LETTER: About the Hispanic Community in Antigua & Barbuda


Dear Editor,

I watched a video by a Hispanic man who says he is the President of some type of Hispanic group in Antigua and I was very angry.


He claims discrimination. Really. The Spanish community in this country continue to flaunt our laws and whenever the Police try to mitigate, they are resisted. How many remember the stoning of the Police bus in St. Johnson’s Village not so long ago.

And what was the cause of his video presentation? Our Police doing their job in the face of a law breaker being aggressive and resisting arrest.


The Spanish community have continued to drink, assemble and party with immunity right throughout the restrictions of the pandemic, apparently with immunity. See bars in Grays Farm, Browne’s Avenue. in Potters behind Obeez and in St. Johnson’s Village/Skerrits Pasture, to name a few areas.


Antigua has always been the most welcoming of countries in the Caribbean for immigrants. That is a fact. But when you come here you must respect our laws, customs, culture and traditions. No one is holding you prisoner If you cannot conform, then you are free to leave


The Hispanics have a tendency to be clannish and to live by their rules. They do it everywhere they go. Just take a trip to Miami and see for yourself. But this is not Miami. Primarily they live together and only support each other and each other’s businesses. This is a small island with a small land base and population..


So my message is simple. We welcome you but if you cannot follow our laws then the VC Bird Airport is open.



True Antiguan and Barbudan

Paul Belfield.

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  1. Paul Belfield, the Hatians in Dominican Republic are treated like dogs . I hope the Caribbean community will stand up against the terrible abuse they are going through . They do not even recognize Hatians born in DR as citizen . You are so right about them flaunting the laws all over they go . Even in NY city in the height of the pandemic they were having parties and clubing while they were laws in place not to. Our politicians pacify their actions for votes.

    • Excuse me sir u have no right to say anything , you cannot blame the entire Dominican community for something some of them do. If u are not from there and don’t know what’s going on stop talking bullshit , because some Haitians have committed crimes so it’s not all of the Dominicans fault (notice how I said some ) . The country is divided into 2 dr and Haiti it is not one so research before to speak nonsense

      • In that case, Dominicans don’t have any right to come here and say anything. You sound so ignorant. The issue with those of Haitian heritage being denied citizenship in DR is a policy. You don’t have to be there to know it. We should take a stance against DR for this. Btw, where was this community leader when his people were stoning police officers? He bare- faced bad.

        • U shouldn’t be in other persons business mind Antiguan business, because u guys judge people on the things others have made .

          • Chups. Now you want to tell ppl to mind Antigua business. The majority of you have no manners and act like you all are above the law. Fighting for place in Antigua and treating the Haitians like crap. Just move

    • Haitians treated like dogs? Some people funny boy🤣🤣🤣🤣 Y’all don’t even know what’s happening rn in D.R and what some Haitians are doing🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 Talking shit without knowing what’s going on over there😂😂😂 Dumbass, Haitians trying to take over D.R, Inform yourself a lil better before talking shit, Peace❤️

      • And y’all trying to take over Antigua. People can’t talk, can’t sleep, can’t do nothing cuz Spanish wanna fight. Smh

    • Worse than dogs, and they’re still lynching Haitians in broad daylight in the DR today. They don’t want any blacks in their country, but dem come to a black country to riot. Tap in the DR with all de red smaddy dem nah jack.

      • U keep saying blacks but Dominicans are not white I’m literally as black as u and my family from there , only because u see one likkle light skin from de doesn’t mean all awe look so . We have the same frigin hair fa manage and color .

      • Wait a minute. No blacks in their country. So is only whites in their country then. There are many black Santoes in my neck of the woods. Some brown skin. They support each other, stick together.

  2. Let me just say that a people will do as they are allowed to do. The politrickians in Antigua control the narrative. The law enforcement is controlled by the corrupt politrickians so no way will the police do anything to anger the foreign nationals because the government expects their votes in elections.

    These people can only flaunt our laws because they are allow3d to do so at the behest of the politrickians in office.

