LETTER: AUA Student laments her experience with racial discrimination at certain restaurants in Antigua

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Modern Day Plantation Field


All claims are based on individual experiences that is supported with sufficient evidence


2/27/22, 10:53 am: Disconnects phone…. walks to study desk, opens laptop, and writes in notepad, as Bob Marley’s Emancipation song plays in


the background…and oh so surprisingly, tears begin to fall….


Never in my history of fighting injustices and racism, have my fuel been so depleted. Normally the words would magically surrender itself…but today… I am frankly just stuck. Could it be feelings of ineffectiveness? Resurfaced thoughts of work being done in vain? All are possible these days but accepting defeat is never an option. So, let us begin shall we….


6/5/2020, 1:04 am: *email sent to the restaurant Simply coffee*


Good day,


I hope this message reaches you well. I have frequented your restaurant and have noticed the blatant disregard to your Black and brown customers. Twice I have seen those of darker tones walk in and are completely overlooked—it is saddening to say the least.


A few months ago my friend and I decided to have breakfast at the restaurant. I even went as far as inquired about birthday gift cards because my close friend, who is also black, enjoys your drinks—he always says they’re great!


Things turned a bit strange when your waitress, of Asian descent, took an unusual amount of time to address us and when did, decided to serve two Caucasian men who walked in twenty minutes after our seating; their food arrived in record time as well. How appalling but not surprising.


There is so much colorism and racism not only in America (where we reside) but also on this very small Island.


I can promise you that I never returned.


I can promise you that this message is solely written to shine light on wrong and have those systemic ideals corrected. Although my stay on this beautiful island is coming to an end, I hope that this message motivates you and your staff to do better. Everyone should be served equally at your restaurant. No one should be overlooked.


Best regards,


Safiya Thompson




Nicely put message I’d say. Fortunately for their pockets I did return to the restaurant in December 2020, with my best friend, who can further substantiate each claim.


Ms. Tiffani Morrison, of mixed race, had arrived in the restaurant a few minutes earlier, as I attempted to park our vehicle. While sitting next to the bookshelf, she was oddly aware that no one greeted her; all server’s attention was proudly focused on the Caucasian customers. I myself can attest to this observation when entering a few moments later. We both decided to seat ourselves at a table and once again, unsurprisingly, we watched as the waiter, of black heritage, focused solely on the group aforementioned.


Feelings of inadequacy resurfaced, especially after realizing that my past attempt of rectifying these issues were seemingly overlooked by management.


I spoke to the owners of the restaurant that day and both members confirmed that they did receive my email. To my dismay I questioned why they never responded, but we shall overlook that for now, secondary to them appreciating my sentiments. I would admit that they did fire the server mentioned in the email and stressed countless times that they do not support any forms of racism or injustices. With that I took their word with hopes that change would ensue.


Then came another issue….one thing about racism and injustice is that they are always consistent….


5/25/21, 11:43 am: *email sent to minister of tourism and the honorable prime minister, Mr. Gaston Browne*


Before delving into this case, I must point that each claim can be corroborated.


With that I shall continue…


Yesterday I was a jovial naive black girl. Today I reclaim my role as a hungry assertive black woman. While I crave peace and equality in every arena, it would be foolish of me to blindfold myself when matters



opposing this arises. What matter you’d say? One where your team requested “Light Skin Models only” for a particular set, in the recent Tourism Campaign for Antigua and Barbuda. Such a statement reverberated shock value given the demographics of this nation.


As a third-generation citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, I can undoubtedly see the unease in each member of the public if were aware of the request.


Representation matters. Education matters. Equity matters. So why perpetuate colorist ideals in the media?


Why stifle the progression of the nation for the benefit of your pocket?


I’d hope these questions resonate with you…


I’d hope you’d respond to this accusation


I will continue using my platform to stand firm against any injustices I see or hear. I am a Black woman; a strong one at that who refuses to accept defeat. Whatever effort, no matter how difficult, made to progress the privileged should be reciprocated to the black community as well. Countless times, especially in the periods of election, you donate turkeys and make yourselves known in neighborhoods, which comforted in your absence, to push the agenda of being reelected. It’s as if the black community can be manipulated and easily “paid off.”


