LETTER: ABLP is my party of choice


Dear Editor,

I got a call this morning around 10am and the big question is who am I going to vote for.

My party of choice to vote for is ABLP I am feeling a great since of hope and am driven by the vision of next level development.

I have been following the upp campaign and up to now they is no clear vision from the upp as to taking and Barbuda forward.

All you hearing Gaston this and Gaston that and don’t vote them but no time spend in why I should vote for upp, from what they have articulated in the public space they vision is to run Antigua and Barbuda on reef in the first year of they administration.

Upp will immediately cut the price of gasoline and diesel by so much.

Upp will immediately discontinue taxes on this and on that and everything they promise is immediately as assume office it is clear in the first year of upp administration Antigua and Barbuda will be knocking on IMF doors and many persons will lost they jobs.

I am searching for good leadership qualities in Harold Lovell and just cant see none what makes it worst is when I listen to Lovell on jtruth live show and jtruth insult us Antiguans as stinking mouth people and Lovell sat there and said nothing I come to the conclusion that Lovell also take us for stinking mouth dumb Antiguans.

The leadership of the Ablp is strong it is positive Gaston speak to the issues of self and national development he speaks to the next level development the accomplishments of his administration making his case for a next 5 years, he plead his case which I admire and for those reasons I am convince and will support next level development.


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    • Oh course Gaston wrote it and strangely enough he has now used the name Thomas instead of the usual Fitzroy. However, irrespective whatever names he uses, many people have seen through this ploy of him painting a false picture of the achievements of his Administration. The people are experiencing high unemployment, unreliable water supply, high cost of living and the plight of the Pensioners. In the circumstances, you can write all you want and under whatever pseudonyms you choose, you will never be able to change the stark reality of life for many with mere words.

    • Harold Lovell looks like a LONE wolf. No Family ? Where is Harold Family ? Look at Hon. Gaston Browne beautiful Family Christmas photo. God Bless Hon. Gaston Browne.

      This is my latest pollings for election 2023. Everything remains the same. The following are the results for election January18th 2023. My polling was taken December 18th.2022.

      ABLP. 17. SEATS


      BPM. 00. SEAT



      ABLP. LANDSLIDE VICTORY Election 2023.

      Breaking News just spoke to a few UPP CANDIDATESand They are pissed off that They are not receiving campaign funding. UPP broke. UPP did not give out ham and turkey this year because UPP is broke. No money for Campaign. shame.

      BRIXTONIAN is also broke. He is full of GARBAGE.

      • Eric (the Red) the stupidity and incredulity of your nonsensical poll that you have been repeating over the last two years will soon come to an end. I hope after 18 January and you get over the pain and anger of how wrong your poll was that you will something useful other than polling to occupy your time

    • Why can’t UPP face the facts that they are not ready to govern? They are not coming with any proper programs and they have a team which seem to have a criminal record & heads full of sawdust. UPP NEEDS TO GO OFF INTO THE SUNSET & GET RID OF THEMSELVES FROM ANTIGUA’S POLITICS.



    Gaston, are you hard of hearing? You and your paid shills….




    You left the people with no relief.

    You cut down the ABST free days from 2 to 1 during your so called “strong economic recovery”

    You collect double the customs duties on some foods and refuse to lower duties to lower food prices.

    You continue to collect $3.28 per gallon in fuel tax, while the people suffer.

    You are paying for the One Nation Concert with taxpayer money WHILE WE SUFFER.


    You are finished.


  2. How much is the One Nation Concert costing the government? Are there any sponsors? Is it an event that will attract any visitors to the country? Carnival performers and vendors are still owed. Why “put pan put”?
    At a time when the government can’t pay workers all of the back pay that is owed why spend all this money on a Concert? I hope people have water to bathe before and after the One Nation Concert. When will we get our priorities in order?