    There is no other place like this Antigua. A law for the native Antiguans and another for the nationalized ones. A law for the rich; politically connected and another for the poor who is not connected to any corrupt politrickian.

    The country is a divided mess. The day of reckoning is fast approaching for this nation. Unless there is a drastic change of heart away from corruption and greed, Antigua is a doomed place.

    Just like Jonah warned Nineveh and the city repented….so the cry is going out for Antiguans to repent. The hearts of the people are hell set on only. GREED, VANITY, CORRUPTION, IMMORALITY. It runs from top down. When Righteousness is thrown out the window and WRONGTEOUSNESS dominate; then BE SURE DESTRUCTION IS CERTAIN.

    It may not seem to be immediate but rest assured ANTIGUA’s destruction is CERTAIN.


  3. Interesting pseudonym for the author of the letter. Could it bethat the real name is ´Turks Lee?´ She is well known for her hateful and xenophobic social media rants against this community.

    • I wouldn’t doubt that. We do have issues with the behaviors of foreign nationals, but I would dare contend that some Antiguan-born individuals do the same or worse. The rules should go for everyone no matter where they are from or what class they belong to.

  4. Wait man….dem soon have ANTIGUA like NEW YORK…




  5. Haitians treated like dogs? Some people funny boy🤣🤣🤣🤣 Y’all don’t even know what’s happening rn in D.R and what some Haitians are doing🤦🏻‍♂️🤣 Talking shit without knowing what’s going on over there😂😂😂 Dumbass

  6. No one else will give the real reason why they REALLY behave the way they do, so I guess I will have to do it.
    They have a superior attitude towards the local black Antiguans. You see, they are light skin, brown skin, high color, call it what you want, and they have long hair and straight nose. See where I am going? Worst of all, the local men who want to escort around these women and want children with similar trait who do not look like them, flock to them and give them everything they want, including the house, the car and the bank account. See where I am going?
    So what do you expect? Superior feeling. Some have never gotten past Grade 1, if any schooling at all, but they know two things, to count money and make children for local black men. That gives them power.
    Very many of them are enjoying places and a lifestyle that they never knew existed outside of their homeland. They speak very disparagingly of US Antiguans and even treat us with scorn.
    So, I don’t blame them. I blame the local population, especially the men. I blame the local cops who must have a red meat and will break the laws they were entrusted to keep to get piece. They get bribed with a piece and they make local people run from their homes because of the incessant noises from the Spanish bars they frequent even in uniform, just for a piece of the red meat.
    Can anyone else agree with me that the black man is not liberated yet from his skin? That he is still walking with this stigma that tells him the dark hue of his skin is dirty and worthless, and the white hue of the other’s skin is to be worshipped? That tells him that his flat nose must not be replicated in his son, but replaced by a straight nose that looks not one bit like him? That the rolled up knots in his head must not be in his son’s head but he must have a full set of curls? Only then will he feel comfortable and walk around PROUDLY with – MY SON.
    I feel so sorry for my people. I feel so sorry for the black man. Still unemancipated. Still not free.
    When will we start to teach our children in our schools how to love themselves, as is? When will we stop sending our children to bourge schools just so that they could have sleep overs with other children who are teaching them the art of SNOBBERY AND PHONISM, and to look down on their parents and relatives because they do not speak in the affected way that they have learnt in their bourge school?

    • You cannot say that all Dominicans have straight nose , or are lightskins , Iam a black woman from Dominican Republic if u have not been there u cannot speak saying all of us look basically white . Dominican Republic is not a place where we speak bad about people or call them names , like how I’ve been treated here , they call us spanni or other names , I’ve been bullied saying how I should go back to my country . So I see why others would treat antiguans like that because they themselves are being treated like that . I’m honestly unhappy with antigua , because i was born here and my family is from Dominican Republic, so this is discrimination.

      • @Person, you wrote ” I am a black woman from Dominican Republic,” then later on in your comment you wrote ” I am honestly unhappy with Antigua because I was born here.” So, which one is it? Are you from DR or from Antigua? And why should we believe anything else that you wrote?