Well not anymore. Times are changing. The generations are becoming bolder. We are becoming wiser.


Everyone should be held accountable for their actions no matter your position in society.


Your response to this accusation would be greatly appreciated as I continue to investigate this matter further.




Safiya Thompson




Fortunately, the receptionist at the Tourism office contacted me the next day, and I was able to speak with the honorable Max Fernandez via telephone. Admittedly, he was in shock by all claims and was willing to investigate the case, but unfortunately, I had to leave the island later to take a Board exam for my medical school. All blames here go to myself, however, I must mention these cases, to further add to the most recent one below. A trend you can see…


At the beginning of this document, I unashamedly described my tears in response to the telephone call I received today. It was brought to my attention that on Valentine’s Day, members of my family experienced vile treatment while at the restaurant Ana’s on the Beach. Before describing the event, I want you readers to be aware that an appointment was made a few days prior. Likewise, upon arrival and seating, protocols were done to ensure that each person was fully vaccinated with tangible cards as proof. This was provided by three out of the four individuals and to prevent conflict the “cardless” person decided to leave the restaurant while the others remained. No arguments or disrespect was given to the staff at Ana’s on the Beach.


However, everyone’s light became dim afterwards…


You see, the Caucasian member at the table brought to each’s attention on what was occurring behind them. They overlooked in disbelief as the owner of the restaurant, asked a customer of European heritage for his vaccination card and allowed him to sit and eat at the table, despite stating that he did NOT have one. Thoughts?


Allow me to present my opinions…


Let’s follow the first verse for Bob Marley’s Emancipation song where he states:


Old pirates, yes, they rob I


Sold I to the merchant ships


Minutes after they took I


From the bottomless pit


We all know the events of the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, but we can take it a step further. Any event where a person deems themselves superior to you comes with a price on both ends. Higher society member gains monetarily with a sealed guilty conscience, while the inferior person does the dirty work sealed with regret on allowing oneself to succumb to such class and associated treatments.



But my hand was made strong


By the hand of the Almighty


We forward in this generation




It takes one person to question wrongdoings and influence others to do the same. Strength is built in the numbers overtime and with that difference can be made—only if members of society continue to think critically instead of allowing themselves to be brainwashed. Remember a lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep. We are all natural born leaders; therefore, we should present ourselves as such, instead of following the agendas of systemic racism and injustices that only hinders our full potential.


Won’t you help to sing


These songs of freedom?


Cause all I ever have


Redemption songs


Redemption songs


Us in the black community carry so much potential, but unfortunately, a lot of us settle with the so-called concept of liberation, when it is apparent that we still answer to the effects of a historical construct.


Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery


None but ourselves can free our minds


Have no fear for atomic energy


Cause none of them can stop the time


How long shall they kill our prophets


While we stand aside and look? Ooh


Some say it’s just a part of it


We’ve got to fulfill the book


In retrospect, the waiter at the Simply Coffee restaurant probably didn’t realize that he was further perpetuating the concept of racial injustice. Unfortunately, it was what society taught him growing up. Such thinking is hard to break free from….


Won’t you help to sing


These songs of freedom?


Cause all I ever have


Redemption songs


Redemption songs


Redemption songs


So, when are we going to unite as one instead of aiming to sit at tables that aren’t welcoming? I’m talking every race here….


there are good, amazing people in all fields. If all can come together and free themselves from the societal traps, I can only imagine the greater difference that can be seen in the world years to come.


Remember there is power in numbers.

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  1. What she thinks happened: “table 5 ah 2 white man so please make their order first”

    What white man thinks happened: “dude look at that asian chicks a** she wants me”

    What actually happened: Me remember dem 2 gyal from las year na lef me no f****** tip ah dem rass today.

  2. White Tax is a thing here too. Unfortunately its the lower class ones which take it for the Elites who never experience it.

  3. @Safiya Thompson…first things first. You signed the letter with your name which shows you’re not faking it.
    Next, several things which you describe, such as being served after the “pink people” some call them white, even though they arrived after you and your company is nothing new in Antigua.
    The vegetable Market and the vendors are famous for this type of behaviour, but once you pull out the US green backs💵 or some Euro💶 “dem” grin lakkah #Roast Dawg to rass!

