Observation: Antigua & Caribbean Tourism Endangered by Migrant Transit


Without telling the people what was planned, our Government has with the inducement of some wealthy Nigerians, established a migrant transiting air-route from West Africa- Antigua to join the Trek to America.

Not only is this a danger to the many innocent Africans, who have told many of their planned journey, especially those embattled Cameroonians, caught up in what has been called by many as a typical Nigerian scam.

The whole disastrous and contentious airlift has been done at the time of Antigua’s election when over 1000 Africans (P.M. quote) will be in Antigua, although the airline has threatened several more flights before the Election Day.

Clearly the distraction factor is confusing, because one wonders if the investors of the African migration are using the election as a distraction, or are the Africans the election distraction?

Which ever way, the many innocent Africans who are now being looked on as disturbing elements, may never move from Antigua because the United States of America will never allow Antigua to fully establish a migrant trans-shipment center without punishment.


We are all aware that our allowing our Santo Domingo new Antiguan passport holders to invade Canada under our ‘no visa necessary’ status resulted in Antigua losing its special status with the Canadian Immigration.

With all the love in the world, we and all other Africans are fully aware that our Nigerian family across the pond are some of the world’s most capable persons when it comes to monetizing the adversity of others.

It is no wonder that some wealthy Nigerians saw a way to exploit the pain and suffering of the beleaguered Cameroonians by sucking the U.S. $5000. out of each of them, with the promise of access ultimately to the golden streets of America via Mexico.

The world also speaks of Antigua as the most corrupt little island in the world, even as Nigeria is targeted as the most corrupt country in Africa.

It will therefore be a serious concern of the U.S. and our tourism markets, where both countries decide to do a joint venture in the exploitation of West African migrants.

Americans and our European tourist markets are so racially biased that the attraction of any migrant route from Africa will be met with contempt – and that is whether we in the Caribbean like it or not.

The last time the U.S. Government was forced to interrupt a corrupt activity in Antigua, one Congressman reminded us that “An economic advisory dropped on Antigua would reverberate more than the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan!”

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  1. we need to elect leaders who do what we Demand. Let’s stop trying to own “a piece of the rock.;” Until we see it as ours, (don’t you see) it’s the degenerates and refugees trying to take it from us? chuptz

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  3. Well said to the author! This is a serious issue with huge ramifications. We as Antiguans need to decide if we are willing to suffer the immigration penalties that will surely occur if this fiasco continues. We need to wake up in this country! After Gaston ruins this country, he can simply fly away with all his money and his family and leave us in the quagmire to suffer. THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!

  4. The pm said out of his own mouth that the Africans have money because there are a lot of them renting from his farming business partner for $110 USD a night in New Winthorpes. Soooo somebody explain to me how they said $80usd was too much for Jolly beach and wanted to pay less than half that amount per night! There are 2 scenarios. 1) The pm’s partner got those who had money and the rest who have little money are the ones the pm wants to give Antiguans ‘an opportunity’ to rent out their properties or 2) he lied. Which one is it? Because I can’t believe that all Antiguan renters are good for is to get the scraps after the pm’s partner got the cream of the crop! Somebody please explain it to me cause I honestly want to understand. I asked several friends with properties if they were interested in renting to the visitors and they gave a resounding NO. Reason being if the visitors could hardly afford to buy food, then how could they possibly afford their accommodations. The pm lied to us, these are not the well to do Nigerian tourists that we were promised. These are poor migrants who were exploited and told they could get to the US border through our shores.

  5. Well, perhaps the sleeping Antiguans needs the wrath of the USA to pour down on the island to wake them up. At this point, those who can’t see there’s something sinister with this African migrant aka “tourist” tall tale are being wilfully blind.

    A hard head makes a soft behind…

  6. Had a feeling that was what was happening. Wicked people, and now with their distraction tactics talking about racism. We’re all black people here. Come better than that.

  7. This is self destruction for Gaston if Antigua people have any sense. This blatant action by Gaston Browne should tell the people what time of day it is. Put down party line and pick up common sense for the good of what is left of our country. For goodness sake.

  8. People in this country are so weak, so divided and so easily brainwashed.
    Look at what this NOT PM did to Asot. The man is a USER. And when he gets all his riches, he and his family CAN STILL TRAVEL while we the common man stay right here.
    The guy envious and badmind. You think he wants to see poor life again.
    You think he’s collecting all this wealth to give it back to the country. What he gives NOW is to secure his wife’s second term, so they both get FULL PENSION.
    Too sorry for those of you still waiting to collect yours. He’s making sure he can retire easy.
    And for those who sees nothing wrong with that. Well, ill gotten gains dont last, so he’ll always be looking for more. So hope you can sleep at night, when you and your children hungry. Cause you have no one to blame but yourself.

  9. Anybody with even a scintilla of brains knew that Antigua Airways was a scam. the USA is watching and it won’t end well for our tourism product.

  10. That is a lie. At the PM business partner appointment they are paying regular apartment monthly rent. At Jolly beach they were offered a special $80.00 US per night all inclusive.
    They cannot buy 1lb of onions but a single onion from the shop. I am sorry for these African brothers and sisters who were misled in coming here. However, we have a very serious issue on our hand , brought about by this government. Which should not be taken lightly. It is corruption to the highest order. It is treason of the highest level. Antiguans should let them pay for this on the January 18th elections.
    I don’t care either about that racial statement made by the writer of this article about White American and white European tourists will stop coming here because they don’t like black people. While people do not like us in most parts. How many white people that live here that has taken a black so call Antiguan friend to their home in Antigua. Much less to their native country.
    We have foreign investors with deep pockets and so call friends of high officials, milking Antigua. Giving us bad reputation internationally. Yet in their local business few if any Antiguans hold executive positions. Even their simple Resturant rants are managed by expats. The expats are paid substantially more than the Antiguans.
    Anyhow two wrong cannot make a right. It is also wrong, illegal and criminal what is being done to Antigua and Antiguans by our government. We cannot travel to any country, anywhere in the world without proper arrangements. Even Dominica has disallowed Antiguans from entering because they cannot show proof of address. We need to get to the bottom of this cruel act both on these Africans and on our country.
    We need to have them return to their country safely and put an end to this fiasco. Otherwise we are going to suffer both immediate snd long term consequences. This is going to destroy Antigua if we don’t do something about it immediately.

  11. Had a feeling that was what was happening. Wicked people, and now with their distraction tactics talking about racism. We’re all black people here. Come better than that.

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