LETTER: Bolans Villagers Need To Use Their Brain In Politics

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Are there things done that has significant impact on the constituency of St. Mary’s South because of the unique and powerful situation the voters are in at this time?

Villages like Bolans within that constituency should have used the upcoming election as leverage to get major things done.

Is the police precinct done?

Is the clinic operating?

Are there more jobs within the communities of St. Mary’s South?

Are there more police officers patrolling day and night in Bolans?

There are no other constituency that has such advantage to make politicians (UPP, DNA, ABLP, etcetera) do what they need than those villages in St. Mary’s South Parish, you have so much leverage, but you are so focused on being loyal to your party than being loyal to progress and achievement that you do not understand you should be loyal to who best serve your personal, family, community and nation’s development and growth.

Use your advantageous bi-election strength and get things done.

That was all I tried to teach my family who rejected this strategy ignorantly. This opportunity may never come again.

Who is currently representing St. MARY’S Parish, South, since there is no Minister in Parliament? There is to be a by-election soon to elect one.

When your party brings in a former UPP member that secured your ABLP party loss, and the ABLP is then telling you to vote for this person, do you not see that as an opportunity to say, okay I could vote for him as you wish, as a recent former UPP member, who was against us, ABLP voters, and supporters, but to convince us (locals) to vote for him now, this is what we need now before any by-election vote from us:

1) More jobs in the village, facilitate local small, medium and large-scale businesses to operate, as a matter of local community and national interest, especially those businesses that has substantial impact on other industry that would enhance that other industry which encourages more job creation.


2) more police officers assigned day and night to patrol Bolans Village.


3) make more community services be available now, like police precinct, clinic, pharmacy, after-school programs and sports for children, now before the by-election.


4) fix the roads


5) decrease taxes, especially on food and drinks.


6) set up village funds ($1,000,000.00 minimum) and or allow businesses who intend to, has the resources to, and show they are credible about implementing a village fund that people within Bolans village can petition/apply for in the interest of community purposes like events, activities, grants for college/university study for Bolans village residents, medical expenses covered for Bolans Village residents, assistance with forming a business for Bolans Village residents, etcetera.


7) demand that even your personal, and family needs are met, especially those that are reasonable.

These are things people who are not idiots and ignorant would do in a situation like this the ABLP has placed Bolans Village in.

Your party is forcing upon you to accept a very recent UPP member on ABLP voters, and your response should be, okay, I can vote for him as you want me too, but these are my demands, and they are justified and must be met because of the kind of situation you are putting us in.

If I was voting, all kind of things would be justified as offer of forgiveness for me to accept this situation of ABLP telling me, family and community as an ABLP voter to vote for a recent UPP member who ensured the party I (speaking as if I was a ABLP voter, which I probably would have been, had I been legally able to vote and motivated to voted) voted for loss and base on the behavior of most of the voting public, I am sure there was some cursing of ABLP voters by those persons voting for UPP.

Again, nothing personal about Mr. Dwayne George, but the situation is so outrageous and egregious because of how recent, from the last election, and the switching of party, that it would require from intelligent and reasonable community members/people that extraordinary things must be done for the ABLP voters to accept this kind of ethical conflict within themself. Personally, I would want major things for my community, my family and myself.

I am not saying they shouldn’t or should vote in this situation but I am saying, if they are sticking with ABLP party’s decision to put someone that was recently such a major UPP member that he recently fought to be the UPP candidate, I would encourage all ABLP voters, especially those in Bolans Village, to demand for certain things for their community and family to accept what most reasonable person would consider to be outrageous and egregious acts by your ABLP party to even expect support for this decision.

There are current ABLP members who have never flipped from ABLP to UPP. They have all their life voting life been a ABLP voter, and those people deserve unique and special rewards because of the circumstances pertaining to Dwayne.

They deserve more and it is upsetting this must be said, as the politicians do not know but it is worse the actual voters do not know.

You have to force the politicians to do things you the voters want that they typically wouldn’t do for your community even though they should.

Things like facilitating a business to open that would provide jobs to villagers, such business promised to donate $100,000 to the village, donate all kind of equipment and technology to the village, and do things the government should do but have not done.

You use your leverage and demand more because of this big and outrageous pill ABLP want you to swallow. I am not saying to leave your party, ABLP or your God Gaston Brown or Samantha or Dwayne, but use your hand to your advantage.

But of course, you know, there are some ABLP members that are so not smart or intelligent (not referring to degrees and certificates from educational institutions) that they do not know their worth, their sons and daughter’s worth and when they have the advantage.

I realize now, they cannot be taught, and they should not be saved. The only way they MAY learn, is when they feel the pain of their stupidity and ignorance. You leave them to their Dunceness.

It is not about being told who to vote for, it is about strategy from a person you know made millions from using strategies in negotiating settlements, Strategies in advocating/representing clients, strategies in providing tactics in crime reduction, strategies in helping folks avoid deportation from the US legally, and strategies in National Security and Law.

It is difficult not having knowledgeable team members (family, friends, community) who are literally all incapable of realizing and participating on the strategies being use to better those same ignorant and dunce people’s life.

Do not ever be stupid enough to let a member of parliament tell you that they are not able to do things. Thar is the dumbest statement any politicians can say to you, and you believe.

They say that when they do not find you worthy of going above and beyond for. In fact, it is something they already have a pre-existing duty to do for you and it is not even going above and beyond.

No matter what board makes decision, all ministers under Antigua and Barbuda law, frankly all democratic countries, have national interest and National security laws and policies that allows elected officials to demand or encourage or order or request of any board to act in a particular way in the interest of national security or national interest. It is Lawful, reasonable and frankly, it is a prudent tool. Just expect more and know you deserve more from your politicians, from your Gastons, your Samanthas and your Dwaynes.

