LETTER: Antiguans your country needs you now


Dear Editor,


Our failure to unite in the fight against COVID and lack of appreciation for the hard work of our health authorities, and the efforts of our government is why we are experiencing growing numbers of coronavirus infections in our country today.


The time has come for us as Antiguans and Barbudans to come together as one to save our country from the ravages of COVID. Neither politics, race nor class must divide us in this fight. This a fight for country the more this virus continue to spread amongst us we will only see our economy plunge more and more into a deeper hole and create greater challenges upon our livelihoods. To control this spread there must be a greater level of adherence to the protocols, this requires a lot of personal responsibility, we all have to play our part, listen to our health authorities and be guided.


The fact is, we have been spending too much time undermining information from our authorities and that will get us nowhere. Why would we want to believe that we are being given false information? It is clear that certain sections of our society are involved in creating a narrative that our health officials and government is not telling us the truth and it is sad because they are pushing and agenda to undermine the greats efforts of our health authorities and government in order to advance themselves as a viable alternative. But I would like to advise that standing united with the government and puttting your people and country first will greater prepare you for government than to undermine.


The fact is our country is facing its most challenging time in history and we as Antiguans, must look around Antigua and Barbuda and see what people are going through. The number of people whose livelihoods have been affected, some can’t even put food on the table, what type of people we are who can’t see the need to unite our efforts in this fight. Let the message come from one voice that Covid-19 is serious and we must work together, follow all protocols to do our best in bringing it under some level of control.


Are we waiting for until our health care services become overwhelmed or until our death counts increases rapidly?  This is our country and if it sinks we sink together if it rise we rise together. My beloved Antiguans let’s put all the differences a side and fight this fight for our country don’t let Covid-19 defeat us we bigger and better than that.


Troy “Manhunt” Thomas.

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  1. It nar go happen. There is no such thing as unity in a country. There is a competing interest for everything that happens albeit it good or bad and such is exploited!!!!

  2. Because your crazy government let in thousands of people from high COVID areas each month for over 8 months.

    And your insane government didn’t quarantine or test on arrival those people.

    In addition, for months your nutty government sent out messages that the pandemic was not a serious matter including the MOH repeatedly saying the island was COVID free.

    The public is not taking it seriously because the government never took it seriously.

  3. Tel moiwyn that. Last year he thought he could pick and choose who he included, promised his followers promotions and awards. Then not even stipend he delivered. But some people get money and don’t do a thing, some get government vehicle, some get public credit for other people work.
    If molwyn don’t want you in this, he mek people write up letter on you or he mek up one narrative.
    He only want people who do as he say. If you try to question he, is problems.
    Oh and he waste money on the Nugent Ave building. No accountability cause them all practicing ‘new maths’.

  4. Troy ” manhunt ” Thomas ,are you serious or playing political games with your rhetoric. If this government want us to take the virus seriously ,they would have one policy for all and not a two tier system where residents are been told to quarantine,while tourist are been allowed to travelled all over without not even been tested . The government even announced the record amount of private jets and yachts in Antigua. These people were told they can come and enjoy our country and don’t have to go into quarantine. Stop your myopic thinking . It is wealth over health with this administration . I thought we are an economic power house in the Caribbean,yet Barbados that is under an IMF program can give their small businesses like shops $750. A week for two weeks and $250. A week for the same period because of a two weeks lock down by the administration. We were told that no administration in the history of Antigua collected more taxes than this one . Over two billion dollars in CIP passports sales and an average of eight hundred millions in yearly tax collected . Yet our roads is in an awful condition,our electrical supply is unreliable ,the internet is disgraceful ,the health care system in shambles and don’t talk about water . Whether UPP or ABLP, let the truth always stand ,and stop been apologist for the inept way our country is been manage . May god continue to protect us all !.

