LETTER: Barbudans Has An Entitlement


Barbudans Has An Entitlement

The land dispute in Barbuda has little to do with the Constitution or Statutes. But the moral obligation to set aside an unjust legislation to preserve the Confidence, Integrity, and Justice in the Law of the land.

To alienate Barbudans from their way of life is intrinsically unjust. Such repugnant authority must be resisted. Natural Law must be the obligatory criteria for legitimacy of any legislation. This is about what legislation can do and what legislation cannot do.

He Who Comes To Equity Must Come With Clean Hands [Everett v Williams 1830]. Where there’s life there’s hope, this is the tragedy of everything that happens under the sun, everyone shares the same destiny.

Moreover, the hearts of mortals are full of evil. Madness is in their hearts while they are still alive. All who are among the living have hope, because a living dog is better than a dead lion.

Barbudans please seek out a lawyer from Australia, Canada, or UK that is competent in Common Law and is credible in the Court. Fresh eyes, new approach.

The Attorney General must know that consensus and truth are not the same thing. Practical reasonableness is endowed with morality and it minors in political expediency. Earlier In Time Stronger In Law [Pick’n Pay Retailers (PTY) LTD and others v Eayrs No and others 2011]

During the 1600s Arawaks and Caribs thrived on Wa’omoni until CRISTOFORO COLOMBO and his uncivilized prisoners massacred all the inhabitants of the island and claimed it in the name of the Kingdom. This barbaric acquisition created BARBUDA, and magically it became CROWN LAND.

The MONARCH has benefited heartily from these acquired lands over many centuries and in 2015 QUEEN ELIZABETH II returned 375 million pounds to the BRITISH GOVERNMENT as a form of reparation for the acquired lands in ENGLAND.

Down the Crab hole we go. There is a 62 sq miles island 1738’N 61 47’N in the Caribbean Sea recognize as BARBUDA. The sovereign born on that land are referred to as Barbudans, this is undisputed. One can surmise if Barbudans exists then they must come from a specific region, which we know today is BARBUDA.

In 1980 a delegation of Barbudans went to ENGLAND to negotiate their political Independence from BRITAIN.

Without the explicit consent of the Barbudan delegation, BRITIAN attached BARBUDA to ANTIGUA similarly to how Wa’omoni became BARBUDA. Since 1981 the Barbudans have been protesting this one-sided acuminous union. Equity Regards As Done What Ought To Be Done.

There are customs, common laws, constitutions, and statutes and in that order. Customs inform common laws and common laws inform constitutions and constitutions should inform statutes. The principles of customs and common law are driven by the sovereign. [Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition]

Customs and Common Laws has principles such as, all are equal under the law, do no harm, and the truth is sovereign, therefore parliament cannot consent to that which the people detest. [NICHOLAS v NICHOLAS 1576]

Customs of Natural Order is settled law, sacrosanct, and unchangeable. Customs are the highest form of Law. Statutes cannot be enforced if they do not have the spirit of customs. [Chief Justice Sir John Fortescue 1420].

The Constitution is not the source of or for rights. The Constitution is a document that binds the government, not the people. Statues are rules that governs a corporation. [Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition]

The Governor General is NOT a ceremonial position as indoctrinated to believe. Natural Law states that all are equal under the law however the people contract the Governor General to be “the first amongst equals” and his role is to protect and safe guard the sovereignty of the people.

This is the primary reason why he must give his assent to statues. Where a Governor General assent to legislation that is not in the interest of the sovereign it is called Miss Behavior in Public Office.

The Governor General’s Office should be funded independently by direct taxation and investments. That Office should be fully independent. The PRIME MINISTER cannot introduce any unjust legislation unless there is collusion, coercion, or ultimatum given to the Governor General.

The Governor General and the Prime Minister’s oath of office is a social contract between their offices and sovereign people, and it speaks to CONSCIENCIOUSLY doing WRIGHT by ALL MANNER OF PEOPLE without malice or ill will. This contract (oath of office) has been broken. The state is intrinsically obligated to the Common Good.

A West German court said in 1947, “whenever the conflict between an enacted law and true justice reaches unendurable proportions, the enacted law must yield to justice, and be considered a lawless law”.

Where the people of BARBUDA take the Constitution and or statue before a court on the corporation’s terms, they will be defeated.

The land was illegally acquired by the Europeans who had no prior claim to the land. Natural Law dictates that the truth is sovereign, Barbudans has unfettered equity in the land conversely ANTIGUA has none. Under Corporate Law Barbudan’s are the EXECUTIVE and the government is the TRUSTY. The TRUSTY has a duty to the EXECUTIVE.

The BARBUDA Act of 2008 stands, it is precedence legislation, and the rights it affords cannot be reduced. Where it is done it may be cited as Fraudulent Conveyance and the GG has a fiduciary responsibility to act.