        • Can’t a person be from 2 places I was born here raised here for 9 years and also raised in DR , my Family is from dr as well . I never said I was unhappy with antigua because I was born here I said I’m unhappy because they have failed to see the troubles of immigrants . I personally at school have been bullied because of my roots and because I’m bilingual and some teachers see it and don’t even say anything but I have learnt to live with it and just simply not get my self in trouble

          • @Person, I wrote exactly what you wrote… not what you’re feeling or meant to express. And no, A person can’t be from two places at the same time.

    • You cannot say that all Dominicans have straight nose , or are lightskins , Iam a black woman from Dominican Republic if u have not been there u cannot speak saying all of us look basically white . Dominican Republic is not a place where we speak bad about people or call them names , like how I’ve been treated here , they call us spanni or other names , I’ve been bullied saying how I should go back to my country . So I see why others would treat antiguans like that because they themselves are being treated like that . I’m honestly unhappy with antigua , because i was born here and my family is from Dominican Republic, so this is discrimination.

  7. I don’t want to hear about the hypocrisy from the Spanish community here in Antigua. My son travelled to Spain when he was at University and recalled the racism and discrimination whilst he was there.

    Denied access to a couple of eateries, and being followed around by staff when only doing his shopping for gifts and presents, and being ignored by taxi drivers when returning to his digs.


    • Who is comparing what happened to your son to what’s happening in antigua . You don’t know what we Dominicans have to go through and as an Antiguan as well I’m very sorry that happened to him but that’s not something you just dismiss because your son had it worse , that’s just being bad minded . And don’t compare Spain to Dominican Republic or any Spanish countries cause we don’t compare antigua to any other countries or islands and situations are very different , google is free for u to get yourself educated.

  8. The man claims to be some head of a Hispanic for labor group and terein lies the problem in antigua.

    They believe that the are ALP supporters and can do as they like in Antigua, including squatting down perry Bay.

    They have become the third rail in antigua politics that none of the political parties want to tutch even though most of them will always vote ALP.

    • Look how u mek Missa Knight tun you mind gence the ppl dem. lol he renting space in your head Knight and Day lol.

      Use your brain and think for yourself!

  9. The amount of disrespect and dismissal about situations I’m seeing in this comment section just shows what there saying u are a bunch of hypocrites .

    • People are free in Antigua to have an opinion that doesn’t satisfy you. I’m quite sure you don’t live your life trying to please every Antiguan.

  10. Spanish people better wise up before something bad comes there way. Antiguan Police are not cowards and if they have to defend this country against these law breaking spanish illiterates they will even if blood will have to shed

    • Stop it with your threats!!! Do NOT attempt to speak on behalf of the Police Force with your bloodshed nonsense. Crawl back into your hateful cave and stay there banished from society with your evil chatter. You seem like a sick, mentally-challenge hateful, xenophobic individual. Stop trying to incite/sugges violence and bloodshed. You are just awful!!!!!

    • Is that suppose to be a threat ?? All Spanish persons can’t get mistreated because of others mistakes , if I’m simply walking to a place will I be spoken to in a matter or held at gun point just because I’m Spanish , this has just turned into a different version of America .

  11. The influx of immigrants into country from the Dominican Republic, on a large scale began around the late 1980’s where the Vere Bird Snr Government controlled by the ALP allowed for relatives of Antiguans were allowed Dual Citizenship.
    This was ALP way of padding the Voters Registration List especially in City West, Rural West, Rural North, Rural South and City East all Constituencies which were tossed up .
    They have learnt their worth, and know that they are the SWING VOTE in those Constituencies mentioned. Therefore, they will continue to use this to their advantage until and unless policy’s are put in place, to no regulate and manage Our communities.

    This is a great example of PPP – Piss Poor Planning and PPM – Piss Poor Management by those charged with management of the Nations affairs.

    As the saying goes, “give them yard, they’ll take a mile.”

    • Stick to advising/criticizing your President Biden and the country that you pledge ALLEGIANCE to. Go on CNN website and Fox News page and leave your comments there for your Caucasian hilbbilly buddies to see and digest. Look how long you left Wadadli and haven’t done fart to help it advance.

