LETTER: As a manager, I must confess that I have witnessed some unethical and unscrupulous practices among my colleagues


Dear Editor Greetings!!

Sometimes, when we step up in the socioeconomic chain, we tend to allow the human component of empathy to vanish from our modus of operandi.

As a manager, I must confess that I have witnessed some unethical & unscrupulous practices among my colleagues, in the way  how they go about hiring and promoting  persons up the cooperate ladder…..

Such practices has now forced me to ask the question, does the ” knee in the neck ” syndrome exist on the job sites?

Just about a year ago,  we heard about George Floyd, an Afroamerican man, met his untimely death due to a knee that was placed in his neck by someone who was considered to be in authority.

Interestingly, it is my view, that the same “knee in the neck” syndrome exists on the job sites of today.. Similar to Mr. Floyd, who was at the time pursuing his own ambition, an employee also has an ambition of climbing the cooperate ladder, some day. Unfortunately,  some persons never fulfill their ambitions because they become a victim of discrimination, and hence, are been overlooked or get pushed at the back of the bus or even have the corporate ladder pushed from under them inspite of the hard work & dedication they put in to the  organization

I will certainly agree & also give kudos to those of us who as employees aim & work feverishly to get to the top of the cooperate ladder. For some unforeseen  circumstances others may just cruise their way just to get to the next level above them.

Regardless of the situation, each employee should be looked at in a fair manner & be treated with utmost respect. On the job all employees should be faced with a level playing field.  As managers, many of us may have a different style of managing however, professionalism, fairness & empathy should not be overlooked.

Of course, it is expected that the heads of every organization will set standards along with a criteria for one to meet in order for an individual to get hired or promoted. Be that as it is, the process of hiring or promoting should be impartial,  so that what goes for one…. will go for all!

Sadly, I have seen friends, family members & close associates of managers who have been highered or promoted all because of the knee in the neck syndrome of nepotism or cronyism, thus causing other staff members to be stifled on the job. Strange enough some of these persons who have been hired or promoted may not even have the proper work ethics or the required qualification for the job.

We are now in the 21st century where we as managers  are better trained than before. As a result, I am making a plea that we become more conscious of the health of the organization which also includes the human resources of whom we manage rather than trying to prove that we are kings & queens of all survey…….. Professionalism & impartiality needs to be properly exercised..

To minimize managerial biasness towards employees,  the employee’s need to be more active. Simultaneously, I am of the view that the time has come for a  national unit be implemented so that it will be responsible for the  interviewing, hiring & promoting of potential individuals for a job.  Let us remember that as managers we need to be the wind beneath each employee’s wings. An employees output  is always a reflection of how they have been viewd & treated by those in authority.   If managers are more empathetic & more professional then the organization that we manage will optimally thrive a lot better.

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  1. A very interesting read!! This practice seems to be prevalent on many job sites…. If such behaviors are proven to be factual, the shop stewards & the bargaining agent have solid grounds to flex their industrial muscles.


    May we all start our day today with a PEACEFUL mind, a JOYFUL heart and with a LOVING relationship to the world around us. At the start of this new day we have an opportunity to create a new reality, so let us IMAGINE the world that we would really like to live in.

    Put on the full armor of God so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.


  3. Check the police force, Immigration, Customs, Inland Revenue, see all government departments where this practice is the norm.

    True article true and timely.

  4. The author of this letter hit the nail precisely on its head…… Let me add that a house divided must fall…. So it is left up to the employees to work together in solidarity and support each other to avoid such culture from happening within the organization

  5. Love this. Thank you for writing this. Empathy and respect are definitely missing nowadays.

    Someone urgently needs to send this important information to ABS management and their Minister. Sickening how politics seems to trump basic respect there.
    Not to mention the Minister himself directed the PS to wrongfully FIRE staff during a PANDEMIC. no suspension even. Just FIRED. Height ah wickedness and no legal basis to do so to boot. So he costing the taxpayer money now too.

    Call the election so Melford and his think he better than and dont have to respect ‘subordinates’ self can get his pg.

  6. Hmmmm.. The hotel sector reeks of this behaviour.. It’s like if you’re not a “Brown noser” you cant grow, no matter how hard you work..

  7. This writer is so on point, this letter should be hard copied and dropped off to all statutory cooperation s on island.

  8. WELL PUT. It warms my heart to know that a manager can own up to this. We see it all the time in both the Government and Private sector. Hire me based on my experience and qualifications. Don’t get me wrong….you have MANY MANY people who go to work and put in 1000% because they love their jobs. On the other hand there are many who put in 1% because they think they are safe.

    Time to shake things up. Shape up or ship out.

  9. It is a dog eat dog world in this country. Slavery mentality, crab in a barrel, people don’t care about each other.

  10. Wonder if Hodges Bay hotel has found any empathy yet to pay their former managers any of their severance money?

    Empathy is seriously lacking and it is most clear during this pandemic.

    Chester, when Hodges Bay going pay off their managers? Can you help the resort find some EMPATHY?



  12. There seems to be an Elitist mentality around here. Once you are at the top level, empathy and common sense goes out the window and anything to remain at the top is done regardless of who it will affect. If you speak out about unethical behavior or start shining light in dark corners you are victimized. It needs to stop. You should be held accountable for your actions and not looking to throw people below you under the bus. We want all the perks of being at the top but don’t want the responsibility that comes with being there. Employees on the ground level who deal with the customer everyday are not consulted when a change to the business process is done and they should just blindly follow. Too many of us want to be seen as big shots and that whatever they say goes. I have seen these things while working as a technical consultant at various job sites in various industries in Antigua and it is frightening
    If you go beyond to take care of your employees then they will go beyond to take care of your customers.

  13. As in the words of the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you”.

    Let those who find comfort in truth speak it out.

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