    The more things change, the more they remain the same!

  4. Racism will never stop, no matter where you go. The only thing I can advise you to do is keep your head up and stand up for yourself. Don’t give up the fight.

  5. I myself have noticed this kind of behavior, hence the reason I don’t go out to eat at restaurants down there. They worship people of color because they think the money’s value is better. But this kind of behavior is all over the world. I just hope they treat their own (blacks) with the same respect as they do to the other races.

  6. @editor

    Are there no standards for not publishing racist hate speech?



      You and your elitist lammy legs puppeteer vehemently opposed the UWI FIVE ISLANDS because of badmind. You are “all of self and none of thee”

      Thank God the Hon. Gaston Browne had the vision to see the university to fruition.

  7. I believe the author. You constantly see light skin women in ads for universities, telecoms ads and other television ads as if women of darker skin tones don’t exist. The misogynoir is tangible. I wouldn’t be surprised if the people on the marketing teams are black too. A damn shame.

  8. What can I say?? ….I am Cuban, and here in Antigua for the first time in my life it is felt what racism is. Yes, I am white, Latina and “Spanish”…and racism has come precisely from black peoples

    • Oh no you don’t! As a person who lived in Cuba for almost ten years I find your statement appalling, totally false and hypocritical. You did not feel racism because you were the one doling it out. Even the Black Cubans don’t want to be black. In fact, when I was there I first felt racism en carne propia. We endured terms such as “negro de mierda”….y peor es…..ser negro y extranjero. We were robbed in broad daylight, had to pay double, study twice as hard or fail when Cubans did worse and passed. Told that we didn’t have hair but “pasa”!! Imaginate eso. Never in my life I had ever heard about so many different skin tones; each to say that the person was not black, why? jabado, mestizo, mulato, habaguito…..o un poquito aprieto asi…..
      How many Cubans of darker complexion make it here “a cumplir mision”? Very few…. Because the “white” Cubans are in the position to send who they feel and yes people like you will get the opportunity. Y todo tiene su arreglo!! So that the poor black Cuban remains poor and look up to you.
      Let us not forget Esteban Lazo..”el unico negro bueno porque es taco”…..
      Calmate compay…..Now should I even ask…..¿Quién tiró la tiza? y la respuesta tuya: el negro ese!!! You “white Cuban, latina” goza aqui—-many of us found soalce in Molano to get through Cuba. ..https://www.cibercuba.com/videos/musica/2018-03-30-u1-e186450-s27065-quien-tiro-tiza-cancion-nos-dijo-unas-cuantas-verdades

      ¡Viva la revolucion!

      • I studied there too n I myself have seen the racism there so I know for a fact that comment mentioned above bout first time in their life they’re experiencing racism issa big lie!!!!!!

        • Even if she wasn’t on the end receiving the mistreatment it was still a racist environment. The Great Fifo spoke about the racism and that it should not be so….even he failed to get rid of it.
          I’d like the “white Latina” Cuban to tell me what “adelantar la raza” means….a phrase I heard used a lot in Cuba.
          For those who don’t know…..when a person of darker skin marries or has a child with a person of lighter skin… the Cubans say: se adelanto’ la raza…..meaning that they improved their race! Think about that!!! Or just google it. The absolutely dishonest statement by this person makes me sick.
          Go ask the Cabinet secretary, he asked in one of our dorm meetings if we had noticed that the only person with any melanin in their skin who is in a front facing position or close to money was the mixed race lady at the supermarket on hill in Cienfuegos. But, please note that she was very good looking and had long straight hair down her back….checked boxes maybe.
          I personally experienced harsh racism at the market. I was buying oranges and a black guy passed by. The vendor said to another guy standing at the side “mira ese negro de mierda”. I asked what was he saying and he replied calm down you’re one of the good ones…..as if I was supposed to feel good to hear that he considers me “one of the good ones”.
          Asi White Latina Cuban…..no comas mas mierda aqui!!

