LETTER: About First Fete and ABS’s Attack on Free Speech In Antigua & Barbuda

RICARDO Drue performs to small crowd at First Fete/July 2021

Dear Editor,

Please permit me some space, although I don’t intend to be long.

Yesterday, July 18, 2021 was the highly anticipated first fete. This fete was supposed to make those of us who were unvaccinated jealous and intern want to make us rush to the nearest vaccination site

Well, that won’t happen. The fete was an epic failure and a waste of tax payers money since the Prime Minister himself indicated that it was subsidised by the government.

So fetes with fully vaccinated people only did not have the desired impact. J Truth said it best; you could play marble in there.

Most people watched it on ABS and the first fete was rightly renamed an ABS staff party since a large number of their staff attended.

This brings me to ABS that broadcasted one or two performances live on their Facebook page. In yet another act of stifling free speech in Antigua and Barbuda, the state media entity, funded by tax payers restricted comments under the post.

In good fun, viewers were asking ABS to show the crowd which they obviously could not do  because the place was embarrassingly empty.

I am advised, and I verily believe same to be true that this decision to limit comments was made and implemented by the General Manager herself.

She also made it her business to respond to every person who made fun of the small crowd.

Talk about controlling and childish.

Finally because I do not want to be long, police officers must stop harassing people at bars.

Curfew is at 11 p.m and at 10. p.m they target certain bars, even block people from leaving only to arrest them later.

This practice must stop.



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  1. The late swallow sang a song about that same general manager when she was at Scotia Bank year’s ago. The song is still applicable today.

  2. The third sentence is a LIE!!!

    Why u mad? Be thankful that you even got to view it. Most fetes don’t allow for public broadcasting. If you min want fu comment, wenk u nah min go Addy fete and stream it live on YOUR Facebook so yourself and others could comment??

    Ebbry little ting are u complain fah.

    • @Smh make sure you have on the Monica Lewinsky knee pads when you kissing and licking the top dawg ass****you people are the worst Antiguans on this planet.

      • While you have worn out your knee pads, your flesh and blood in St. Phillips is in dire need of help and attention. Why do you refuse to reach out to him Dane Knight that used to work at Mill Reef? You had to pass through St. Phillips to get to Mill Reef. Please do the right thing to help the young man. Have you disowned him?

    • @SMH, now I am no fan of Ernamae nor ABS, but you are absolutely correct. ABS was under no obligation to broadcast the fete. Since when fetes are broadcasted? It was a privilege they extended, and as you said, people should be greatful.

      Also, in relation to the letter, there is no stifling on free speech under a post or live video. The owner of the page is under no obligation to allow comments. That’s why you have your own page. I think social media has brought about a false sense of privilege and aroused some keyboard bullies, who think it’s their duty to constantly harass and ridicule every single thing.

  3. How long will modern day slavery continue?, one slave master is not more powerful than thousands of slaves. We need to unite and fight for our rights, we are wrestling against some evil spirits that have infiltrated the mind of our leaders

    We have been giving up our rights and the state of emergency has shown us the evil within people in authority, nothing they have done is in love for the people is for total control.

    We are in a state of emergency allowing people in, when there is emergency there should be no entrance in, put politics aside, hand out aside and pay attention to details.

    How can one entertain wealth gotten by vanity where you are suffering by the hands of the greedy.

    Stand up for Antigua! Stand up for Barbuda!
    Blood is on the hands of the wicked people in high places is time for us to act accordingly as a nation, know what to accept and what to reject , it is the only way

    Citizens of Antigua we need to know what we want , and prepare to pull down the strongholds in this land

  4. wait! We are in the midst of a pandemic and the author of this letter is concerned about being able to comment on a fete? Take it up with Zuckerberg. People are struggling, pensioners need their monies and not being able to comment on a FAcebook post is what she/he calls oppressed? Tell that to the pensioners and see if they give 2 $hit about your thin skin, touchy feelings being hurt. Use your free time to volunteer and look out for your neighbours. Call attention to the plight of the pensioners and grow a thick skin while you’re at it. If you expect the world and everyone to cater to you, what a rude awakening you’re in for woman.

  5. I absolutely hate when people say that they feel like Slaves and all that hogwash.

    If you feel restrained and gagged, then take to your own Social Media. This is the 21st century. We all have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other avenues we can use. If all that fails then go back to basics and get a piece of cardboard and scream until you are hoarse.

  6. This has to be one of the duncest letters ever written. You need a fete to convince you to get vaccinated or not! !!! You have a political problem not thing else!!

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