Trying to make your community and your family’s life better is some people’s way of helping, I know using strategies to help others are also just my way of helping.

Know your worth or at least know your son’s and your brother’s worth. Use your brain just once in politics. I cannot wait to see the result of this by-election.

My next article will be a scientific analysis of how things like what described here will impact voting in this by-election and what the result may be based on this analysis. I will be focus on science and not politics, the social science, folks’ behavior.

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  1. yes! We voting SENATOR DWAYNE MUSTAFA GEORGE!!! Our voice in the Parliament and CABINET. George wins; WE WIN!!!

    • @ DONE:You do not live in the Constituency.So Gaston Browne should transfer into it. For those people round south would put a plan assing on you with a bull bud. Shuggy is going to win that seat on Election Night.When the votes are all counted.

      • @Wharf Rat, then when anyone goes to him for help, he can make the excuse, “I can’t do much because I’m in opposition” while he continues to travel the world and “Braff”. BTW, those monies spent on the trip to St. Kitts for Carnival (him and his buddy) could have bought a few gallons of paint to help paint the fisheries complex in Urlings.

        In no other democracy would you all expect a government to pump resources into a constituency when you rejected his candidate. So Shugy wins, SMS remains in purgatory for at least another 4.5 years. So the choice is simple: Finance Shugy’s travelling and braffing for another 4.5 years, or see things done in the constituency.

  2. Thant is why Antigua is in the state it’s in right now. To much flip floppers, judus, to much people who see wrong and try to make wrong right, to much careless people, to much people that don’t care about the country on a whole, to much people that is all of self, to much hatred for each other, to much crab in a barrel mentally, no guts, no civic pride, some of you behave like you all have Stockholm syndrome, some of you like to be abused, some of you have no self love, love politicians more than you all pickney them and that is why the politicians treat you all so damn bad and you all are to blind to see.

    • @can’t stand wicked and badminded, you said it well and perfectly.

      I would hope at least my villagers to know their worth and their son’s and brother’s worth when something like what is happening in Bolans village now is happening but they are so blinded by politicians they can not see what what is good for them and instead abuse family members and fellow villagers for each other’s party.

      This is the first time I truly gave up on anything in my life, I have given up on numerous pertaining to this subject. I am the last person they should want to give up because all I think about is what is best for family and community. Without ever wanting to be in politics. And probably never will.

  3. There is one thing that perhaps I missed here. Politicians are infamous for making promises to bribe voters but renege on these promises once they get in power. None so infamous as ALP. If you question this,check their manifestos for the past two elections and see what they have done.
    Ensure that whatever you call for is done NOW.Not after elections, not when they feel like,NOW.
    ALP’s track record should speak for itself if you are a rational thinking individual.

  4. People decide what’s best for them based on their experiences. One cannot decide for another what their political affiliation should be. We may have all crossed over and back at one time or another because it is our democratic right so to do. Let the chips fall where they may. If Shuggy is who people think is best and the I’s have it, it will be so and.vice versa with Se. Dwayne George. All this talk. The people will decide.

  5. This bi-election has exposed n put the spotlight on party animal Shugy . He has no shield from the others as it’s not a general election so the ppl are able to analyze him as a stand-alone ! He made a smart move for HIMSELF by resigning but it triggered smtg else 🥴

    Then BAM! Labour Party hit him with a CHESS MOVE! Dwayne George have him panicking.

    • Dear lord. You certainly can’t be this delusional??

      Ah mean the effort you put into this post failed so dismally. Even trying to use Gaston’s failed strategy about partying.

      Makes me laugh. Try something else please.

  6. Dry Hill money done
    Dry Hill money done
    Dry Hill money done
    and Shoogy NAR GET NONE!!!

    Bank of Dry Hill pull out from $upporting shoogy boogy this time around. The Government done set. No “benefits” to Bank of Dry Hill to help shoogy boogy dis time tarl tarl

  7. Nearly everyone ignore my points I was making ha ha ha ha ha. I just wasted those minutes of my life writing this, thinking people would actually focus on my points for once instead of who they support politically.


    He mash up Ricky barbershop; run um dung to ground zero and then a try knock up wan likkle 2 x 4 inna some wild tambran alley wid dutty drum and rubbish arl ovah de front.

    He nar gu back in arwe Parliament fu sit dung in de “RUDE BOY STAND” according to 🐍 🐍 🐍


  9. These ALP dregs are so very ungrateful and dishonest. When Asot spent his unaccounted-for millions to purchase the party’s victory in past elections, he was hailed, especially by Gaston, as being intelligent and great, amongst other accolades but he committed an unforgivable sin by challenging the Dictator and the all descended on him like a sunami. However, I’ve just decided to use up a few minutes to read some repetitious comments by an ALP String , teaching his fellow comrades about the art of soliciting handouts. Most of ALP supporters are of that persuasion and that’s just why they operate like drunken.bees to ensure that their party stays in power. Win or lose,Mr. Simon will be ok because he’s truly loved by the Dictator and his wife. Sounds like a good three-some.


    Prancing up and down half-naked living de FETE BOY lifestyle and tun he back on God and the people!! No time fu people when all he do a wink up wid insane carnival wid rum & coke

  11. Where are the Africans that was traveling around the country just before election . Have anyone seen any of them in bolans?

  12. Vote Senator Dwayne George ABLP candidate for St. Mary’s South. He is a man with integrity who cares for the people and will continue to improve the infrastructure of the constituency’s 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

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