  9. I see some comments here and it makes me wonder but still realize why we are still the way we are in this country with little to no progress…
    My dear safiya I have lived that Ana’s experience unfortunately some of our politicians receive grants and campaign funds and are like dogs with there tails laped between there legs in regards to the owners of that establishment.. i am not speaking from hear say I am speaking from seeing for myself there tru and disrespectful nature.. hence they wonder why locals don’t frequent there establishment…

    • I have seen the same thing at Putters every time I go. Nasty set of people. They smile with them all the time and pretend like they care. Well yes they care about the money and only that. Then they talk shit about you as they walk away. Then when they question the bill that is inaccurate at best, they make the poor people feel like they are low life as they are trying to not pay for what they ordered. I have avoided all that by paying for everything cash as soon as I get it. I have always made it a habit not to have anything on a tab no matter what restaurant I go to.

  10. I legit feel stupider reading this. I’ve spent countless hours inside of simply coffee. It’s always hectic inside and first come first served. They truly are one of the nicest and hospitable. What’s racist is the student getting off the hook while Andrew went to jail.

    • Thank you for your response.
      While I do appreciate your experience, please do not discredit mines, especially when I have documentation from others who were there and saw the act.
      Additionally, this took place in 2019 and 2020. Could it be that the restaurant made changes since then? Meaning, you had a different experience because the owners trained there staff better?
      Have a nice day!

  11. In other news, the government has failed to honor it’s recently announced undertaking to allow unvaccinated nationals the right to return to their own country. If you look at the official Antigua Government Travel advisory, there has been no update since December 2021 and vaccination on entry for nationals in still required. If you contact the Antigua Commissions/ offices overseas, they will tell you that the changes have not been rolled out as yet into amended entry requirement.

    It’s been all lies and spin by politicians to get concerned and angry excluded nationals and their families off their backs, while kissing the asses of the foreign dominated hotel industry. $$$$ Massa’s rules apply.

  12. I am extremely surprise with the mentioning of Ana’s on the Beach with regards to racism.
    I would like to clarify first my family have black background and my staff is 99.% Antiguans and of black roots. I always have respect for any and all our guest and racism is not practice at our establishment.

    Please make sure you get the name correct unless you are a malicious person

    Maria Britto-Bettini owner of Ana’s on the Beach

    • Thank you for your response.
      While I do appreciate you mentioning your “black background”, I’d like to reiterate what was mentioned in the letter.
      The fact remains that you allowed another person of different heritage to sit in your restaurant “without” a vaccination card, while fellow Antiguan had to leave.
      We have key witnesses who can attest to this event.
      Additionally, I have white members in my family as well. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing. If we are being honest, most of the population is mixed…yet why is it that countless people today are complaining of colorism?

      Thank you.

      I see that you chose to respond here instead of the email that I wrote you personally before this site chose to publish my article. Thoughts?
      Additionally, why not add your statement to the other sectors where people are sharing similar experiences?

      • I would suggest to you that instead of appearing to be stirring up the racial pot to make trouble in a tiny island whose only industry is tourism you need to learn to allow whatever incidents you deem as “racism” to be like water off a ducks back, move on and enjoy your life. Surely you must be aware that there are all sorts of issues in this world right now not least of all peace. I am not at all saying that racism does not exist but races and countries have disliked each other since time began…Starting with the Caribbean, Antiguans don’t like many of the immigrants..Bajans only like Bajans..Guyanese think we are all uneducated..The Brits don’t like the French and Germans..Japanese dislike the Chinese..Chinese dislike everyone but themselves..Africans will tell Caribbean people they are not African..Africa, China, Haiti and others still have slavery etc. etc.
        On the plus side there are many people who are not at all hung up on race and are able to hit the ‘ignore button’ if they perceive a situation may or may not be color oriented. I think it is a fact that a pleasant demeanor attracts a pleasant response and if the service is a bit slow relax and ignore. If fast service is required may I suggest Kentucky might be an option.

