LETTER: A response to ‘Serpent’s’ prayer call


Mr Editor,

Quite recently  I heard Algernon ‘ Serpent’ Watts encouraging all believers to turn their prayers and praises up, because ” This election nar go normal.”

Whilst this call is as admirable as it is noble,  I would like to borrow space in your very widely read outlet to remind ‘ Serpent’ etal that this should be a way of life.

This clarion call should not only be issued in the run-up to an election. Otherwise, it comes across as a means of flattering God in a quest to gain   favour from Him; and He cannot be mocked.

God knows our hearts, so calling for prayers and aligning yourselves with the church  at this time will not cut it.

God is looking for genuine repentance; which members of the United Progressive Party  ( UPP) needs to do.

God is looking for genuine commitment- He is looking for those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth.

A few years ago God entrusted the running of the affairs of the nation to the UPP,  but that administration compromised- It failed to correct those who abused their office- it failed to acknowledge  God in all things- Of all these shortcomings  that organization must repent.

Who knows? Perhaps God will favour  you again.

( Observing from afar)

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  1. “And we werer told by someone who informed us that an OBEAH MAN put all the names of the candidates of the UPP in a CALABASH and they put it at a CROSSROADS on All Saints Road, which means that all of us will win and all the Labour Party will lose. But when the voting was closed all of us lose and the Labour Party win” ~Wilmoth Daniel UPP

  2. Ref: INDIVIDUAL ON OBSERVER per Wilmoth Daniel

    “During the election, during the campaign coming up to the election, that particular individual did a wonderful job in promoting the UPP, so I was involved in terms of raising campaign funds. I gave that individual, because I felt he has done a wonderful job, $10,000. After the election he called me on the phone and he said that he is living in the east end. The house he’s living in is not in a good condition – leaking and everything. He wants to go to the bank as it were to borrow money to purchase a house and so on. So if I can help him with a similar amount. The individual is one who CAME TO MY HOME and I GAVE HIM ANOTHER $10,000 that I draw off a me bank book with my wife joint account and gave it to him. After months in the election, you know I’m involved in the real estate business, the individual asked me if I could let him get into the business. I said yes but the funny thing about it is that the banks would not turn over that kind of business to the individual. So I JOURNEYED TO THE BANK WITH THE INDIVIDUAL AND I OPENED AN ACCOUNT WITH $1,000 IN BOTH MY NAME AND THE INDIVIDUAL NAME so that he can start the real estate business. And you cant understand that YOU HAVE BEEN SO GOOD TO PEOPLE and people can get there TEARING YOU DOWN. You have done them nothing!But they just decide that they are going to deestroy Daniel and they are going to make sure that Daniel is not returned to St. Phillips South seat, but they are not God. God in heaven is the only one who can remove me and the people….

  3. “They say first of all, they started that I had shares in TIRE MASTER – that faded away. Then they say that I had shares in coolidge business – that fade away again. And now it come up that I have share in Baba business. They say that I got US$2,000,000 from hadeed and I have it in some account. You know here Vaughn if I go to the bank with $10,000 you have to explain to the bank where u get the money from. The law provides that. But every vehicle I called out, I sent it to the Integrity Commission so they know wverything. They know how much I owe hadeed, how much I owe the african man”

  4. “The final thing I want to talk about is that I HAVE BEEN VERY GOOD TO OBSERVER. The management of Observer Radio have been very good to the UPP and I felt that I had an obligation to be good to them. After we won the election, I was approached by one of the DIRECTORS OF OBSERVER that the case (when they confiscated all the things and so on) APUA was reponsible for leading that charge against them. And when we won I said they were good to us and I don’t see that the upp gov’t can pursue them in court, so I INSTRUCTED THE PEOPLE AT APUA NOT TO PROCEED WITH THE CASE AGAINST OBSERVER RADIO. And you cannot understand how I CAN BE SO GOOD TO SOMEBODY AND THEY JUST TURN ROUND AND DECIDE THAT WHAT THEY WANT TO DO IS TO DESTRO DANIEL, BRING DANIEL DOWN. EVERYTHING THEY HAVE THROWN AT ME, BUT WHO GOD BLESS NO MAN CURSE”

  5. Q: What really went wrong if you had such a relationship that you can even tun over business to this individual that you can give $10,000

    A: “…The behaviour of this person marvels me and THORUGHOUT MY WHOLE LIFE I HAVE NEVER MET A MORE EVIL, DECEITFUL and DISHONEST PERSON. I’ve never met a person like this person ALGERNON WATT. I’ve never met a person like that. It’s the most DISHONEST, DECEIFTUL PERSON I’ve ever met in my whole life”

  6. This paid job is money wasted. This is BS, so come with something else. Truptz. Serpie all the way, we are looking out for plenty more lies so keep them coming don’t disappoint us.

  7. “…The behaviour of this person marvels me and THORUGHOUT MY WHOLE LIFE I HAVE NEVER MET A MORE EVIL, DECEITFUL and DISHONEST PERSON. I’ve never met a person like this person ALGERNON WATT. I’ve never met a person like that. It’s the most DISHONEST, DECEIFTUL PERSON I’ve ever met in my whole life” ~Wilmoth Daniel

  8. Please don’t bring Jehovah’s great name into your election. He promised his kingdom will bring to ruin all the Governments of the world…and his heavenly kingdom will reign forever.

  9. Before Serpent can ask for prayers he should repent and ask forgiveness from those he have dinned against. And that list is very long. I’ll put Samantha Marshall on top of that list together with all the women he used and abused. And all the children he fathered and didn’t care for.

    • Amen! He is the worst of the worst. It’s priceless seeing him in his desperation turning to God. His entire life he has lived a life void of God and now he calls on his holy name to reduce and redeem him. I can tell the Snake, that God don’t bless no mess. The UPP IS A MESS AND THEY WILL NOT WIN. The slate of candidates leave us deserving so much more.

  10. What does Serpent know about God? He is absolutely right he will need the intervention of a higher power to win. He certainly can’t win on merit, he can’t win on like ability, he can’t win on competence, he can’t win on the experience and he can’t win on overcoming the populace and persuading them that he is a better candidate. In all, Serpent has zero chance of winning and it would indeed take an act of God to win.
    I am certain God wants no part of a snake with the dark ugly character of Mr. Watts. Save your prayers Mr Watts they are falling on deaf ears.

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