LETTER: Antigua Machiavellian Covid protocols & lawless Government


Dear Editor,

I am tired to the bone. I am sick with rage and anger. I am fiery hot and burning nearing eruption! Since the advent of this pandemic Covid-19, the Antiguan populace has been grossly mistreated and mishandled by our ruling government , the police authorities and the courts.


Yes we are aware that there is a pandemic. Even though there is conclusive evidence to suggest that Covid-19 is a deliberate patented virus unleashed on the world with a specific agenda in mind, we know it is there.


However, most governments globally have erred in their strategy of dealing with this corona pathogenic strain. Many have allowed themselves to be carried away, deceived into believing the absurd superfluity of lies and half-truths being permeated by the media, manipulative medical bodies and super powerful controlling agents and super power governments. Not many have taken the time, or invested the effort into research and to conduct a holistic post mortem on this so called pandemic and its eventual consequences on the health and well-being of the globe!



Some countries have suffered more than some, had more deaths and chronic reactions from the infection of covid19. Saying all this, one fact remains succinctly clear; Covid 19 is not a death sentence! Covid should not be as deleterious and destructive as its propagated globally. Too much sensationalism and exaggerated importance have been attributed to this pandemic. There have been outrageously controlled efforts by many in the medical hierarchy and Governments to specifically feed the public with false numbers of infections and deaths!


There have been innumerable cases of people who have been declared dead as a result of Covid-19, that have been proven untrue after a subsequent autopsy was done. For months every time a person dies, they are declared as a Covid related death! There are countless incidents of this fraudulent and farcical malpractice.


My point is, Covid 19 can be managed and controlled much better than it has been. Globally, many homeopaths, naturalists, herbalists and even a selective number of alopaths have successfully been able to treat millions who have contracted this virus with great success without casualties. Yet, the world governing medical bureaus have not once called in any of these practitioners to evaluate and study their remedial medicines. Our local government has never done it either! What in the God’s name has happened to traditional medicine? Why is it being deplored and kicked out of the back door by big Pharma? All the conscious people know the answer to that.


The pages will not permit me to go into this with entirety less i bore the readers with this written dissertation.


My question to the Government of Antigua are as follows:


1/ why have they never called in locally distinguished allopathic doctors, herbalist practitioners, naturopaths and homeopaths for an open discussion and potential remedial strategies to deal with covid19?


2/ why are they so willing and inclined to blindly accept and acknowledge a medical concoction disguised under the name of a vaccine without thorough investigation and scrutiny? ( knowing very well the global critiques and established negativity associated with same)


3/ why would our government be so eager to vaccinate its peoples with a vaccine that has not been clinically tried on humans before?


3/ why has this government bullied business establishments to close because of some people having a possible exposure to Covid? Is this constitutional? Is this legal?


4/ why has this government single-handedly locked down bars, clubs restaurants and all related social businesses with the banal explanation of ‘trying to contain the spread of the virus?


5/ have this government been able to control and reduce the spread of covid since the recent extreme curfew and lock downs?


6/ does this government know the established deficiency and inaccuracies of the PCR covid test?


7/ are they aware that a person suffering from the common cold and flu can be declared as a possible Covid 19 case?


8/ are they aware that the country is being forced into bankruptcy and people are suffering, hungry,  homeless and destitute?


9/ are they cognizant that covid19 will not be going anywhere very soon unless people become more aware and protective of their immune systems?


10/ do they know that most people who have a vibrant immune system will never succumb in any negative way to this virus?


11/ why have you not been able to come off of your overflowing individual financial coffers and extend some charity to the many suffering and unemployed?


12/ why have you not encouraged the medical fraternity to treat the symptoms of covid19 as is done with any common flu with the same established traditional and conventional medicines available and not just treating them as having Covid 19? ( COVID IS an orchestrated farce!)


13/ why have you been so unscrupulous in letting out your dogs (police and military) to tyrannise the public if any is found not always wearing a mask? ( a known unhealthy practice)


14/ why upon your legislation, the courts are relentlessly imprisoning defaulting parties who do not adhere to your absurd Covid protocols,  giving them exorbitant fines which many find impossible to pay? You have taken aware their jobs any way and now you take their freedom  and even ‘blood’ !!