        • Allow me to reintroduce myself…
          My name is Safiya Thompson, a third generation Antiguan. I went to Foundation Mix Primary School, followed by Princess Margaret before transitioning to the states.
          Everything discussed in the article comes from experience; both as a resident and non resident.
          For you to disregard my experience as a matter of conflict orientated says a lot of your character. It is plain as daylight that you did NOT read this article in it’s entirety.
          Additionally, how does ignoring acts of injustice any benefit to the affect; all it does is make matters worst. The same can be said for the many issues we see in society today. How many times have people overlooked many trials and tribulations and cry out for help because nothing was done in time.
          Please re read your comment and digest mines.
          Also, I do not eat KFC but thank you for assuming.
          Love ❤️

        • This comment by ‘Jeb’ is just disgraceful. I hope you’re not black. If you are, please get some self-respect.

        • @jeb – Total ignorance! If we all took your stance, we would still be on plantations. Thank you Safiya for your observations. In 2022 we should be able to pull people up on these things and let them know it’s not acceptable. EVER!!!!

      • Safiya,

        You need to understand that if the “white person” was a guest of Sandals or one of the other resorts they do not have to show a vaccination card because they were required to provide it upon arrival in Antigua. It doesn’t have anything to do with the skin color, but has everything to do with “resident” vs “tourist” Tourists, staying at an adjacent resort, do not have to show proof of vaccination upon arrival at a restaurant. While racism exists in some areas of Antigua, it is nothing like the United States. Please make sure you have all the facts before you accuse citizens of Antigua of being racist.

    • @Maria Britto Bettini…Antigua’s discriminatory practices were never about ones HUE in terms of #RACISM. It was always based up CLASS(classism), BASTARDISATION and TRIBALISM!
      Recently, we lump it all into the RACIST BARREL.
      Whichever way we spin it, it’s still a scourge on Our Culture which many of us have lived and experienced.

      • Exactly that! And as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, expect more of this! It’s understandable it is deemed as racism because of history, but I truly think it is classism now. You think a black politician or rich black lawyer would be treated in such a way? Nope. Classism at its finest.

    • Why didn’t you respond to the patron when she emailed you?

      Your mistreatment of customers will eventually catch up to you.

  13. I think the situation in restaurants is not necessarily racism but classism. Unfortunately, during the previous UPP administration and Harold Lovell’s stewardship at the ministry of finance the economy and the people were devastated. As a result the waiters and waitresses at these establishments know that local Antiguans can’t afford to give any significant tips if any at all. These waitresses and waiters are also desperate for money to help make ends meet. They automatically assume white people as tourists who thus money for tips and black people as locals who were decimated by Lovell. While not an excuse for the behavior I don’t think its something that’s condoned by the restaurants but just a natural reaction of the staff to seek out who they assume will give them the most money to make ends meet. This is one of the reasons why we need to vote back in the ABLP so that they can continue to rebuild the economy from the double disasters of Lovell and Covid so that all people, whether local or tourists, will have livable levels of income and be treated with dignity and respect throughout the country.

  14. Why do we feel the need to go to these restaurants? Haven’t they got enough of what belongs to us? Concessions, incentives, a leg up because of their “high” color? The favor of the ruling party?
    Simple solution. There are scores of restaurants and eateries in Antigua that have not had the luxuries listed above. They are struggling to keep their heads above water, but they always insist on serving you good food and giving you good service, and all at a better price because they do not have to pay for the la di da. Why not give them a chance?
    I will not want to go anywhere to eat where I feel the owner/staff is doing my black ass a favor by giving me shabby service and taking my money.
    Start considering your situation as a black person living in a black country ruled by black people who work hard at making you feel unworthy. Time to assert yourselves. Most of these people come from where they could not make it and with special help from our leaders, and even us, now hold the upper hand. Don’t you believe me about black people’s poor luck of the draw? Look at how black people are being treated in the evacuation in Ukraine. Look at how the media is writing about these “white people” who should not be treated like the people of the Middle East and Africa. This world is just effed up. The day black people really wake up and see they are at the bottom of the pile, is the day they start flinging their arms wildly to get all interlopers out of their way and claim what is theirs.

    • We need to stop expecting justice from people who have proven over hundreds of years incapable of decency, humanity and justice.

      We make our own justice by supporting our own people and our own businesses.

      Eventually getting rid of this corrupt government and creating a government that serves the people.

