LETTER: ABLP Has No Humanity


Dear Editor,

The ABLP likes to portray itself as the party that cares about the people. What a lie.

There is no humanity – no charity – no morals – no Christianity in the ABLP.

May a bolt of lightning strike them down the next time they hypocritically enter any church or place of worship.

The way they treat people is disgusting and heartless.

A few weeks ago George Wehner published a video on what was happening at the WIOC gas station on Friars Hill Road.

He said that after over 40 years, Larry Gonsalves, a born Antiguan, had the lease to this station, which has made millions of dollars for WIOC.

Then suddenly and out of the blue he is told by the Dominican CEO that he had to vacate by the end of July. Just so.

A man and a business that has been with WIOC for over 40 years is kicked out. No thank you. No discussion.

 I have been around long enough to remember that when WIOC was established Papa Bird insisted that Antiguans and Barbudans must benefit and own and manage gas stations and delivery trucks. Those days are over.

The ABLP does not care about Antiguans and Barbudans.

Wehner opined that a big one must want the station.

We are now hearing that it is the son of the World Boss.

I passed the gas station last evening and was told that they had received a letter from Gregory Georges, CEO, threatening that if they do not vacate by 31st August, WIOC will not be selling them any product.

Another Antiguan business is being killed by the greedy ABLP.

And they cannot blame just WIOC management.

Hilroy Humphreys, Abena St. Luce and Hon. Maria Browne sit on the WIOC board.

Is this the way we will allow our people to be treated?

Will Antiguans never rise up for anything?

This cannot be right and just.

Remember if we continue to sit back and do nothing, our turn will be next.



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  1. Sadly we are on a see saw. Neither parties care about anyone by themselves. We need to fire them every ten years so they don’t get comfortable.

    • I wanted to figure out the diplomatic way to give my care for this writer, but you make a valid point.

      I want to hear both sides of the story but so far the writer is making statements that any reasonable person would find worrisome.

      I do believe that all the positions of power and good compensation is being taken by the same set of people and that does hurt.

      Other people want to achieve things too. Give others a chance. It is only a fear country when others are given a chance, and decisions are base on merit.

      However, before I saw more, I would like to hear both sides of the story.

      People need to put those people in position who made millions outside of politics, turned nothing into something. Not those who makes millions for themself while in politics.

      Also, those people who eagerly and proudly give/share what they have without wanting anything in return. No votes, no favors, just want to help.

      I do not see me entering politics or entering it anytime soon. It is just a place of curruption and wrongs. It does not have to be.

  2. This is a total fabrication.

    At no point anyone in my family expressed, or haboured any interest in the Friars Hill Service Station.

    The fictitious author, evidently one of the UPP’s propagandists, George Whenner, a known UPP operative, and other evil elements in the UPP hierarchy, continue to peddle the lie to injure the character of me and my family members.

    Those who continue to peddle lies, misinformation and disinformation will certainly self-destruct.

    All your evil efforts to undermine and destroy Gaston Browne and his family for political gain shall fail.

    The more you hate and envy us, the more we advance.

    Who God bless, no man curse.

    We are blessed.

    • How do you find the time to response “total fabrication” when time alone will prove whether or not it is true. There are more important matters that require your attention for e.g for two successive election cycle negotiation with the ABPSA failed to reach a conclusion. Come on MR PM

    • @GB
      If as you say, you and your family may not have harboured or express any interest in the Friars Hill Service Station, tell us who it is being given to and who is fronting for whom. I can never fathom how Antiguans voted for you when sensible Antiguans know you care nothing about black Antiguans and you and family and your cronies are the only people getting rich. You then have the nerve to say the same people who voted for you are jealous of you. Politicians like you will do anything to stay in power when the people want to be rid of you. They will even resort to fraudulent elections. Because without controlling the government and its resources, they and their cronies cannot be rich. Anyway, nothing last forever and thieving politicians will be dwelt with and their children will not enjoy all the ill gotten gains. Gaston, no one is envious of you as you can sleep in only one bed at a time, drive one car at a time and live in one house at a time. And when we die, we take nothing with us and all of us become dirt.
      When people talk the truth, you call them evil in an attempt to cover up the stench. But sensible Antiguans know the truth about what is happening in Antigua. Try and fool the non nationals and foolish Antiguans.

      • Well said @ Think about it, you’ve highlighted all the issues that Antiguans are really concerned with.

        The Prime Minister doesn’t want anyone querying his political maneuvers or questionable business antics; he just wants us to put-up and shut-up!

        He knows he’s now in a real quandary, because the gulf in wealth between rich and poor in the country is now totally out of control; and more than obvious to hardworking taxpaying Antiguans.

        Is his political and business ‘damn’ about to burst?


  3. Talking about nepotism, cronyism and selfish greed to the highest extent!!! One man and his family is allowed to forcibly bully the indigenous citizens of this country by using his power and influence to acquire properties and lands for his own and his family’s personal gains. Let’s not be naive. Just look at the number of lands and properties acquired by this one family both here in Antigua and Barbuda!!! Look at the businesses he and his family embarking on and at the same time competing with the local businesses. When will it ever end? Only in Antigua these kind of things can happen!!! No other democratic and civilized society this will be allowed!!!🤨🤨🤨

  4. Time will tell whose telling the truth in the above story don’t worry we will wait to see how the story ends!
    I have a question, explain to me why antigua look so?
    Inquiring minds want to know pm?