15/ and this now this one is tantamount to stupidity! Why have you closed down the supermarkets? Are you for real? Where people need to get food????


I have an unending amount of questions which I realistically cannot ask on this forum but I am hurting and i am dismayed.  Our Government and our leaders of this beautiful nation need to wake up, smell the coffee and drink it! You need to be more humane, understanding,  sensitive and fair and of course prudent before you ridiculously impose all these draconian laws! People will and must live. It’s our right. Open the damn country and let the laws you impose be balanced and fair. We are all at risk in this  pandemic only if we allow ourselves to be! Note the actionable adverb well in the prior statement.


Covid19 is  only a death sentence to the imprudent and careless.  It’s a virus that develops and mutates in stages and with time. It can and has been beaten and cured by the simplest of natural remedies.  Do not be fooled and smoke screened by fallacious and high flown rhetoric! I do not have to be a medical sage or practitioner to make these irrefutable statements.  I have seen it, i have practiced and i have share with many of the infected, and only got positive results!


Fear and ignorance are the instruments of the present global pandemonium and anarchy!


The human body has for centuries conquered and defeated anything alien thrown at it. Of course we must treat out bodies right to create this triumphant premise , but it’s very possible.



Like biblical times i say, “Pharaoh let the people go!” We need back our freedom, our lives, right to choose. We cannot take this bondage and dictatorial incarceration anymore. We are being held hostage by the financial institutions, the courts, the police, the government and the external super powerful elitists. It’s time we must break free.!! Hear the cry of the people, we have had enough!!!


Written by


Mlr Caesar



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    After the last civil war (in England), hundreds of years ago, the people made an agreement with government called ‘common laws’. If government refuses to honor that agreement, then we the people have no other choice but to initiate a new civil war to regain them. Our US Constitution is based on these same common laws.

    I’m warning the government that you need to take heed. Your numbers are small even if you could manage to get some of the military to join you. We the people vastly outnumber you!

    If you force our hand, there will be a civil war and it will be bloody. You will be dragged from your offices and homes and will be beaten to death like the mob did to Mussolini.

    You have been warned…. Common law demands it.
    If liberty is worth dying for, it certainly is worth killing for.

    (I’m not advocating violence. I’m refreshing your mind about history)

  2. So we rally together as a people and protest against this bondage? Theres not enough cells or police or army to contain 80-100000 people. If we are serious aa a people now is the time to take back our freedom. We are the government and its time we start acting like it.

  3. Please use your wealth of knowledge and share your remedies here. You come across as those Trump supports that believe anything the media says is FAKE. However, all you present are evidence that only you and a few seems to have. You have so many means of getting information out there but you all seem to want to keep it for yourselves. The reason people go for Big Parma is because they follow rules and principles. There is no rules that govern home remedies.

    • What rules do big pharma follow, please enlighten us…Do you even know what they are asking you too put in your body, do you know if it will help your immune system or break it? No!!

      Everything stated here is a fact, and you saying that this person is a bigot(trump supporter comparison) is ridiculous…he’s mainly shedding light on a rather grievous situation while trying too encourage the general public too educate themselves as too what is REALLY going on around us!
      If you would take time too do soo some research, you can see for yourself I’ll even give you a quick topic….Go on google and search how many people have been diagnosed with Influenza( regular flu) Since this pandemic initiated in 2020….You think the flu got scared of Covid Nd jus decided too stop infecting people?

      WITH ALL THE PROTOCOLS we’ve been subject too, only increase the chances of getting a Virus….you force the whole island too operated within the same time frame but in the same speed tell them too social distance…. Tell me how can I avoid crowded areas if everytime I gotta go to the supermarket it RAM PACK. That make any sense?
      Nd I don’t even start on the people suffering from loss of jobs for over a YEAR now, and does the government seek too help them in anyway financially? NO

      They claim bruk, continue to make investments geared towards personal gain, and neglect general public in need….

      Imagine trying too catch a bus at 5 when you finish work, and everyone doing the same thing…there are now more ppl at west bus station in the afternoon than Jouvert morning Nd u think they 6ft apart?