  15. I sympathise with the young lady’s reported experience. Sure, there are still instances of racism, classism, sexism etc. at times in the world. However, I don’t believe that these days only one racial group experiences these moments. E.g. I can attest that these days medium brown ladies are often mistreated in stores, workplaces etc. by darker brown individuals because they are sometimes considered “not black enough”. Without any supporting evidence, people often assume that they are more priviledged, have more money/advantages etc. so it’s ok to make their lives more difficult in unnecessary ways.

    So, there is already “equality” in mistreatment going around. Black ladies give as good as they imagine they get. These days, I don’t think that every little instance against darker individuals deserves more hoopla than what everyone else experiences as well.

    It would be ideal if we could all just get along, but I doubt we will ever live in a world where nobody at all practices some kind of “ism”. As long as it is not widespread or so severe that it impedes access to the essentials of life (food, clothing, shelter, education, employment etc.) and as long as there are laws that address clear and obvious really bad instances, that’s probably as good as it is going to get.

    For minor situations e.g. at a restaurant, it is probably best to just highlight the situation via a negative review somewhere and to vote with your dollars by moving on to eating at a place with better customer service. E.g. I don’t bother to shop at stores where the sales people are consistently rude. As long as there are other places out there it’s their loss really.

  16. Also, in Antigua, a lot of people tend to focus more on providing services to tourists (hospitality?) rather than locals – that is their target market – so maybe that explains what happened at those restaurants. I do find there is a lack of businesses that cater to locals in various sectors. So, savvy young Antiguans can step up and create businesses that meet local needs with an emphasis on good customer sevice. Then, when you happily spend your dollars there, the money will circulate within the local economy, creating even more employment.

  17. Also, college-aged students are not going to get the same level of respect as older gentlemen. So, it’s hard to say that the slow service was solely related to race in that situation.

    • @perspective

      Solid opinions that deserve my respect. 👏
      Yes, it would seem better to leave a constructive review of the restaurant and “move on” per se….but the reoccurring theme warranted a full disclosure to the public; not to bash the restaurants but hopefully open everyone’s eyes to these instances and promote better treatment to “ALL PEOPLE”.

      I do agree with you that black individuals aren’t the only ones that experience injustice—I would never question another person’s burden of a different gender, race or socioeconomic status. So to add again—-great comment.

      As far as the alleged claims—I must add that I myself wasn’t the only one who classified the root of those treatments. Many individuals have reached out to me personally, or shared similar accounts both on Facebook and Instagram.
      Additionally, I would like to clear up the misconceptions from the few who believe that I was impatient in the restaurant and “refused to wait my turn”. In the letter I described multiple accounts of “Caucasian customers” entering the restaurant after my seating but still getting addressed from waiter and receiving their food before my friend and I. How does that look? How would any person stomach that when it occurs more than once?

      One of the witnesses on Valentine’s Day described to me how uncomfortable she felt walking into the restaurant, as management and “her French friends” sat and stared. She even described said person allowing an unvaccinated member to sit in the restaurant, while fellow Antiguan(black) had to leave. Bear in mind that said witness is a foreigner who identifies as Caucasian.

      All I want is for everyone to be treated equally.
      All I want is peace.
      All I want is love.
      Is that too much to ask for?

      No one chose the life that was birthed to them. No one chose the skin that’s attached to them.
      But many are begging for fairness that was never shared with them—in response to the societal agenda inflicted on them; but it takes one person to question them and spread awareness that seemed foreign to them, because all hope was lost to them.

  18. Thank you to Safiya for doing what she did. Much respect for that. What she – and others – experienced, is not an exception unfortunately. Catherine’s, Cloggy’s, Club Sushi – just to name a few places during my time in English Harbor to the Bar at Half Moon Bay where the owner very obviously completely despises black people and even produces a British accent when dealing with his clearly preferred white customers. At these places – treated as “second class”, waiting times longer, ignored for a while, treated as if “a bother” etc. etc. etc. I am white, my partner is black, we have complained in the past but in all honesty, it is a bit for nothing because it is lived so intensely on a daily basis that one complaint or even a few would not make a difference. The saddest part is that the local staff kind of adapt this behavior – not sure why, probably because they are expected to and it occasionally seems like they enjoy catering to white people much more than to locals or black people in general. For us, we now resorted to just not frequenting these places anymore and support more our local-owned and black-owned (Like a Latte) businesses and the businesses that don’t profile and give equal treatment. This, after all, is the power we all have and that can never be taken from us. We choose where we go, where we eat, where we leave our money. It’s a shame that it is 2022 and this is still ongoing. I can relate 100% to everything Safiya stated and it is more than sad to be honest and I thank her again for making this public, speaking up, doing something about it.

