LETTER: Asot Michael holding up the elections


Dear Editor,

There are a few reasons why Prime Minister Gaston Browne has not yet announced the date for the General Election in Antigua and Barbuda.

One reason is that the bond he floated on the UK market has not hit the treasury as yet.

But perhaps a bigger reason is ASOT MICHAEL.

I am surprised that the political analysts have not provided any analysis on this.

The Prime Minister obviously intended to call the elections by now but he has a legal matter to dispose of before he does so.

He has to legally get rid of Asot Michael but so far Asot is single handily delaying the polls, it’s clear as day.

Until the substantive matter of whether Asot can be replaced as the party’s candidate in St.Peter is disposed of by the court and barring any appeal, there can be no election.

Gaston knows that if he calls the election without the court pronouncing on the matter, Asot may be successful in an election petition case. He wouldn’t want to risk that.

So yes, the UPP was correct to launch an early campaign but they perhaps did not anticipate that the Asot case would still be hanging over the political climate.

Asot’s matter has the potential to derail the election plans of the PM, if it has not already done so.

The PM knows that he cannot call the election in May, so his next option would be in December, that is not what he intended.

That’s just me thinking out loud. I’d be happy to hear what the usual ANR bloggers have to say on this.

Cut him loose

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  1. Elections will be call before JUNE 2022.

    Asot isnt holding shitup …he aint that powerful or that relevant ….but hes relavant to who keeps begging for handouts.

  2. Perhaps you did not get the memo about the lurking ABLP convention….
    That convention, will be Asot’s play ground and based on his previous convention success the PM knows this very well.
    Pop corn moment for sure.

    And Chet is on the outside making moves, Asot is gaining grounds, Gaston is out front by one length but is struggling he is maxed out, not sure if there is enough in his tank for him to hold on.. Gaston belly is full and he seems sluggish, Keep an eye on Asot he knows how to win, do not count him out just yet the convention is coming.

  3. How you mean, “Asot Michael holding up the election”, No way, no how. I am no Asot Michael fan, but here’s my take:

    Gaston Browne has tested the political waters and now realised that his early election push may backfire. His confidence is clearly waning, because the electorate have put his promises and policies together and it isn’t adding up.

    In addition, people are still very angry at losing their jobs, homes and businesses due to flawed economic policies of the ABLP.

    I believe he’ll still call the election, but he’s relying on the electorate to trust his rhetoric more than what he can actually do for them.


  4. I am predicting November for the election. It will a little time, like six months for all the newly branded residents and citizens to register for elections.

  5. I agree that the situation in St. Peter’s is having an impact.

    Asot Michael will be the A.B.L.P. Candidate in the St. Peter’s Constituency BECAUSE he has money to fight for his rights in the Courts (and that is his right).

    He has money to get ‘proper legal representation’. I STRESS, PROPER LEGAL REPRESENTATION.

    All the while Asot is challenging in Court, isn’t the election date (in the mind of the Prime Minister) drawing closer and closer? Think about it.

    • @UPP Voter posing as a parasite. ARSot will not be the Labour Party candidate, even though all 3 males potentially running for that constituency are LAbour Party supporters.

      Stay tuned!

  6. Hence, the reason why, the ELECTION DATE must be set to a specific date every five years.
    Amend the Constitution and take the power of setting the election date away from the Prime Minister.

    • Give your advice to Biden 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Silly people living in meriKKKa who think they actually have some semblance of DEMOCRACY! What a joke and cartoon 🙄 country. The people “vote” but don’t get to choose their president. The so-called Electoral College (no one knows the names of any members) hoodwink the people everytime.

      Thank goodness a Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 me day see.
      1 man, 1 vote.

      We vote and our vote counts!!!!!

      • #@Smh…Ignorance is still blissful!
        But, how can one be #IGNORANT, yet still be #blissful. Well my dear, to a child who’s ignorant to wisdom, and allows folly to be bound up in their heart, cannot be blamed for their ignorance! However, the rod of knowledge will drive their #Ignorance away!
        Stay blissful in your heart but your Ignorance definitely makes you shine like some greased, #balls!

  7. Gaston’s amnesty is not completed. He is banking on those people to vote for him. He belittled Antiguans over the past few years so he has to wait for that to blow off and he didn’t give away enough yet, that have to be fresh on the people’s mind. He has to start acting like he’s the savior, so he has to keep the water running, he has to pretend that Antiguans can buy lands. Maria and the ABLP representatives have to go into the constituency and act like they’ve been something all the time and hand out money to get people to vote for them. Maybe throw in some utility incentives. We are supposed to have amnesia of what happened before that. He wants to catch UPP off guard, before they get too strong but he don’t want to wait too long after the hand out. My prediction is November 2022.

  8. Asot, the ex-comrade, is just wasting everybody’s time, including his own. He’s a has been and no longer relevant. People from St. Peter done with him, too. Everbody just laughing and laughing and laughing. Time for a change.

  9. Put all of those Labor Party Politicians and their Minions into a wooden boat and set them adrift in the South Atlantic Ocean.I wondered who would survive,those fat,bloated,Politicians for sure.

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