LETTER: Antigua is a Joke Country

Antigua Police boarding plane to SVG in 2021

Dear Editor,

This country and its leaders are really like Comedy Central.

PM goes abroad and makes big speeches about global warming, protection of the sea and cutting down on the use of fossil fuels.

Then what does he do?

Dredge wildly at North Sound, dumps the dredged material and creates a new obstruction.

All of this new destruction to the eco space to allow a new, huge oil tanker in to make more money for the energy family.

Next joke.

We are sending Police and soldiers to Haiti.

For what? We can’t deal with crime here and we are going to help somebody else? Our security forces do not have a clue. What are they going to do, create more confusion on Haiti?

Refurbishing the St. John’s Police Station. First a million dollars to retrofit the Customs Offices at Dredge Bay. No tender.

Then 3 million to do the Police station. No tender.

We spent millions with the goodly Senator to convert the school at Nugent Avenue to a Covid Hospital, It sits there doing nothing. Money spent. Money wasted. More joke.

Ministers away every day. Huge cost. Huge per diems. What do they achieve?

Is joke they joking.

And we accept all of this? But none better than none. The whole raft of politicians from all sides are a waste of time. We only producing jokers because is joke we like.



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  1. That’s a very pessimistic view of the situation and the many problems that must be dealt with. Assuming all that the writer says is true we will be celebrating another Independence Anniversary shortly. We will be honouring erstwhile Antiguans and Barbudans who have made their contribution to advancing our nations. Yes there are many issues that plague us as a nation but we must always remember to be grateful for small mercies as we are part of the world community and some places have it worse than us. Constant ” bellyaching” will definitely not contribute to a solution to whatever our problems are.

    • Agreed… We might have it bad in some reguards but we are still blessed.
      Some people can only focus on the negatives because solutions are too complicated for them to comprehend.

      Yes our Government system may need work… Its not efficient always and our leaders.. Being Humans do mess up naturally quiteeeee often. However we all , individually should do our part.. Pray for them and help them but being the best citizens we can be for the betterment of the nation. One lit candle can make the world of difference in a house with no other source of light.

  2. Well highlighted @ BIGGS. Antiguans deserves a better crop of politicians.

    Like you’ve mentioned, I never understood why some of our policemen were sent abroad when the crime rate was rising here in Antigua.

    I pray that the next generation of politicians will put the citizens amd country first … it’s long overdue!

  3. I completely agree with the writer. I am not proud to say or getting some kind of pleasure from saying it but I completely agree.

    The writer forgot to mention that Antiguans do not really want better. They are easily convinced by politicians this is all you can get and deserve.

    You have mothers and brothers you spoil with millions and those same brainwashed folks with curse you out, and defend these same ministers over you, that have gone above and beyond for them.

    My Antiguans, sadly, are so incompetent and ignorant that it takes more than us who have lived and learned from developed countries to demand more, it is near impossible to convince any Antiguan that none of the parties love or care for them in the manner on which they should.

    No substantial change will ever occur without first changing the mentality of the actual public. Politicians will not change.

    I remember trying to use my family as a union, having all of them come together and make the politicians think they would lose my family’s numerous votes (not telling my family who to vote for) but letting the politicians know they are not guaranteed my family’s vote unless they act reasonably and prudently towards not only our family but the public, just in a way to put the politicians in fear of losing votes so they can act.

    You know my mother and brother practically curse me out saying I can not tell them who to vote for. At no point when I came up with that strategy did I even consider them changing who they should vote for. I simply just wanted to put the politicians in fear so they can act.

    I was not stupid enough to think I have such power to tell them who to vote for because I know I do not have such power, I am not that stupid.

    I am only stupid enough to give over $2,000,000.00 to build a house whatever size and shape she wants and send $20,000 to $30,000usd a month for years to a woman who tells I can not tell her who to vote for.

    I am stupid but not to the extent of thinking I can request of them to act as my union to get my license decides on the merit expeditiously so that I can open my business that put me at risk of serious harms while advocating for victims of vicious crimes to include terrorism, murder, rape, robbery, assault, battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, etcetera. Doing this same job and sending them the money and profits from my work.

