LETTER: All should be vaccinated including rastas

Rastas at consultations on Marijuana bill in 2018 (File photo)

Dear Editor,


While I am in full support of the vaccine programme and I strongly believe that all should be vaccinated, the government confuses me.


They are obviously playing to the gallery and not doing that which is right.


Whatever they do, will be criticised by some portion of the public so do what is scientifically correct.


This week they announced the opening of bars and fetes for carnival but only for vaccinated patrons. What does that mean?


Are persons with one shot considered to be vaccinated?


The second vaccine only started this week. And since most young people have not been vaccinated, how are they going to get two vaccines in time for the first carnival fete on 16 July?


And just a quick note to the Rasta community. Are you aware that you cannot visit your fatherland of Ethiopia without not just Covid but about 10 vaccines.


Ethiopia has received over 30 million Astra Zeneca vaccines.



Dino Martin

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  1. First and fore most.The vaccine is not mandatory but voluntarily.You cannot force the citizens and residents of Antigua to take the vaccine and make threats such as if you dont take it or else.Bull shit the Government doing.Only in Antigua you do alot of dumb shit and get away with it.If it was certain places the Prime Minister would have been dead.You dont go around playing about the publics rights.Secondly they need to tell yall the truth.Some of the covid deaths are related to some persons whom would have taken the vaccine.Let me just remind you again the vaccine doesnt stops you from ketching the virus.Making it clear to you.So therefore no one can force you to take vaccine.It is up to the public if they wanna take it or not.

  2. Dino Martin, what is scientifically correct in your opinion? Science is the pursuit of truth, and should never be considered settled if other Drs. and scientists have opposing views. Do you know that there are thousands of Drs and scientists that opposes these vaccines? Do you know Dr.Mike Yeadon former scientist of pfizer thinks these vaccines are going to be catastrophic for humanity? Why should everyone single person be vaccinated when we all don’t have the same risk? In particular children, whose risk are miniscule, why should they have to take an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine -does the benefits really outweigh the risk for them? Do we really know what the risks are? Another top notch Dr. that’s pro vaccines is against using these vaccines during a pandemic.(His name is Geert Vanden Bossche). He thinks that’s whats driving all of the variants.. because they are prophylactic vaccines. According to him we will never be able to catch up with all the mutations. Some scientist thinks we should allow young healthy people to become naturally infected. How about the people who have recovered from the virus, do you think they should be vaccinated? If so, why? So, imo, since there isn’t any long term data about these vaccines, there cannot be anything scientifically correct about their use.. it’s all a guess.

    • ” Sugar Apple ” here in the U.S a friend went to get her second Covid shot and she told me a young man ahead of her about mid twenties took his first shot and had A BAD REACTION . NURSES AND THE DOCTOR ATTENDED TO HIM AND THE AMBULANCE WAS CALLED . Most may have no reaction but others might .
      That’s why it’s a choice .

  3. The vaccine is so safe but one cannot sue the company if a family member die from the vax, they will say it was not the vax it was underlying conditions that kill them.

    Stop living in fear and don’t listen to lies of the wicked people in high places, they look to kill steal and destroy. Don’t trust them!

  4. Dino, I wish to share the link below with you so that you can see the vaccinated are catching COVID as well. In Seychelles they had a rise of infections because they government opened its borders and lifted restrictions because they are the most vaccinated country in the world.
    33% of persons getting the virus were fully vaccinated. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/13/seychelles-most-vaccinated-nation-on-earth-but-covid-19-has-surged.html

    Why would you want the government to have the right to force anyone to be vaccinated? Rasta or not, you should have at least that level of freedom to choose what enters your body. Even if you agree with vaccination, you CANNOT support that a government should take away a person right to choose whether or not they are vaccinated.

    Another country may have restrictions for you to enter but you can choose whether or not you want to visit.

    • JBF most people on this forum should click on your link .
      I read the article on the CNN website .
      What’s amazing is that country depends on tourism just like Àntigua and has as similar population count.
      Do not follow blindly because of Party affiliation

    • I see you highlight the number of vaccinated people who test positive, but ignore the most relevant statement in the article, namely the part stating that almost all of the critical patients are unvaccinated, and none of the dead people were vaccinated.

      • The article did not speak of the number of persons who died after they started the vaccination programme. Also many persons have died, even here in Antigua, from the vaccine and they list them as COVID deaths.

  5. The Rastas of Jamaica are being vaccinated right and left. Ethiopia won’t even let you in without being vaccinated. I understand several Rastas have been vaccinated here too. It’s a matter of life and death. Choose life! Get vaccinated.

  6. The Prime Minister is the one who made taking the Vaccine an issue. He did say Rastas were exempt from taking the Vaccine. When I heard him say so. I thought the Rastas could not get Covid-19 and or spread it,either. If you are speaking to all of those under your Governance. There should be no exceptions. I do hope the next time. He speaks to all and not picking and choosing. To creative resentment and confusion among the people.

  7. Forgetting one small detail….the vaccines are not approved by the FDA …in the countries that made them! Swine flu vaccine in the 70s, 50 something deaths, they pulled the plug. COVID vaccines, 4000+ (that we know of), still going

    • I have tht article which talks about what u mentioned in your comment. What we should do , find out when the laws was changed.

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