LETTER: APUA needs to do better with those long lines

Customers wait in line at APUA in 2019/ANR File photo

Dear Editor, 

On 26 September 2022 I went to the APUA at the Village Walk branch to pay my bills. I waited outside for 3 hours just to pay my bills.

When I entered inside, I was in disbelief to see only 2 cashiers were present, I was so upset that when I approached the cashier I was cursing APUA. And what shocked me was the cashier’s response she started to apologize for my wait outside.

She didn’t give me any attitude which I was expecting from her but instead she apologized. She explained to me how many months I had on my bill and why it was disconnected.

The way in which the cashier spoke to me was so calm and pleasant that I started to calm down I asked her name and she said Shannette.

On the 27th day of September I went back to APUA to pay the rest of my balance where I met a next cashier name Leanne who took my payment and told me to carry it to customer service so they could take my information to get it back on .

Leanne was very fast, polite and friendly… then I went to customer service where I met Carla excellent service from all 3 ladies.

I want to let APUA know that these 3 ladies gave me excellent service even with them being short staffed

Thank you ladies i really appreciate your kindness, ( Carla, Shannette and Leanne) however I do believe that APUA needs to hire more cashiers or open up other branches.

APUA Customer

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  1. APUA needs to go on an education campaign for the number of ways that their bills can be paid. The online portal is quick and easy and even gives you a breakdown of your monthly usage.

  2. Pay your bills on line.Set it up with your checking and or savings account and APUA.No more standing in lines after you have done that.

  3. This was quite an unusual letter of complaint. That was not the story I expected.
    Recognizing the calm and professional actions by these three cashiers was absolutely heartening.
    Yes… APUA does need many more cashiers.
    Online payments need to be encouraged and the “Fashion Police” eliminated.

  4. Thank you for highlighting good service and those that provided it.

    All too often, these stories are full of total negativity.

    Other customer service reps… Take note!

  5. Carla Shanette and Leann were obviously pandering to a potential psycho.
    Good Customer service is a right not a gift
    Hats off to those who truly try to help and are polite cause we all have good days and bad days

    • @customer service..yeah we say that and when we are in the position to give and in our relations with people we also give the same shoddy service…give me a break!

    • That’s true @ Foreigner, however when you want to do other transactions like name changes and similar administration issues you have to go and line up in the overbearing heat.

      The staff are OK, but security staff need some customer care training.

      After lining up with my beautiful partner, when we got to the entrance, an over officious security man said only one of us could go in.

      Ok, their rules so my beautiful partner went inside.

      No problem, however the over officious security man told me I couldn’t wait at the entrance in the shade and asked me to go back in the sun and wait.

      Bwoy, there was some serious verbal back and forth between us; but let me tell you, I let him know In no uncertain terms I wasn’t going back into that hot hot midday sun.

      Luckily my beautiful partner returned as the two of us wasn’t budging an inch either way.

      Sometimes, those who have never had any worthwhile positions of authority go well over the top when they get a little title and just get carried away.

  6. Kudos to the excellent customer service by the ladies mentioned.

    I admit that customer service in Antigua sucks BUT all we need to do is give the service that we expect in return. Can you imagine a person giving nasty customer service and then complaining about the customer service they receive?

    APUA has come a long way indeed. Of course more to go but they have improved. Some tips:

    Pay online,
    Cheque drop if you use cheques
    Don’t go on a Friday or pay day period

    Also KUDOS to the call centre staff that take fault reports and KUDOS to the workmen that show up to check out the issues.

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