LETTER: Black History Month


Dear Editor,

The more I hear about Black History Month being observed and celebrated in Antigua, the more I get angry. I am disgusted.

Antiguans are not serious and proud of their blackness. I think deep down they despise their blackness. To many/most, blackness is a defense when they argue.

It is a reason to party on 1st August every year, when some break out the African clothes.

Even before the debacle of the Africans in Antigua, there is the treatment of our black brothers and sisters from Caricom.

Oh, we hate the black Guyanese and Jamaicans but have no problem with the Caucasians, Middle Easterners and Chinese, who combined in a few years, may soon outnumber us and who control commerce, yachting and tourism.

Now to the Africans. Nothing anyone can say or do can forgive the treatment of our unfortunate brothers and sisters from the Cameroon, who have come to Antigua.

There is no empathy in this country. Just xenophobia against our own colour and hatred.

Let us accept that this was a major screw up by the government. Due diligence was obviously not done on these flights. Maybe incompetence. Maybe corruption.

What ever the reasons, the point is that our African brothers and sisters are running from poverty and a civil war.

All they are guilty of is trying to find a better life for their families. They are not criminals. In fact, many of them are quite well educated.

How do you think they feel when they hear the comments on the radio; read the comments in the newspaper and watch a whole demonstration against them? Many of them are sad and depressed. Some of the females cry all day.

I will not even get into the thousands of Antiguans who have run from this country since the 50s, 60s  and today seeking greener pastures. Nor will I discuss the thousands of Antiguans who go to the USA to make their children so they can get a US passport.

Our African brother and sisters are human beings. They have feelings. They have parents. They have children.

Where is your humanity, Antigua?

Disgusted Blacktothebone Man

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  1. Bravo!! I have said this all along: there is deep rooted self hatred in Antigua and Barbuda. Many, many Antiguans and Barbudans HATE black people and will openly embrace other races. It is sad!

  2. Writer I am in agreement (not everything) in general with your writing. I am not in support of our nation, limiting black history recognition to a month. Unlike the US, we make up the majority. In terms of the persons from Cameroon who are among us, the US when it allowed in Antiguan’s and others, who lied about their intentions, dropped the ball when it came to due diligence? The US just last year (April)offered temporary protection to some 40K persons from Cameroon, who were before that deemed to be living in the US illegally. They will be given work permits. This was prompted by persons pointing out there was a double standard in how Ukrainians (white) were being treated vs persons from Cameroon. They pulled a fast one on us, in their desperation to flee their country to get to the US and enjoy protected status. However, as you wrote we need to recognize their situation and do what’s best for all concerned.

  3. Giving black people a month, albeit the shortest month, to celebrate their history is ludicrous.

    We did not need to adopt this Americanism. I totally disapprove of it.

    I don’t see them celebrating white history month. What does that mean? Their history is the default and black history is a sub-file?
    January 31 is free for all, Feb 1 we pause to think of black people, and Mar 1 we’re back to our nasty ways of hatred for black people?
    Give me a break.

  4. Franz family is living peacefully in the US, while he is in Antigua stirring up confusion. Boy, if God was like man.

  5. I’m of the view that the Magic Mike investor played fast and loose with the cabinet, giving the impression that he had the ability to fly African businessmen and and high eng tourists across the Atlantic to invest in Antigua and Barbuda. This was intended to be a route with direct access to the motherland.
    Even that thought didn’t sit well with many Antiguans. They prefer to hear of direct routes to Germany, Brazil, China, etc. It’s an ingrained hatred which we have innocently developed over time.
    We like glitz and glamour. We are attracted to first world countries only.
    In our minds, we don’t see any real value in being connected to Africa other than learning about our history.
    So this was a great opportunity for many in opposition to the current administration to use this as political fodder to gain traction amongst its supporters.
    The only challenge is that they are allowing Notth America and the UK to investigate a theory created by them, simply for political expediency.
    We can never love our own by having “blackened” mindsets, figuratively speaking.

    • @ Dave Ray.. Are you saying that the opposition is against the Africans’ presence, or the nefarious ways that they ended up here? Are you also implying that only opposition people are against this debacle? And then you are injecting xenophia into it? Since when you care bout black foreigners? I wonder what your comments would have been if the shoe was on the other foot? Anyhow here’s the ideal opportunity to embrace our black brothers and sisters. Open you pockets, your home and your heart.

    • @Dave Ray: I listened to your conversation with Gaston Browne. It was played by Knight on Observer Radio. Man,you are not a REAL-MAN. In my opinion,you are an arse kisser to Gaston. It sounded to me like you were singing for your supper. Singing a solo in order to get a position working for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in New York. I thought you were better than that. Then again,you the Labor Party Supporters never got enough or had enough. All of self and nothing for anyone else. GREEDY,SELFISH,BASTARDS!!

    • venture was discussed with the powerful Nigerian government and that it also had the support of President Buhari.
      There is no getting away from that point.

      Marvelous Mike… Chuptz

  6. Either the FBI lost their way, they can’t find Antigua on the map, or they went to Jamaica thinking it’s Antigua and they definitely won’t find the PM there 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂 Chuuuuuuuppppppsssss

  7. True dat, you only have to look at how our own Prime Minister treats his fellow dignitaries, colleagues and elites at home and in the Caribbean region.

    However, when he meets up with elitist Caucasians (especially monarchy), Gaston Browne 🥸 jus’ ah skin teet’ 🦷🦷🦷 an ah giggy giggy wid dem.

    Now contrast this when he meets up with his fellow black brethren counterparts, and there’s scowling, frowning, arguing and then followed by possible litigation.

    Gaston need more than Black History Month, he needs a strong dose of Black History every damn day …

  8. Let us be real! Nigeria is a powerful oil rich nation colonized for a second time – now by the oil mafia who pump their Nigerian crude for less than value, exports, refines and sells it back plus bribes (called ‘long legs’ in Lagos, and commissions and finder’s fees in Abuja). Nigeria is also known to the black world as its most corrupt nation, where scam is an integral part of the culture. It would not come as anything unusual to most that Nigeria scammed Cameroonian war refugees to fly to Antigua, telling them it was Antigua, Guatemala, where they could walk to the US border. But for a government to be found owning 20% of this Nigerian scam is downright ridiculous, and will not induce sympathy but establishes collusion.

  9. While I understand the writer’s sentiments, based on the PAST, not everything is about race. I disagree that Antiguan “blacks” hate “black” people. Antigua is a small island and can easily have it’s culture change for the worse if too many persons from countries with questionable cultures and values flood this little land. E.g. Honest, decent, hard working Jamaicans are welcome, but criminals are not. Let’s not pretend that that country doesn’t have a worse crime problem. Likewise let’s not pretend that African countries don’t have various issues. The Syrians, Chinese etc. are just here to do business, not cause harm. Every country looks suspiciously at immigrants who might not be able to easily find work or establish a business.

    • @Not about race, I totally agree with you. We do not hate black people. Most of us are proud of our black heritage, notwithstanding the fact that many of us are mixed parentage. The main issue is definitely the way the travelers came here and for me also the fact that they had the option of going to neighboring Nigeria and opted instead to use Antigua as a gateway to illegally enter the US. There are also implications as far as visa applications from Antigua and Barbuda once the smoke settles. As a nation we stand to lose a lot and there are large countries that are not as economically strained that could take on refugees. If larger countries are refusing them, why are we trying to get involved in a mess that will leave us worse for wear?

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