      • @Don’t Get It Twisted…
        You definitely got it #Twisted when it comes to me and Antigua. As a matter of fact, and I’ll be nice!
        Tartan(Spelling) and her crew used to rent and live on Lower Alfred Peters St from fisherman Peter. Go to Alfred Peters St and Bryson St. to Booby Alley, to where they used to dump shit from de Shit Cart east of Hells Gate…U ebbah nyam Shit Tub Rice?
        Ask who 2 Shoes and Mama Hillie were.
        Then you may know who I am.
        Talk to Monique and Glenroy!
        Jah Lumbah and Mr. Carter will definitely put you in you place.
        BTW…Wash n Basin who I think is Gaston blogging on this site is family, and I could take you up to Far Hill – but no get lass wid u farrrad rass, and ask fu any Brodie, den drop u wrenking blurnblath de a Harbour over Sugar Loaf to Old Road, and just mention ‘Goldie’ de Carpenter.
        Hey, U drunk/twisted yet fram who and wah me kno.
        And, Potter and de Friday Posse just dey a watch U, and a laff attah ur farrad rass!
        U bettah goh fine fresh watah fu goh U renking – pick a hole(mouth, ass).

        You see, neither Gaston Browne nor Joe Biden can tell me or prevent me from speaking, to the Flavians nor the G on Greenmount and Mura Streets, so who the fuck is you!?

  12. Those Dominicano are Citizens by Ancestry inna Antigua and Barbuda.In my opinion that was a grave mistake ma.de by the powers that be then in Antigua and Barbuda.I often wondered why that was done.Since then those people have voted Labor Party.The Labor Party brain washed them and sanitized them with bleach.They also cow tow to them for their votes.One of the things I do like about that Community.They stand up for their own,no matter what.Unlike Antiguans so filled with hatred towards their own for Partisan Politics.While those Politicians doing well their arses are catching hell.When would we stand up and take back our Country from them lying,thiefing,Politicians,like we did in 1968.

    • @WHARF RAT…a dat mek, plentee a dem tiefing politicians and dem jus kum crew, a try a silence we, wid fuckery!
      Wah u say a true to blurnclath and it goh hard to rass, fu check dem. Pussy, Rum, Dick, Dope powerful like Obeah! Seen!

  13. Wharf Rat you spot on! VC Sr. & Jr started by bring home Antiguan descendants from Dr and that started the corruption of immigration. Soon Antigua Immigration stamps were manufactured in DR and they started arriving in droves. Legal prostitution proliferated in bars and Antigua man left home for the streets. The Spanish speaking immigrants filled the electoral list and did all the underground work for ALP destabilizing communities with their clannish subculture. Their loyalty is to Dr and money.

  14. Listen to me, Spanish people too dam disrespectful and unruly when dem drink dem rum. Alla dem fully shit. I am not petting none of them on this issue. I worked at a strip club as a bouncer from 2015 to 2019 and trust me, every Sunday night dem Spanish jagabats come to the club with dem dutty attitude and bullyish behavior…….
    Stink stink stink, leave de country if you can’t abide by our laws, god dammit, get yo rassole outta in ya.

  15. Jesus is indeed the answer, for the world today. Let’s not blame a nationality for a problem, but rather an individual. All races go to each other’s country and carry learned behaviors. All nationalities are welcome here. Individuals must change.

  16. Reading all the comment on this page and all the hate being spewed by individuals who have no knowledge or rights. Uneducated persons who repeat what he said she said. I agree that the Dominican community and all foreign should abide by the laws of this land when they decide to live here. But that does not give anyone the authority to discriminate and be hateful. Not all persons of specific nationality are bad. If they did something wrong yes deal with them and if need be lock em up. We must also overstand that we have police brutality, some who are run by the power they think their position allows them. Take it up with the government and let’s educate ourselves more.
    Immigrants do whatever the government allows them to do.
    Please note that all Spanish bars are not Spanish owned over half of them are ANTIGUAN OWNED.
    same bars that yall cussing about where our sons and daughters also go to have a great time. Lol

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