The preamble of the 1981 constitution section (e) states “Desire to establish a framework of supreme law within which to guarantee their inalienable human rights and freedoms, among them, the right to liberty, property, security”. SIR EDWARD COKE and SIR WILLIAM BLACKSTONE are both authorities on Constitution Law and where the Constitution is silent.

The EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATURE, AND JUDICARY are of one accord and in harmony. It is a fallacy that there is some kind of separation of powers. He who thinks that the hair on the crown of their head is separate to the nail on their toes of the same body is deluded. [AbbaI 5.7.23]

Jesus said “what did you go out into the desert to see? A reed shaken by the wind?’ Just because they are in the position of power does not mean they know the truth. Their ignorance in the grand scheme of life, considering the history of enslavement by the persons who are back posing as investors to acquire that which is owned by the BARBUDANS and to rename it PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS. But the Barbudans are hurting they are not at peace, feeling any love and they are surely not happy.


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  1. It’s difficult to take any letter seriously that is doing real violence to the English language.

    Be that as it may, the writer obviously misses an important fact in this Barbuda land issue. The matter ended up before the Privy Council and the law lords ruled that Barbudans have no legitimate claim to the arrangement you and others are supporting. If their “custom” was firmly rooted, the law lords would have recognized this fact.

    The crux of the matter is that one CANNOT be gifted something that the person gifting it DOES NOT own. Codrington did not own the land and therefore could not gift to Barbudans to “own in common.” So any “custom” of “ownership in common” is not a custom. It is a WRONG that the court and no right thinking person will accept. It is as simple as that.

    • The Crown didn’t own the land either; they STOLE the land from the people that lived there before the Pirate Columbus came.

      Continue the fight Burbudans!

      • Colonialism..Europeans.
        Is my & Schism.
        Antigua & Barbuda
        Settlers Had a 3SOME 🍒
        Because of Proximity.
        Breeding dem Suckers for PRODUCTIVITY..

    • This is exactly what I think they are missing……

      But whatever…..like my grandmother used to say “yuh go dead lef um”


    • I am from the UK and if England tried to apply something onto Ireland without there permission it would break the union. Why is there no option to give Barbuda the right to govern themselves or is it you would like something from these dealings

      • Antigua and Barbuda is a UNITARY STATE. England and Ireland are a union. Like St. Kitts and Nevis

  2. Barbudans do NOT own the Lands.

    TESSA BARTHLEY was ENTITLED to life and peace, but look how she was snuffed put.

    • I think that you are obsessed with Mr. Bowen. Why don’t you invite him over, give him some and move on from there?

  3. “The Constitution is not the source of or for rights. The Constitution is a document that binds the government, not the people. “. Who wrote this trash? Get off whatever is causing you to seem inebriated. A true rarse

    • @Tenman
      I agree with the statement, only the life giver can determine rights to life.
      No human being has the authority to determine life.
      You do not need a law for you to know that the taking of another’s life is wrong.

  4. @ Abbal, I learned much from your inculcated and erudite correspondence.

    Information put together like this not only gladdens my heart, but must gives hope to autochthonous Barbudan’s moving forward for their future!

    Outstanding research as well, I might add.


    • Poor you. Only opposing for opposing sake is not a smart thing to do. It makes you look and sound stupid.

        • Don’t know why my comment was not posted so I will try it once more.
          @Brixtonian May 8, 2023 At 4:06 pm
          That is even worse. Cause that means that when I write comments against the Prime Minister you will oppose me and write in favor of the PM. In that case I will from now on write against the PM and see if you really write against me alone.

  5. @Tenman
    I agree with the statement, only the life giver can determine rights to life.
    No human being has the authority to determine life.
    You do not need a law for you to know that the taking of another’s life is wrong.

  6. is clear… but then we leave the Barbudans no choice but to s…

  7. Common sense alone should tell people that people cannot own land.
    There is no patent or serial number and land.

    One can only have right of use in an organized structure. Never ownership.

    So the Barbudans are not claiming ownership. They are claiming right of use based on how long they have occupied the land….

    Most wars are fought over land, I hope not a drop of blood is shed over Barbuda.

    • Melchesidec: Guy the very land act (passed in 2007)that’s unconstitutional had them stating the lands were owned in common by them alone: “The act states that all people in Barbuda own the land collectively.” Yet watch supporters of their wrong argument claim no one own land. Well the Barbudans wrongly argued they all owned it. They privy counsel ruled they were wrong. I gather now the new argument is the final courts ruling does not need to be followed.

  8. Wow wow wow wow wow Barbudans be like the Palestineans fight for their lands that are occupied by the Israelies Be a CHATO he said if CHATO LANDS DOESN’T CHATO Will

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