  3. Thomas please go back to school to learn how to write. You have made so many mistakes that you must have dropped out of school in first form or you have a hard head. You write(sound) like a typical ALP supporter. How did Gaston articulate taking Antigua to the next level? He could have started by cleaning up the stinking rundown place and paying all the Antiguans owed. Where is the money coming from to take Antigua to the next level when he drove the country into bankruptcy?

    • @Observation Its funny you said that cause I thought it was Franz Defraitus (UPP’s cannon fodder for Benjamin) playing a fast one, but then i said no because he atleast spelt the words correctly

      • @Tenmam
        Franz probably spent to much time in Africa. A lot of Africans spell greatful. Don’t you know Labour Party has the most dunce elements in Antigua supporting them?

  4. @ Thomas

    Lol, Nobody asked for your party of choice. But since you bring it up, UPP is my party of choice because they have articulated and presented their programme and policies for the most part of 18 months. I have not heard of ANY programme from Gaston Brown and the ABLP except pleading with the electorate to give them another chance which is so unattractive.
    ALL Gaston and his minions do everyday is to ‘nasty up’ the UPP’s candidates names FORGETTING THAT WE ARE ALL SINNERS SAVED BY GRACE! But no, they are the party of Saints, where they all should go and live- in ALL SAINTS, they are squeaky clean, they are not paedophiles, women beaters, fornicators, fraudsters, liars, deceivers, they never issued bounced cheques, OH NO, THEY ARE PERFECT!
    I would say to you ‘DOUBTING THOMAS’, go and read the scriptures and learn some humility which you can pass on to GASTON BROWN on his minions like yourself and the 16 other candidates. Remember, he that humbles himself shall be exalted and he that exalted himself shall be abased.
    REMEBER Pride goeth before a fall and a HAUGHTY SPIRIT before ‘DESTRUCTION’.

    • humility – hmm Yet the leader, Apostle. Dr. Stephen Andrews, of the chourch near woods (SJPC House Of Restoration Ministries -), who is held in high esteem, has pointed out that GB is not only appointed by God, but A&B is blessed to have him. Clearly you must be talking to the devil.

      • You are forgetting that church leaders of today are just like everyone else with their biases. And some of them so thief that you can’t trust them with the collections plate. Have you forgotten what Gaston said about some pastors? He loves this one because he is not Antiguan and rich. Saying someone is appointed by god makes me wonder about his mental health.

  5. Gaston Browne is the most hated person by the masses of Antigua and Barbuda so I am sure that he needs your support. Continue to keep your empty head up his ass. You can come up for air when we elect our new Prime Minister Harold Lovell and the Redeem Team to govern this nation in January 18. Enough is enough. RED DEAD DEAD!

  6. Oh course Gaston wrote it and strangely enough he has now used the name Thomas instead of the usual Fitzroy. However, irrespective whatever names he uses, many people have seen through this ploy of him painting a false picture of the achievements of his Administration. The people are experiencing high unemployment, unreliable water supply, high cost of living and the plight of the Pensioners. In the circumstances, you can write all you want and under whatever pseudonyms you choose, you will never be able to change the stark reality of life for many with mere words.

    • Tabor your response truly prove you are nothing but a bush lawyer. You have evidence to prove Gaston wrote this?


      Tabor please stop being an ASS for 2023. All Good Lawyers work from evidenc. BUSH Lawyer such as Charles Tabor work off HEARSAY.

  7. Did a person by the name Fitroy Thomas wrote this letter ?Red is dead! His leader must have place him on many board and he don’t want to lose his jobs for not doing anything.

    When labour liars said less taxes more jobs I didn’t hear questions asked about where would the ALP get the money from but alot of red cool aid drinkers which is a member of the cult believed.

    We would not allow this party to go back in power now is a time for a change.
    A vote for gaston is a vote for dictatorship. A dictator only cares about his best interests but will lie and try to decieve the people to stay in office. Comrades, brothers I encourage you not to waste you ex for a red dead party ! Remember during the period of covid you suffered under this administration severely, no jab no job now it’s time to return the favor, they showed no respect of your God given human rights. Now it time for us to remove and uproot the most corrupt government ever in this little island.