  5. Lol. Gaston Browne dares to mention God and bless in a sentence. You are a pathological liar,man, and you lack credibility. You said the monstrosity at Long Bay would be removed. It’s still there. You said seniors and civil servants will get a raise. Where is the raise? Isn’t it a fact that you and your family huffed 30 acres of land in Barbuda owned by a citizen for 40 years?
    You boast of being worth 30 million. As per Asot Michael, prior to 2014 you had nothing. Where did you get it from?
    We shall know the truth in time so keep on lying.
    Everytime someone calls you out, you blame UPP. That excuse is getting old. Lawd,man,you’re in your third term,come up with something more original. Not ever citizen is a puppet.

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  7. Its telling how the owner had a lease that has expired but is making demands which cannot be sustained by his contract. The article says he has been there for over 40 years, atleast 30 of them would have been under the ABLP but the author claims ABLP don’t care about people. Considering where that station is located, its time they get with modern times and start accepting credit cards, with attendants using portable units (this happens in nearby St. Lucia). Also time they look at allowing clients to use ECASH, but Larry (and other local bizs that don’t do digital) still in the 19 hundreds and seem to enjoy being robbed at his house. I do wish he and his wife well in their retirement

  8. All the comments about the greed of GB, his son and the ABLP. Personally I’m tired of all the talk. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT ANTIGUANS BEING ROBBED IN PLAIN SIGHT FOR ALL TO SEE. GB is laughing all the why to the bank. HE BELIEVES HE IS UNTOUCHABLE. LIKE TRUMP, EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY. I am a grandmother who hopes to live long enough to see the young people of Antigua take your country back. And I’m not talking about Yearwood Jr. or the GB son. Or the rest of the entitled Sons and Daughters who got to go away and become doctors and lawyers paid for by our tax dollars by the ALP.
    It makes me sick thinking of all the crooked people running this country and stealing from the poor.
    Look around you Antiguans, aren’t you tired of seeing the rich get richer while your way of living gets harder?

  9. Time is longer than twine and the truth CAN and WILL COME OUT. Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth is forthcoming for those who choose to oppose the will of the Almighty!!! Just remember lies, deciet and tomfoolery is only for a time. The conqueror cometh soon!

  10. Mr Prime Minister, tread carefully. God is not mocked. What might, repeat might, be hidden from man is known to God. If you agree then tell the people of Antigua and Barbuda how you became blessed. Is it spiritually or financially or a combination of the two? Antiguans and Barbudans would like to know. We know you are never shy of being backward in coming forward so tell us, your constituents the secret of your blessings. We await your reply.

  11. I’m sorry for anyone who thinks that politics gets better with the change of political party in government. All these politicians are controlled by the Powers that be , an the main ingredients, THE LOVE OF MONEY!
    Just remember what happened from 2019 to 2022 with CV19 PLAN-DEM-MEK WICKEDNESS AGAINST HUMANITY, the Powers that be controls all politicians, so here the come in 2023/4 with the hoax Climate Change, lockdowns and mandates

  12. It wiser to hold two energized electrical wires because the electrical charge cannot be seen, than to believe one sentence from this man. He didn’t know anything about some specifics in the YIDA agreement; to include the Gun Factory and he was signatory to the MOA. Similarly, he never said that he was “going to use Social Security Money” but we all heard the recording. I think that he’s rapidly challenging Lionel for that coveted crown.

  13. We took some money out of the social security funds and frankly we never repaid it, it was a lot of money and it was just sitting there getting 2 & 3 percent interest in several banks!
    That is a quote..
    You get a prize if you tell me who made it🤔

  14. Is Maria Browne,still on the Board of Directors of WIOC? If so,how the hell could she be a Substantive Minister with several Ministries and still be on that Board. There is no wonder the damn Country is managed like DUNG. They are just in it for the money and nothing less. They have not ounce of empathy to those who voted them into the Parliamentary positions.Greedy,greedy,greedy,Bird-Browne,selfish sets of people.All of self and to hell with all else.

    • If what you are saying @ Black Man about Maria Browne’s links to WIOC, then this is a BLATANT conflict of interest.

      The more I read about the FINANCIAL tentacles of the Browne family, it sickens me to the pit of my stomach.

      No wonder the country continues to be BEGGY BEGGING all the time when greed at the top of the chain is totally out of control – whatever next?

  15. We didn’t hear lick about the Antigua Airways fiasco, nothing from the Air Peace conundrum, and you are here defending some bullshit about ” owning a gas station”, you got to be kidding me?

    Get your arse right mister Priminister, and defend Antiguans the way you are doing so vehemently here with this foolishness.

    If this guy is not the biggest faker in Antiguans history, well tell me who is.

    Lmao..what a joke.

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