  5. A…COVID-19…the virus and its morphing/mutated versions are real – #GermWarfare!

    Aerosolized herpes being used to corral the people and drive fear/anxiety into them by the powers which have being controlling HUEmanity for centuries, the Plutocrats, the Oligarchs and Medium’s who use their #Henchfolks the MEDIA to slant and present their narratives, at regular scheduled times.(Programming)

    B…COVID-19 – the Business!

    The business of COVID-19 is modelled off the business plan of the Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Medium’s from 1900 – 1950(dubbed the ROARING 20’S) Yes in terms of time we’re only at 2021 in Gregorian time but the parallels from 2000 until now are very similar, from wars to the crash of Financial markets to the introduction of new fiats/money systems to the fights and struggles for HUEman rights.

    The History’ of HUEmanity is very cyclic, and we are simply in another one of its repeated cycles.

    Regardless of the narrative being pushed by the Media and politicians, employees of the Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Mediums the vaccines(synthetic herd immunity) will accomplish what they’re designed to do, in terms of giving people the assurance, that we are ‘back to normal.’ However, the new Norm going forward will require booster shots and upgraded versions of these vaccines to keep up with these #WEAPONIZED VIRUES which are designed to mutate over and over again.

    There has never being any cure for these viruses which we as HUEmans have had to deal with for centuries, however, we have being able to live with these viruses by mitigating their negative effects on the HUEman body through the uses of the natural remedies in Our environment which are readily available around us, but is not accepted by the Oligarchs, Plutocrats, Medium’s because promoting such would not fill their coffers in order for them to live their lavish, evil and unhealthy lifestyles.

    COVID-19 is a business!

  6. Stop blaming the victims. The Antiguan population have done all we could to stem the tide of this virus, but with a government hellbent on opening the borders we are fighting a losing battle. Don’t let the government and their corporate backers off the hook.

    • @Arnold:
      I listened to Gaston Browne.The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda today in the news.He did say that returning Nationals are to be blamed for the increased spread.They are not adhering to the mandated self quarantine by the Government.I am saying that all others are blaming the Tourists,except Gaston Browne.He is the leader of the Country.

  7. I hope you read what you write .
    Most if not all citizens adhere to personal responsibility and hygiene protocol.
    Look and see which sector tested for most covid 19 positive cases . Police and ABDF . They are the one who are seen without proper use of mask in public etc and they are the one who will frequent bars and clubs etc.
    Video after video on YouTube and social media surface about the breaking of covid protocol and did anyone was charged for it?.
    Do not even say about preparation from the ministry of health .
    What bout distribution of masks etc to general public or students . We are being told of different organizations donating them but what. Hand out only a small potion for two hours and where are the rest?
    The foundation of any nation based on its finance . The government revenue collection is very weak due to many giveaway and concession and lack of enforcement and as for spending there are hardly balance n check measure in place .
    So when this magnitude of global crisis land on Antigua the real truth situation of treasury come out .
    Government relying on loans from local banks instead of going to IMF ( which I believe they knows the reason why ) and social security pension is cash strapped.
    Look at St Kitts . Not only they been paying on time for the pensioners they even assist the unemployed from covid with cash stimulant .
    So this is not about being unite this is about the government from top to show the people example and be transparent and accountable..

  8. Why not try and take back your 108 sq.miles.Before trying to take over the planet.The Chinese and others are taking over the Nation.They are in control of the economy.Those who are in control of your economy.They are the power brokers.They have those in positions of leadership in their pockets.While all of you eat crumbs from the tables.Then you think they like you all.Then in the end you have nothing.While the Politicians are richer than rich.Some could pay out millions in a divorce settlement.Without blinking of an eye.While some of you do not know .Where the next meal is coming from.

  9. Trust and Obey for there’s no other way to fight off the Coviiiid, u have to Trust and Obey…………..Trust……Very powerful word………..Blind Obedience? Sounds like Dictatorship…..But yes Obey the government and Scholars for they know what’s best for us in uncertain times… (whistles)….

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