LETTER: Big Thank You From Parents Of Antiguan Students In Cuba


Dear Editor,

As a parent of one of the students studying in Cuba, I want to say on behalf of the cohort  “a big big thank you! ” to PM Browne & his administration, the Antiguan Ambassador in Cuba, the Venezuelans, and those, who donated and made pledges  for the assistance that was extended to the students to get them home during this Covid pandemic crisis.

We were aware that it was a responsibility for us the parents to get our kids here and yes we tried, but was faced with challenges because of the Covid restrictions.

As  a result the PM displayed his compassion and leadership, during this critical time and hence, came to the students’ rescue.

The rescue efforts brought great joy to us, the parents and a great relief to the students who were faced with the stresses of surviving under a scarcity of supplies in Cuba.

At the same time, the opportunity to be at home, was used to refuel their psychics and garner supplies etc, for their return to Cuba to start the new school year.

Again, we say a big big Thank You!!



  1. Not always people stand still and take time to thank those who did well to them. And when someone does it humbles the receiver. Its easier to give then to receive. And most people who give don’t know how to receive. I’m sure my PM would take note of this “Thank you letter”

  2. Why are persons writing letters.Without putting their names to those letters,ANR.In my opinion you should not print them without a name attached.Why are they afraid of.Oh,no they would be “cussed” one way or the other.NO NAMES,NO POST THEM LETTERS.

    • But Wait!!!! so wenk you nah put fu you name in ah ANR to all the nonsense you does write ni yah??

  3. Only now? I would have thought that such a deserving act merited at least a prompt and sincere response from the parents. Could this timing have anything to do with the imminent due date for the students’ return to Cuba? Just wondering.

  4. It is only fair to give Jack or Jackie their jacket when they so deserve it.

    Definitely, this post must be commended!!

    It is not very often a ” thank you ” is mentioned in the public domain, to show the appreciation of what has been received…

    I do hope the students are now fully refuelled and are ready to face the rudiments of their new academic year and the ravages of the Covid epidemic in Cuba.

    I wish them well upon their return and encourage them to be safe throughout!!

    • Anderson Carty like ALP propaganda machinery want to steal your spot light……Lmao

  5. It’s better late than never to express gratitude. Sadly, in our society many folks don’t show enough courtesy towards each other. We’re so fill with hate, envy, badmind, ingratitude mostly due to foolish political views. When it’s good we wish the results to be bad. Goodness… Gracious… lives is short it’s time for so many to curtailed their diatribes. Sometimes it best not to say nothing…

    • And we saw that displayed in our Parliament when Trevor Walker could stand up and thank everyone but the Antigua Government for all the donation Barbuda has received. s if those donation were made without the government’s intervention. Juts political hatred. Could not bring that over his mouth and heart

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