. Unless the people are stupid and hungry.
      Gaston on the hand Is just giving back some of the money he accumulated by whatever means.

  15. They have nothing so they are now talking mess. Do they know what is a bribe or what is the meaning of the word bribe. It’s shame and confusion got them. The Upset People Party mad because the PM show up them broke behind.

    • Who rich in Antigua? The few business people and the politicians. We know how the business people got rich, but do care to find out how the politicians did it?

    • And you my wanna be bitch, keep eating my 💩💩💩to smell like me. Typical ABLP Teef u pussyhole be!

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