      Friend you have too realize the agenda that’s being forced upon us, take that wool off your eyes!

  4. Why doesn’t the author of this letter share some of the relief strategies that lead to healing that he says he knows. I do not disbelieve that homeopathic and natural remedies exist. In fact, I have been sharing some preventative methods that I have read about and which make sense to me. I am not a medical practitioner. If a pathogen infiltrates our bodies it is up to our immune system to fight that pathogen. Therefore, it just makes sense for us to improve our immune system. The best way to do that I think we all know is to increase our intake of natural vitamin C. I am not speaking of supplemental vitamin C. Whilst there is nothing wrong in taking the supplemental vitamin C it should be as an addition to, in order to supplement, what we are getting naturally from our diet.
    If, as it is said the pathway the pathogen uses is through our nostrils, our mouth, then it is clear we need to keep those passageways free of mucous. A salt water nasal wash done with a glass of warm water into which is dissolved two tablespoons of salt, preferably sea salt, and a nose dropper in which you fill the nose dropper and holding your head back as far as you can, drop the contents into each nostril until you can feel it at the back of your throat. You will then hang your head over a steaming hot pot of water into which you would have added some mentholated spirits or crystals, cover your head with a large towel, and take several deep breaths. That clears your bronchial tubes clear through to your lungs. What is left of the warm salt water is to be used to gargle your throat thoroughly. That takes care of the oesophagus. Constantly drink water to keep your throat moist. Use alkalizing food as pathogens CANNOT survive in an alkalized condition.
    If the writer of the letter would include what he knows to give knowledge to our people then I can understand part of his rage, but he voices his rage without giving solutions. Solutions are what we need.
    Yes, I agree that we should have more open discourse with other medical practitioners other than those who practice Western medicines for they too have words of knowledge.

  5. Omg… there are so many assumptions in this letter that I could throw up!! Yes, holistic medicine needs to be approached too when treating covid indeed – that counts for all deseases (!) and there is a big lack of that agreed, but to play it down like that – facing 2.5 million dead people isn’t right at all Dear Mir Caesar. But I am sure you are an qualified expert and scientist in virology like all the other people with a big mouth and solutions… stay save

    • @Conspiracies…
      Imagine for just seven(7) seconds, where would the rest of the World be today, if those Chinese doctors did not go against their Central Government’s protocols and went on Social Media platforms risking their lives to inform the rest of the World as to what was transpiring in China for months.
      Remember, the Chinese government labelled them as Conspiracists and trouble makers spreading #FalseInformation as well.

      • Ras Smood:A young Doctor in Wuhan,China.Where it all bagan.He was seeing this abnormality among his patients. He was very confused.He sent an email to his colleagues seeking their help.The Chinese Communist Party send the Police to his home.They warned him to keep his mouth shut.That was in November of 2019.He subsequently died from the Corona Virus.Now known officially as Covid-19.The Chinese covered it up and then their New Year came.Millions from around the world went home for the Chinese New Year.They left China with the Virus for their respective places of residences.Many went back to Italy.Where there are 321,000 Chinese living.Then the Italians began to get sick and many died.Because Italy has the second oldest population in the world.Most of the people that died in the early stages in Italy were the older folks.That was before the Virus went rampant worldwide.I would like to know.Why so many world leaders are hands off with the Chinese Government in this matter.Could you imagine if this Virus got out of a lab in any place else in this world.The consequences that would be attached.

  6. The government will experiment this vaccine one us because it’s the only weapon option and we have to get the green light going for our tourism industry to get flowing $$$$$…..Plus don’t u want the reopening of bars and restaurants? Carnival and curfew dismissal? Of course you do 😊😊😊😊 sooo take the vaccine and things will be back to normal..or some what normal….sooo the more we fuss and question this and that we wasting time??? Ent it???

  7. Or you can be an adult, follow protocol, let the government do its job, and encourage those around you to take personal responsibility. We wouldn’t need curfews and fines if people were following the rules and doing what they needed to protect themselves and others. We’re all tired of COVID-19 but some of us are equally tired of people spreading misinformation like this while they throw their two year old tantrum because life isn’t back to normal as yet. Give me a break with this nonsense. Someone took the time to write it and ya’ll actually published it seeing the misinformation all throughout it. Shame on you.

