LETTER: Beedie Beedie what’s hanging over UPP’s head?

Former Leader of the United Progressive Party in Antigua and Barbuda, Harold Lovell

Dear Editor

A few years ago, during our childhood days,  many of us played a popular game known as ” Beedie Beedie what’s hanging over your head?”

I am sure that persons in the likes of Harold Lovell, Algernon Serpent Watts, Giselle Isaac and others from UPP, are very much familiar with the game.

Interestingly, the game involves two persons competing against each other.  One person has an item hanging over the other person’s head and that person whose head is under the hanging item, would have to guess what the item is.

Now, depending on the rules of the game, if the answer is incorrect, then that person loses the game and subsequently suffer the consequences of being whipped & chastised.


Ironically, from my vantage point, I am of the view that ABLP is playing the same game of “Beedie, Beedie, what’s hanging over your head?”  with UPP.


Clearly, ABLP seems to have a very strategic game plan for this upcoming election, hence, I foresee, UPP will be up for a rude awakening.


In fact, before launching their attack, it is very evident that the Labour Party are forcing UPP to become very frustrated and thus causing them to become their own enemy.


As a result, as time gets closer to the general election, certain candidates are now causing UPP to lose more support along the way, due to their unscrupulous, unethical, unprofessional and dictatorship behavior been emanated by them.


The youths are also in the numbers of migrating from them. Young brilliant minds such as Kieron Murdoch has now left, and I am sure that some of Kieron’s colleagues such as Daren Matthew Ward, Carlon Knight, Khadeem Joseph & others who are affiliated with the popular UPP aligned radio station, Newsco, may take a similar stance in the not-too-distant future.


At this time, it is my view, it might be best advisable for some of those present candidates of UPP to stay out of Antigua’s politics. They are showing the public at large, that they are not ready to take up the mantle to manage & more so to govern our country’s affairs.  They are like square pegs in round holes.


It is perhaps for this reason why ABLP see it fitting, to play the game of asking


Beedie, Beedie what’s hanging over Serpent’s head? Is it dunceness?


Beedie Beedie what’s hanging over Pringle’s head?  Is it a lack of phonics?


Beedie Beedie  what’s hanging over Giselle Isaacs head? Is it Bad mindedness, arrogance & envy?


Beedie Beedie what’s hanging over Lovell’s head? Is it his age and his lack of counting skills?


Beedie Beedie what’s hanging over Franz Defreitas head? Is it a high concentration of cacography?


With these short comings UPP is certainly heading for disaster.



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  1. All the characteristics you have mentioned, the members of ABLP and its government epitomize them?. So what is your point? We should not change the “dunceness”, the high concentration of cacography, the lack of counting skills, the lack of phonics, the Bad mindedness, arrogance & envy?


  2. Fitzzy..you gyal ah you dat agen!!! Look the next time me see you me go buy off everything in ah you tray so you can gooo home and lay dung pan you bak and do whatever you waan!!!

    #HFWL is going to become a troll next election and will occupy a bridge in city east.

  3. Lard hab mercy pan UPP….. things don’t look too bright fa dem. Dis writer says it all… Definitely, UPP a loose all 17 seats.

    • Since you are so sure that the UPP will lose all 17 seats. Why don’t you advise you fren Gaston “Bulging pocket” Browne to name the date?

  4. Fitzroy bleep, bleep you piece of s–t get lost.

    Shallow intelligence, beedie beedie you are going back to the dark ages, with nursery rhymes, where is Brer Anancy you idiot? Go find Her.

    You are nothing but a talking empty head from the red ants gang. Hey find another hobby letter writing no fit you. Get a bucket
    find a Beach start counting every grain a sand on a beach in Antigua. Go waste time there!! Dumb and Dumber.

    ABLP its your Final Count down , we have enough of being humiliated , by the nasty utterances coming from Gaston Browne , shameful and he wants to lead this country, No Way!! Failed Projects, fix the membranes we need water.

    Harold Lovell and the Prosperity United Progressive Party will be next Government. Call the Election.

  5. After listening to Darren Matthew Ward this morning with Damani Tabor , I came to the conclusion that Darren is a WHIMP and should acquire some BALLS. Darren ask the same question every Friday and BABBLE mouth Damani gave the same answer. Darren needs some JOURNALISM training.

    • Sorry Journalism training you get by going to UWI or some other University. Daren and other Radio Hosts do not have that. That is why they cannot stand up for their professional ethics. Keiron went to UWI and is a trained Journalist. That is why he has to stand up for the ethics he was trained for. Serpent is not a trained Journalist either, so he doesn’t know anything about journalistic standards. We seem to think that a journalist is someone that asks other people questions. That is why we see the difference when Burford is hosting a program and when someone else who doesn’t have the training as him is doing so. Antigua has many of these problems. Anyone that knows how to glue two PVC pipes together is a plumber. Anyone that fixed an electric light is an electrician. Anyone that works in a bank is a banker. Anyone that can balance a checkbook is an accountant. And the list goes on and on. We have protected certain professions from doing so. Because no one calls him or herself a lawyer unless they are qualified. No one can call themself a doctor unless they are qualified. We need to get qualifiactions criterias in every professional industry.

      • “Anyone who works in a bank is a banker” you a drop wud on you frien, mind you nuh get no chq. Go back in you hole ole man, degree without common sense don’t make for intelligence! For instance you!

  6. Let truth be told…I hope Bruce Goodwin and Ms Parker would come clean…is there any truth to the rumors that several secret meetings were held to convince the DNA to merge or return to the UPP…? Is there truth that two other DNA candidates were also being wooed with a promise to replace certain dictatorship style candidate?
    But if the Serpent 🐍 can deceived Eve a perfect creation… the One who was fight the great Banker would get the venom of the Snake…
    The other must come clean… and don’t wait until nomination day. The UPP is a fraction of many parties..no real principles of its own… the one time PLM..the no time ACLM…the no UNDP..where Baldwin almost bang off the good Doctor to the leadership and now the Bearly two term UPP who could not hold on to power …because of their failure and hardship they brought on the people….
    Now they having secret meetings with DNA PEOPLE..and why? Just like the UNDP and others couldn’t unseat the ABLP on their…need to join forces to defeat their opponent under the guise of Saving Antigua..then them discard Tim and company…Lovell lucky he begged pardon after the toilet paper statement or else he would gone too…

    • @ Not Trump

      I suggest you take the earlier recommendation of learning to read and write english and understand phonics.

      You seem very retarded and stupid, somewhat like a murderer with deep psychological issues.

  7. The one person pretending to be :


  8. The ABLP is doing a good job. They kept the country going during the covid pandemic. Let’s vote all members of the ABLP back into power.

    • @ Wadad1

      They kept you going because you are a supporter. You have any idea how much starvation and hunger this country going through since Covid and now the cost of living crisis. You must be mad.
      Maybe you are a paid minion or ghost worker who gets tax payers money for doing nothing.
      I have no idea which country you live in. u got to be mad/sick.
      Antigua has never been this bad in all my life.

  9. Serpent was absolutely right. Murdoch had no right to give Gastón Brown almost an hour after the Big issue guest to rebut. He is already using the state own radio station and TV – the recent interview in which he said he has 200 million dollars to spend ( Waste) off first before he call the election. Have you seen Harold Lovell in AbS TV fir 1 minutes-State owned payed for by All tax payers UPP , ABLP, DNA , Go Green and missing link. So are all state Not hearing any of you complaining about the use of state owned resources, radio and Tv .

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