LETTER: APUA Needs to Get it Together


Dear Editor,

While Antiguans continue to rightfully decry the lack of consistent potable water, there’s another issue at the state-run Antigua Public Utilities Authority.

For no rhyme or reason, the power goes and comes, comes and goes. It’s a major inconvenience especially as many of us are taking on the charge of empowering ourselves.

We’re doing online classes, learning new skills online, connecting with loved ones overseas, operating small businesses, and running our A/C units which have now become a necessity during these unusually hot times.

We cannot expect to develop a country in 2023 with crappy water supply and electricity.

These are the basic hallmarks of any modern society. We have been fortunate to have made it through much of September, which has been known to be one of the worst months for hurricanes in our region without much worry.

However, we still have power outages without any acceptable trigger.

If we are struggling to maintain an electric supply without the wind blowing too strongly, what will become of us, if Heaven forbid we do have a storm? It’s just ridiculous that we still have these rudimentary issues plaguing our society.

In the heart of COVID, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he would not give monetary giveaways to those who are struggling because people, namely women, would spend money on getting their hair and nails done.

He has always spoken about prioritizing how one spends their money.

But, here we are as a country, spending money on “One Nation Concert” and a bunch of other whims and fancies while neglecting basic needs.

If I spent money to fete while having my home in disarray, the Prime Minister may give me a tongue-lashing on the radio.

I’ve heard the PM say we cannot underestimate the need for recreation but can’t it wait while we invest in long- term benefits?

I have no desire to go out, jam and wave, and then come home to a dark house with no running water where I can’t wash my face. Do we not know a thing or two about delayed gratification?

This attitude of an endless season of pleasure is why so many of our people lack discipline and have no desire to better themselves because they trust in the government to give them little feel-good treats instead of demanding the government give them tools where they can learn to build for themselves.

Give me electricity, I can do my online courses, learn how to create a business plan and budget, and maybe then I will eventually have the earning power to choose how I recreate instead of needing the government to provide that for me. We need to be a society bent on learning how to fish instead of being given the fish.

I have no interest in going cap in hand behind any government minister for a job, a scholarship, or for any favour because I trust in my own skills and will spend my own money to achieve my goals. All I ask of the government is to create the basic framework where I can strive.

Hardworking Antiguan.

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  1. Well said I agree, with you. It’s hurricane season and you don’t even see APUA clearing power and communication lines from overgrown trees. It’s really pathetic. The water and light bills are never late however and what exactly are we paying for when it’s hardly ever there???

  2. If very little was done at APUA under their leadership of Robin Yearwood.Now that you have Melford Nicholas as the Minister of APUA.Do you really expect to get anything done.That man could not get number portability done for many years now.After a million promised dates for that to happen.That is all they were empty promises from a lazy Cabinet Minister.


  4. Water manager an engineers certainly need to go,I know what I’m saying because I’m witnessing it everyday when I go to work

  5. This morning I was saying to my wife , that they are saying that dengue is on the increase in some of the near by islands . We are not hearing of any proactive measures taken by our health authorities. When last you have seen a little fogging taking place in your community. Last week the garbage turned into maggots.

  6. The countries that embraced and installed renewable energy systems years ago can now enjoy almost free electricity. Corrupt Antiguan ministers sold out to fossil fuel driven APC, likely in return for their 20 pieces of silver. So as oil skyrockets back to 100 dollars Antigua’s are left scraping the bottom of the barrel to pay their utility bills.. ABLP needs to walk the walk on energy and stop talking nonsense about saving the environment at the UN.

  7. In the words of one of our calypsonian,”we need a cleansing. ” To begin with, Gaston Browne and his entire cabinet have become redundant. The should have been fired on January 18th,but alas,selfishness, greed,corruption among civil servants and the general public stymied that. Get it right next time.
    Then we begin to clean house. Rodney Williams, Badu, Telequack, Ron Saunders, Atley Rodney,to name a few.
    We put a different government in place,investigate the corruption of the past decade and put patriots in place,those who put country first.

  8. I’m in total agreement with the article. The County is progressing since I’m a Resident for the pass 23 years. A lot of new housing developments are being built. My question is can APUA supply Water & Electricity to these new developments – do they have the capacity to do so. Even before we had these new housing we had the same challenges to obtain water and on & off Electricity.

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