LETTER: Alpha Nero: Let’s face it

The superyacht Alfa Nero docked in Falmouth Harbour in Saint Paul Parish, Antigua, on Wednesday, April 20, 2023. It’s been more than a year since the Russian superyacht Alfa Nero all 267 feet and 2,500 gross tons of it was abandoned in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua. Photo: Bing Guan/Bloomberg (Getty Images)

Dear all,

Several arguments were made by the opposition, in what I call phases. 


Phase 1

Let’s start off when the government said the yacht poses an environmental threat, should it remain in English Harbour during the hurricane season.

The opposition: It’s only now they see it as an environmental threat? Why now?

Phase 2

The government said it is within our borders; de-listing and acquiring it is possible. 

The opposition argued: The USA put a sanction on it, we cannot de-list or acquire it. What is the government really trying? 


Phase 3…

The government successfully de-listed, acquired and in the process of finalizing its auction.


The opposition arguments: 

(1).Ohh it’s not really de-listed, let’s monitor the USA sanctions list and see if  

     summ go so

(2) The government is looking for a windfall!

(3) If they sell it the proceeds should go to Ukraine and they should compensate   

     us how much the yacht cost us!

(4) Now that the government acquired it, what dem go do? The owner sending a  

     bidder to get back he yacht.

(5) It’s costing us! 


Let’s face it

If the government had taken the approach of leaving it in the hands of the USA, today we would still have the yacht in our harbour with little to no control and chances are creating worst threats…i.e. see article from business insider by Grace Kay and Sam Tabahriti Updated Mar 4, 2023: Dozens of sanctioned superyachts seized from Russian oligarchs still hang in limbo, racking up millions in maintenance cost.

The government of Antigua and Barbuda would still have to pay a cost, and the cost could even be greater than what we are faced with today, impacting surrounding homeowners and maritime folks. 

Recall when the cabinet met to pass a bill to allow for the acquisition and all the opposition members walked out? 

It’s not the first time when important meetings were called, and opposition members absented themselves.

Recall the now opposition leader was absent for discussions after an invitation was given to him to be apart of the Economic Recovery Committee which was created during the corona virus pandemic to discuss ways to recover this economy. 

The government had to be proactive with their approach after getting legal guidance.  


A bit on the recent lawsuit

These injunctions in my view are in the government’s favor. The government went through all the legal processes for ownership.

Also, I don’t think arguing that the government breached a contract, holds much weight because there was a pending court case.  

The facts are; selling it is delayed but the government will be victorious and get compensated for its expenditure, given the legal provisions and the fact that the yacht and staff were abandoned – [no one claimed ownership].  

Let’s not oppose facts.  


Yours truly, 









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  2. It’s unfortunate that you lack an understanding of the process that has transpired regarding the Alpha Nero, including even a basic grasp of sanction law and its intent. The current government believed they could secure financial gain for both Antigua and themselves personally, as evidenced by the allegations in the lawsuit. Gone are the days when one could simply steal a boat, even in Antigua. The government’s actions have further tarnished Antigua’s reputation as a safe place for conducting business and have also damaged our already fragile yachting and ship registry industry. Whether one agrees with them or not, the opposition should be commended for refusing to engage in the unlawful confiscation and sale of someone else’s property, as well as the retention of the proceeds. What’s needed now is for someone to communicate the truth to the people of Antigua and Barbuda about the Alpha Nero, including details about who claimed ownership and when. The revelations would be shocking. Or, maybe we are so accustomed to government corruption on this island we wouldn’t even care.

    • Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan, applaud you sir 👏🏾for your forthright and honest views. The Antiguan INTELLIGENTSIA are waking up. Just beautiful!

      Not long now before the rest of Antigua say … ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

      I love my people and my country.

    • That was quite an overt statement you’ve responded to. The assertion of ownership could have been ascertained by viewing the insurance registry and, port of last embarkment and, prior payment to entities, for docking and shore services, before and, while in Antigua’s Sovereign Territorial Borders. This would have been the simplest of concern, to anyone’s indulgent in prudent investigation. But no! The Alpha Negro Of Antigua, decided to embark on confiscation for gain, while egregiously masking it as the abandonment of maritime access- deemed to negatively impact on Falmouth Harbor, in cases of the phenomenon of Hurricane, as the mantra, and, under the clout of Governance interest; without, first, invoking imminent domain as a class of universal claim. Now, some stooge- clown-buffoon-crony, come spouting about (ABLP.& UPP) With Tribal, Clan, Political Diatribes. It’s not about Politics, Stupid: it is about the People’s Reality, Transparency & Accountability. Every dissenting opinion that differ from the tagging if the political line and the prevailing policies of the ABLP is to be labeled, and, defined as an UPP supporter,: fitting only for the gullible, hands
      -out obnoxious feeble minded leeches, beholden to the Alms from the unseen conscience of the psychopaths, dressed in stuffed suites, and hang-mans nooses around their necks, to emulate staid ascendancy of monarchy-leadership, with colonial mindsets of nobility; and, to the People’s worth as Commoners & Be Damned. As espoused, and, exhibited by: The Supreme Alpha Negro. Ah! I Declare, and Decree: I Am African Black. Yesterday, Today &,Tomorrow: There’s No Sell Out In Me. Cause: Money Can’t Buy Me Love. The Love Of A People: Scorned and, Sold Into The Yoke Of Greed For Governance: And, Living In A Blinded State Of Convenient Apartheid. And They Call That Progress, Eh! Eh! Lawd: A Coo Dey!?

    • Yeah… however, a brief explanation about “…sanctions laws [and their] intent for those of us who don’t know.

  3. @Denzil
    Who in their right mind would want to buy a yacht stolen from a Russian citizen? What happens if when it takes to the sea the Russians blow it up? What happens if it is seized when it docks in a Russian friendly port?
    You should ask whether the yacht was really abandoned with a captain and crew on board. Or is this a story made up by the sharks? What about hurricanes, are other yachts in Falmouth Harbour?
    The opposition asked for time to review the legislation and the ruling party refused. They were right to walk out and not be part of the thief.
    I am not surprised that Gaston and Cutie are trying to pull this off. They are so corrupt and greedy that they think they can make laws to steal other People’s property. They should check their bloated egos.

  4. No wonder Gatson Browne get along so well with these notorious scamming Nigerians, they have clearly taught him a few tricks about how to steal in broad daylight and try to get away with it.

    Now no one wants to do business with this Government.

    And as far as the US Embassy coming back to Antigua, you’ll can forget about that as well, because no one can trust this current administration in Antigua. Why do you think the American representation pulled out of the Sanction deal with this Alpha Nero, because they want nothing to do with this messy Government, and rightfully so, because look at what we are face with.

  5. “the yacht was abandoned”

    False. The Russian yacht (private property) was seized by Antigua because of the Russia-NATO war. Antigua decided (or was forced?) to take sides for the US notwithstanding the rules of private international law. Soon or later, Antigua will be forced to give back the ship and
    bear the costs of this stupid move. period.

  6. Greed and corruption have put us in many a mess over the past few years; but this blatant … has taken the cake.
    May God relieve us of this plague.

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