LETTER: Bar & club operators should respect residents in neighborhoods



As an avid reader of your news portal, I can recall a few weeks ago, I read an article concerning the negative impact that some bars & clubs are having on residents where some of these entertainment spots are  erected within the neighborhood.

The author of the article continued to say that these clubs & bars tend to be hotspots that attract patrons who are reckless with their littering, users of profane languages, noise makers and in recent times, vectors of the COVID-19 virus.

An appeal was made for the authorities to have the matter addressed. As a bar owner myself, I had acknowledged the sentiment  of the author.

However, I observed that some owners seem not to care about their immediate neighbors……. There is no empathy & no respect for the residents who have been affected by the noise pollution and the callous conduct of the patrons.

The truth is,  it is a shame & disgrace that persons cannot live in peace within the comfort of their homes all because someone is trying to make a dollar. I must agree that guidelines should be enforced to stipulate how our business places of such nature should be operated.

On the other hand, I will accept that all mouths shall be fed but should it be done at the expense of infringing upon  the privacy of residents in the comfort of their homes? I say no!

So as an owner & an operator of a bar, who has interest of our neighbours’ wellbeing, I am forced to join in making a clarion call to the authorities to look into the matter seriously. Persons or residents rights & privacy should not really be trampled on.

Bar Owner

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  1. This is so true….. The clubs & bars should be properly sensored. Many of them are operated in the heart of the neighborhood and the operators & owners do not give a damn about their neighbors especially the elderly….. Come on Mr. Minister get your act together. Show some empathy!!

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The cognitive and structural aspects of a paradigm are incomplete without the functional aspect. There is something more than knowing in the Afrocentric sense; there is also doing. Afrocentricity holds that all definitions are autobiographical.” – Dr. Molefi Asante! Afrocentricity, The Theory of Social Change!

      Admitting to either The Sins of Omission or Commission the Past with regard to Town and Village Planning will not bring absolution from “unplanned settlements!” Some socio-cultural patters develop a life of their own and unless addressed with “empathy” and planned clinical actions will mutate and replicate within the environment! It may have sounded quite innocently Natural, “talk as you like” and even melodious “kick een she bakdoh” but these lead us down a path of “do as you like!” My Brother, redemption and salvation from these bad planning decisions which have been allowed to fester since the ’70’s are most difficult not only on the Rock but all along the Caribbean and Lucayan Archipelagos! ” It goes without saying that the Afrocentrist cannot function properly as a scientist or humanist if he or she does not adequately locate the phenom in time and space. This means that chronology is as important in some situations as location. The two aspects of analysis are central to any proper understanding of society, history, or personality.” – Asante!

      Education of the youth on the Need to Plan at all levels of activity to advance National Development and Growth and the Building of a Caribbean Civilization must be a Priority! We must engender trust in our Institutions which must be mindful of our Africanacity and Caribbeaness! Most People of African Descent inhabiting the Rock are not aware of A&B’s Sustainable Island Resource Management Zoning Plan 2012 Act, so this mere voice in the wilderness begs your Indulgence and Forbearance! If and only if can those suggestions be realized then “The Solution is Simple … PLAN. This is where the National Physical Development Plan (NPDP) provides a roadmap for guiding development decisions. In effect the NPDP will:
      Create a management strategy which is linked to the environment and economy of A&B;
      Maintain and preserve ecosystem services and functions of the environment;
      Harmonize the international, regional and local obligations to protect the environment; and,

      “The human condition, plans for mankind, and collaboration between men in those tasks which increase the sum total of humanity are new problems, which demand true inventions.
      Let us decide not to imitate Europe; let us combine our muscles and our brains in a new direction.” – Frantz Fanon!

  2. I hate the sound of noisy drums and the singing of the hypocrites that go to the church in my neighborhood so I guess they need to have some empathy too? Or I just have to live and let other live?

    • You missed the point completely and you honestly just sound ignorant. Most church congregate once, maybe twice a week. They make ‘noise’ for about an hour or two (definitely ending before midnight) and then everyone goes home. Typically the ‘singing hypocrites’, do not piss, litter and scream at each other during those two hours. The fact that your are really out here comparing a the noise of a church to the noise of bar blasting music with a ridiculously strong base till your house vibrates until 3 or 4 in the morning proves you should not be under this comment section. Please direct your incomparable ignorance elsewhere.

  3. The problem begins when the authorities issue licenses to people to set up these establishments in the first place. No investigation is carried out to determine how such establishments will affect a community: positively or negatively.
    So herein lies the crux of the matter.
    The people we employ to do the work are FAILING US MISERABLY. Until the root cause is dealt with, then the problem will continue.
    At whatever level: DCA, alcohol license office….. the authorities were established to develop proper environments for healthy and comfortable coexistence of both the businesses and citizens. The authorities seem only to care about businesses making money and nothing at all about how these businesses affect communities.

    So, to be completely pointed: the managers at DCA and liquor license departments need to get some proper training into how their job descriptions should be carried out.
    We have persons in positions that either DO NOT know anything about the positions they hold or deliberately fail to perform their duties as they ought to.

    It speaks again to the lameness and ignorance of a society we have built. A failed state. A nation that has chosen CORRUPTION and GREED.

    The time will come soon when everyone will have to answer to the Almighty for the stewardship of our life.

    The bar/restaurant operators who continue to disrespect residents in their areas of operations.

    The patrons of these establishments who continually drive through these areas booming loud, illicit music from their vehicles.

    Those who frequently park their vehicles to block residents’ driveways and pedestrians’ gateways.

    It is also amazing how people continue to drink the booze. The evidence continues to prove that alcoholic consumption is dangerous to the health. I see increasing number of women taking to this practise of drinking alcohol. No wonder we see an increase in breast cancer patients in Antigua.


    “Drinking even small amounts of alcohol is linked with an increased risk of breast cancer in women. Alcohol can raise estrogen levels in the body, which may explain some of the increased risk. Avoiding or cutting back on alcohol may be an important way for many women to lower their risk of breast cancer.”

    Why do we hate ourselves so much and continue to practise the things that are unhealthy?

    Of course, the bar operators will not tell their patrons that alcohol consumption is unhealthy.
    However, they (the bar operators) will have to answer for their actions also.

    A clarion call for people to consider how alcohol consumption is destroying lives and families.


  4. This is so true, I’m living where there are 5 bars in close proximity to each other and all playing loud music, patrons loud as loud can be and music is being played all when 5: am and so and it’s really disturbing for me because of the loudness I don’t have proper sleep at nights, especially weekend nights. This should be addressed!!

  5. This should be looked into fr I live two doors away from a bar
    These people care nothing about the neighbors around them they make noise from 8:00pm to all 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning . Persons gong to the bar are so nasty throwing garage in our yard and peeing in our front yard

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