  19. I highly suspect something here with this author is not right, to spend this much time complaining about something instead of just moving along with your life and not returning there is alarming.

    • Are you local? Antiguan? Black? Have you ever experienced anything like this? If not, you should not have an opinion on any of this as you have never experienced it.

  20. The joke about this whole article is that all of you people giving this attention seeking aua student exactly what she wants, lots of attention on herself!

  21. At least she is sharing her experience and expressing an issue that’s being overlooked by many people. You, Valerie, in the other hand blindly dismissing and making accusations because you clearly have no clue about the circumstances and the troubles that concern people of color in this island. Please refrain yourself from making false accusations because it only shows that you are the ONE seeking attention ! Thanks anyways for showing how ignorant society can be!

  22. I can relate to everything stated in this letter. Ive seen it and experienced it everytime i come home. Nowhere else have i received such terrible customer service and seen and experienced blatant discrimination against myself and other local/black people… all while they bow and scrape to the white people/tourists.

    After being away from Antigua these past few years due to the pandemic I’ve decided to no longer holiday here. I visit my family and then leave and while there ONLy patronize indigenous antiguan businesses or cook my food at home. Now i save my actual holidays for other destinations where im not treated like a bother or overlooked when white ppl are around and where hotel security wont try to chase me off the damn beach.

    It’s really such a shame because i know other people who feel this same way – whereas we would come home every summer and spend on average$5k usd each, now we’re taking that money elsewhere where we are treated equally and not discriminated against in our own country of birth.

    Antifua – do better

  23. That is what happens here
    I know all too well. I smile inwardly all the time and I reflect. By the time I am done eating, the waiters see me for what I am : another human being. Sometimes what you give out is what you get back. Sometimes.
    Live and let live, learn to forgive
    Vow to fight injustice but also be true to you
    Max and Gaston are down to earth blokes, but they cannot groom you or anyone else for a world of black on black
    Sorry for how you are you feeling, but never let others steal your joy. You know your worth.
    Best of luck on your board exams, one day you will return as a doctor, and understand better. XOXO

  24. Thsnk goodness for spell check😂
    Now we gotta work on English A before moving on to English B

  25. internalized racism is a big problem in Antigua. More needs to be done about it — starting with an open discussion about it.

  26. I’m a black American AUA student and have experienced the same.

    It’s truly embarrassing to see black citizens mistreated in a country where they are the majority. And then to see these same citizens turn around and mistreat black foreign students and tourists is terribly sad.

    I suspect the cowtowing and being overly deferential is why some white tourists love Antigua. Some of them treat Antiguans as servants and exploit them in the most disgusting ways. And some Antiguans sell themselves literally to tourists for a few dollars.

    It’s nice living in a majority Black Country away from the violence of America’s mostly white police force and the daily reminders and stresses of white racism but seeing black people mistreat each other and allow a minority population of white residents as tourists to act like and be treated like superiors is disgusting.

    The government’s response to the pandemic in allowing a continuous influx of diseased persons while blaming locals for spread was another disgusting example of the same.

    We must do better for ourselves and for each other.

    • U AUA students black white indian or what ever race u are think Antiguan business owe y’all something cause u studying here and I’m talking from first hand experience with y’all. Y’all go to buy from the local vendors and what them to give away them things and sell y’all cheap because y’all are “students” just give me a blasted break please. All who here defending u don’t even know how difficult y’all can be. Me not selling any of y’all cause y’all very wicked and think Antigua people owe y’all

    • When an unarmed black man escape from prison and they gun him down, the police were all black so what do you say then ? Police are Police.

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