LETTER: ABLP Must Address Non-performance By A Certain MP


Dear Editor,

Please permit me some space in your widely read portal, to express my concerns about an unsatisfied representation within a constituency in St. John’s, that can be considered as underprivileged & economically deprived and is very close to the PM’s heart.

Certainly, I am aware that the position that the constituency representative holds, is one that does not have much autonomy¬† within the cabinet. However, according to the size of the constituency & the number of persons that voted & enable this person to be in parliament,¬† we should be hearing a louder voice, and better representation being displayed….

Now, if it was not for the PM & his astute leadership, who instituted certain directives, it can be clearly seen that there is very little development within constituency, initiated by the said representative. Unfortunately, there is no improvement with the housing stock, no new or creative social programs, no educational or sports initiatives, no increase of jobs and of course, the list can go on & on. In fact, the livelihood of each constituent, still remains the same, as when that seat was won during the 2014 elections.

The representation in my view, is to its minimal… Sad to say, that the presence of the said representative is not felt within the constituency. In addition, the auxiliary team, seems to have the same lay back mindset.

Election is around the corner. It is critical that succession planning takes place now. In addition, tangible work needs to be done immediately within the constituency. If not, the representative, along with the ABLP will be fighting a losing battle for a constituency that has sentimental values to the esteem PM.



  1. Based on what I have seen over the years.In order to get things done in your Constituency.You would have to be a Substantive Minister, Member of the Cabinet.If you are a backbencher and or an Opposition in the House.Chances are you would not get many things done in the areas represented.That needs to changed.Because those persons in those Constituencies are taxpayers,like all others.

  2. Non performance by an MP.I have looked at the above snap shots.I could hand picked many of those in that snap shot.Who are as lazy as it gets.They get paid monthly and do absolutely nothing.Most of them above are full fledged Ministers and members of Cabinet.They have ran out of forward thinking ideas to move the Nation upwards.They have Bankrupted the Country.They are Bankrupted of ideas.Time for you old clowns to go off into the sunset.

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