    • U ever lived through a global pandemic before this one??? Pretty sure u weren’t around in 1918..This is something we are all facing for the first time and especially for democratic countries it’s gonna be hard getting people to obey protocols for extended periods… conspiracy theories are gonna be running rampant because vaccines normally take some good number of years of research but this time the world can’t wait that long. That fact is enough for world wide concern and conspiracy theories…

  8. For all the readers who disagreed with my letter, i have no issues with that. I am not a virologist, doctor, pharmacist, or scientist! Point to note is that i dont have to be any of the aforementioned to be smart, intelligent and knowledgeable. Being saddled with certificates, degrees and accolades dont necessarily make you intelligent.
    We must realize that for ages a lot of scientific and medical blunders have been made and are still being made today! How many toxic medications are on the market sanctioned by big Pharm , that are more harmful to us than the diseases they are meant to treat? People srill use them because reputable companies and individuals promote them as being safe! Research has shown that most forms of conventional medications damage us more than cure. In fact, they do not cure period! They only treat symptoms, effects, but never eliminate the cause.
    Many of us do not read, research and use your big heads to process information properly. You know why? We are so brainwashed by systemic autocracy and institutionalized balderdash, that your god given virtue of common sense and reasoning are forever suppressed. Many are gullible and all receptive to any and everything that comes down from the medical or political hierarchy!

    You need remedies and preventative natural treatments for covid 19? There are many! From the advent of this virus, many people have shared their knowledge on public forums, social media and otherwise. Read, listen. Process information given. Trial and experiment on the plausible suggestions given. Find out for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

    The whole problem here is not that covid 19 cant be treated or eliminated. The problem is that people refuse to look beyond at the bigger orchestrated picture of deception!
    ‘Comrade NAPOLEON is always right”! The world is now the typical Animal Farm satire at best!
    I got no more time to exhaust my energy on those who are confined in their programmed and confined space of inherited misinformation!

  9. And by the way, i must say to my beloved brothers and sisters. There are many things you can use to defeat and prevent infection of this patented farce of a virus! Keep your immune system in top shape. Use lots of garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, lemons ( with skin) cayenne pepper, papaya leaves and even the seeds, peppermint and eucalyptus oil, vitamin c, vitamin D, zinc , echinacea and believe you me there are so many other things you can do. May be radical and extreme but its not.life threatening. In anyways, covid is a radical and extreme concoction, so it needs reciprocative remedial actions! Research and find out how to use the above mentioned natural remedies. Its simple like 123….dont be blinded my people. Covid19 is not a death sentence!.

  10. While they talk about new strains of this virus the numbers are dropping globally. And as numbers drop they now advising to wear tripple mask. As if some don’t want this to go…hmmm

  11. Well said….whenever I listen to the press conferences it’s almost like the government is saying we are in charge, we are your parents we know what’s best for you. Take the vaccine when become available and shut up because if u don’t we will be forced to put more tougher rules in place…… democracy huh???? Seems like it’s going further and further out the door of recent times…This vaccine will be forced and the ability get back to normal everyday living will be restricted on those who refuse to take it…

  12. Y’all just chat a bunch of fk. Why don’t we instead expose persons that don’t believe in COVID to the virus & see what happens ? COVID kill aru likkle rasshole. Tap so f dunce for once.

  13. This kind of propaganda is dangerous. Protect yourself and other. Make educated, informed decisions.

  14. Truth will always be hard to accept by the fearful. People are to fearful to think logically even if all the evidence is in front of them.

  15. So true I am fed up with the so called lock down every body can see the so called pandemic is a hoax but some of our people so easily led that they. Go to take vaccine that nobody knows the long term damages but my GOD send advice before saying all these things shall happen before his coming so am not even scared …. The pope and his followers is on their high but GOD ready to send out. his seven last plagues on them I wonder how long they will have their strength for…. molwyn joesph and Chet green better wake up u all know better as seventh day Adventist GOD give you a purpose to fulfill and you helping the devil with his I pray you all comes to your senses before it’s to late…. remember the seven last plagues…

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