    But so into politics would not allow me to speak to explain clearly to them that I am not asking you to not vote for your ABLP, your Samantha, your Gaston, and your Dwayne, I simply want your help to show the politicians what you can lose if they do not help my son, my uncle, my nephew, my cousin but demanding as a matter of national interest of Antigua for his application to be expeditiously decided.

    That was all I wanted, I did not want anyone to not vote for their God Gaston, Samantha and Dwayne, and ABLP. I just needed their help, to show how important helping me will be for such politicians.

    Instead family members that mattered to me attacked me for politicians. So, I have hereby requested for me to be removed from their family and no one contact me for money, and what money I have locally, even if your name is on it, do not touch it. Contact Gaston, Samantha, Dwayne and ablp for money when you need it.

    This is another time I was abandoned my family members chasing my dreams.

    So, to the writer of the article called, “Antigua is a joke country” it is not just the politicians that is the problem but the brainedwaahed locals.

    If I has a son or brother telling me something about politicians and this son literally give me access to millions of dollars to build whatever house I want and still continue sending money every week, sometimes totalling over $100,000ec a month, I would so listen to his advise, even if he wants me to not vote for a party, I sure would listen but I would not even demand such a thing but if I had such son or brother or nephew or friend, I am sorry but his words and advice would matter. Especially a son who takes care of me.

    • Your analogy in your fourth paragraph [“My Antiguans, sadly…”] @ my way of helping hit the spot, and if Antiguans put their hands on their hearts, they’ll realise that our politicians have never really had our interests at heart from the get go.

      I’ve read many overseas comments about how the world perceives us, and it is really not a good look when it comes to politics, and equally so when it comes to our water and road infrastructures.

      Antiguans are seen as accepting bad practices and incompetence by politicians – not a good look.


    • @my way of helping Antigua would be a joke country if the politicians intervened and forced the committee/board to give you that gun license you are now crying over being denied. Imagine the repercussions if the public were to learn they did such at your pleading because you feel entitled, though you don’t meet the criteria. Biggest red flag is you currently don’t reside here

  4. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing, a beautiful.

    But on the topic at hand, this writer has the right to voice his displeasure in whatever form he so desire, but when it comes to the truth, it couldn’t be louder right now about the current state of affairs.

    Politics is about the general public(general election) and if a sensus is taken right now, majority will tell you that this administration is doing a piss poor job in governing the county right now, and if that’s too pessimistic for some,well so be it, but truth is truth, and this is where we are.

  5. And still there’s no water coming through the pipes 24 hrs a day, after all that spending. $28 thousand dollars to upkeep the Alfa Nero per day . So sad.

  6. Tenman, stop using multiple names. You statement as @truth would be valid if 1) the attorney General would not have already said I over qualified, “don’t worry, be happy”. He is also incharge of appeals of any denials.

    2) Board members have already told me personally you qualify.

    3) I am back in the US only waiting for the approval to return to live and operate my business

    4) if you were speaking to a dunce

    5) if there was no laws that allows government officials in the interest of national interest or national security and substantial merit of a business to submit a request or demand or order for such approval

    6) I will not tell you the discussion me and the Attorney General had,

    So, you may rightfully think the locals are idiots but I promise none of the regular bloggers are, and knows what politicians can and can not do, and what has substantial impact on the nations interest. Sir, I read all relevant laws and procedures.

    Even the ones that makes it legally impractical and practically legally impossible for my application to be denied after they already granted me the temporary, unless some substantial change in my situation occurred, and not being present when application is submitted or while pending is not one.

    Please talk to the idiots who are brainwashed, not a dude with a jurisdoctorate (law degree) and passed one of the hardest Bar exam.

    So tenman and truth, you have to know when to turn off politics and defending wrong.

    Also, tenman/truth, if you want a $20,000 a month job for 10 months, let me know. I have money maybe I can buy you too but my work requires you to be humane, honest and not political. I know it will be tremendously hard for you to do this work.


    The choices we make will always determine the outcomes!

    Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions!….Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!


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