    Let’s put back each endeavouring all achieving on the national anthem and not each endeavouring some achieving

    As we approach judgement day let’s cast these self caring devilish leader out from among us. If your right hand offend you chop it off, they have offended this nation of Antigua and Barbuda and now want our votes.

    Let’s vote them out! Red is dead don’t suffer any longer with labour but give the opportunity to the next prime minister on the redeem team.

  8. Leaders make Leaders. We have a bad leader that believes this country cannot run without him he tries to undermine any competition he face. Some people had the spirit of birdismn and now brownism
    That kind of spirit is bad for the nation . Antigua is full of bright people who have the ability to lead but one must not lead with greed like this one. Leaders who lead with empathy and respect people are Leaders we are looking for . I haven’t seen that in this administration.

    We need a fresh start out with the red and dead and in with the new and blue.

    Do you want to enslave yourself under Gaston, Cutie, Robin, and Malowyn for another 5 years?

    These people have held this country under a spell for too long and that spell will be broken come January 2023

    Let’s go UPP with blue and not go down with the Red and dead

  9. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn
    Gladys Potter EMPTY HEAD
    Franz DeFreitas G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L
    Pringle CA-CAPA-TI-TAH and MASKses
    Serpent FARMing FOOL & DICTATOR
    Peter Redz CAN’T TALK
    Jonathan “VOTE ALP”
    King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF
    Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas
    Richard “BULLY BEEF” Lewis


    • Ok EMPTY HEAD.
      After attempting to read this article, have a single question?
      Could you convert the article into the English language?

  10. Gaston, we are tired of you. We are going to vote your
    AR*E out of office.

    BTW: How many names are you using: Fitzroy, Nomad, Youth, now Thomas.

    Give us a break.

  11. Gaston,

    Not even your intentional bad English going to throw us off. You are as desperate as they come.
    No amount of money, ham, turkey, Christmas trees, handouts at the market will make us vote for you. People have to live and eat everyday so your election-time hand out won’t do the trick. Stop insulting our intelligence. You are arrogant, wicked and corrupt. You have no leadership skills whatsoever. Antiguans are suffering deeply while you, your wife and son flourishing. Galang Desparado.

  12. Another Plane full of Africans on the streets of Antigua. Hey if they cause any outbreak and anything fu happen to any family member of mine- a trouble go be in this place ya .
    Ignorant , dumb , stupid, bullying, self centered , dictatorial, greedy , selfish and liard punch of politicians.

  13. ANR continues to publish these letters, obviously from the deranged mind of one of Antigua’s and Barbuda’s greatest failures as PM and minister of finance. It is nothing short of incredible, to say the least, to hear the minions trying to justify this nothingness. Would it not be enough, at this eleventh hour, to just publish facts with data to support, instead of all this delusional, imaginary failures? It is scary really, that people can put party over country. This is the stuff that cults are made of, and the history is there to show that ALP are infamous for resorting to lawlessness to retain power. Has the reputation of Antigua and Barbuda ever been in such a low, disreputable, scandalous, dubious position? The scandals continue to mount as does the disgruntle of the citizenry and the 100 plus borrowings, yet this “Thomas” would dare suggest that ALP is actually a choice. Our health care system is in absolute shambles, we do not even rank in the top 10 in the regional education rankings, our water and electrical systems are dismal, people are landing in our country, violating all sorts of immigration laws, to wonder our streets like vagrants and the powers that be are silent.
    It is my suggestion, that the people who were placed in key positions to look out for the welfare of this country, who have failed to recognize that their primary obligation is to country, the tax payers who pay them, and not the political directorate, should be investigated and where found wanting, cowering in fear and abject cowardice, reevaluated,
    and either fired or repositioned. Antigua and Barbuda is in dire need of PARTIOTS and not party supporters.

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