LETTER: ABFA is a Joke


Dear Editor,

I’d like to express my EXTREME dissatisfaction and embarrassment at this moment to be an Antiguan who was unable to support the national football team “Benna Boys”.


On Wednesday 6th September, 2023 the Antigua and Barbuda Football Association published a flyer PUBLICLY in order to achieve promotion to the upcoming Concacaf Nations League at the Technical Training Centre in Paynters (photo attached to email).

NOTE: Nowhere on that flyer was a limited seating or limited tickets notice.

Today is now Saturday, 9th September, 2023 and I arrived to the Technical Centre at 3:26pm only to be greeted with the number of extremely disappointed faces outside of the entry gate.

Tell me why the individuals running the gate entry kept everyone out stating the event was “sold out”. I was shocked beyond words thinking it’s a joke. One person said they were told there was a capacity of 700 to attend this event.

Now I’m not sure how true that information is but I know the amount of people that were outside and still arriving to game were enraged, disappointed, baffled and extremely hot from standing in the cruel heat just to be told that they cannot gain entry because of the unsaid capacity limit.

WHY WASN’T SUCH INFORMATION ON THE PUBLIC FLYER ON THE ABFA FACEBOOK PAGE? I cannot begin to express the feelings that everyone outside the gate felt but I damn well know for sure we all felt the same emotions.

At one point we were sent to the other gate facing what used to be the popular supermarket XPZ, only to be told that we cannot gain entry and must go back to the other gate. At that same time a family of 3 left the event stating they finished watching the game and will not be back AND WE WERE STILL DENIED ENTRY.

That leads to my other question, doesn’t that mean the capacity is dropping therefore at least 2-3 other individuals from the outside should be able to gain entry in place??

 One man was even outside the gate with his ticket and couldn’t get in because the entry staff locked the gate and ignored everyone!!

This is the WORST experience I’ve had with ABFA!!!!!!!!!!

A simple notice on the flyer stating there’s a limit or even updating the public throughout the event would of avoided traffic and wastage of time as well as other factors from a different individual’s perspective.

They truly did lose a lot of money and interest from a lot of people including me to even come to another match. They can call the same 700 people they had inside earlier.

ABFA needs to pull up their pants and take their head out of their………….



Disappointed Antiguan


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  1. So sorry for such inconvenience!
    But I couldn’t help but notice the
    Large pot holes filled with water!!
    You guys really deserve a better government!
    Hmmm ..Sad.!!
    Pickee head people always a suffer!
    My people you deserve better!!

    • Maybe we need a government that rob, steal and bomb other people’s country to build their own. Maybe we need a government, like the one that owes this country over a billion EC for the internet gaming case, and refuse to pay. Maybe we need a government that has the biggest budget but yet worst social services for any developed country.

      • What’s your point?
        You still deserve better?
        Stay in your poverty!
        While your government live high and mighty!
        Such stupidity🤔

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