LETTER: A response to J. Truth’s recent post about Asher Otto


A response to J. Truth’s recent post about Asher Otto

J. Truth, 

If you hate women, just say so.


You said you’re trying to encourage women to dress like queens but you did so by berating and attacking a woman who you apparently don’t even personally know. If you do know her, it would be quite telling of your character if that’s the best way you sought to approach the matter.

There was nothing “kingly” about your behaviour yet, you think you are able to define a queen. Who in society appointed you as one worthy to define what women should and should not do? Who gave you this moral authority?

The effort you put into women could be spent on discussing the impact of a father not being in a home. What did your father teach you? Did you have a male role model?


Are male role models lacking so we are now in a time where a man can go on social media and beg people INCLUDING women for money and still feels he holds weight in society?

It looks like you have a problem with women and want to use the most base language to control them. Your use of the word “whore” is meant to make women cower to get the approval of an unworthy crowd.

Not every woman shares your beliefs and values but she should be able to live her life in peace without your unsolicited commentary. Do you feel like you are packing more down there after blasting a woman online for clout? There was nothing protective about this. Real men protect AND provide.


And it’s the tired, bottom of the barrel women who want your approval who are the ones who are quick to agree with you choosing to publicly berate the young lady.

Some women are mad about women showing their sexuality and bodies because dem pop dung and deep down, if they are honest, are jealous of the attention other women receive. 

If you truly prefer modesty, go ahead and live modestly. No one is stopping you.

Why are you all so mad that other women are not like you?

If you truly think your way of dressing and being is superior, you should be happy there are women scantily- clad because you then get a chance to show how virtuous you are and you get a better chance of getting the approval of these low- level men. But the truth is, aryu know aryu nuh look good and have no confidence and aryu bex.







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  1. He is a clown. No job, at least to my knowledge, he just drink, smoke weed, and beg for money.

    Before he talk about morality, how about he stop having children out of wedlock for starters. I wonder who mek him knock dem up. Does he even support his kids financially?

    He needs to mind his business, stop being so negative about things that don’t concern him, and get his life together, if not for himself, for his children.

  2. So u think showing your body an sexuality makes u get attention? What attention do u really think u gonna receive? Women that do such only get attention to get used, women that carry themselves decent gets the most attention from street to home to wherever, the women u describing gets attention only in the streets cause she only has one thing to try get attention an it’s the way she carries herself in public to try turn faces to her, SIT AN TNINK BIYT THAT

  3. So u think showing your body an sexuality makes u get attention? What attention do u really think u gonna receive? Women that do such only get attention to get used, women that carry themselves decent gets the most attention from street to home to wherever, the women u describing gets attention only in the streets cause she only has one thing to try get attention an it’s the way she carries herself in public to try turn faces to her, SIT AN THINK BOUT THAT

  4. JTruth may or may not approached the issue properly but who is the ultimate on morality and if the ultimate is not in approval of the matter at hand curse him to and I’m talking about GOD THE CREATOR, RULER OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERS

  5. This Article or response makes no sense. I have seen fully clothed women with nice body and they look so elegant and classy which is attractive. Dressing skimpy and as a “whore” do attract “low life men” so I don’t understand what is there to be jealous about. What J truth said is facts. It is very disturbing to see women dressing like that and it gives off poverty to tourism. It’s a shame! Mother and daughter now dress the same, you can’t say who is who, no morals or principles in homes because people like you make it seem like it is okay. J truth is being transparent and dressing with string in your ass makes you look like a whore because that’s how they dress. I disagree with some things he say but I agree with this one. Tired see aryu women dress so now, it’s disgusting and disturbing especially when you wanna take your children out. Modesty is like an offense now. Stop justifying and tell the woman she need to stop dressing that way because young women look up to her and she should be setting an example. It’s her life but when you’re a public figure it’s different. He never call her any names but he described what she is dressing like these days. Can’t say I’m surprise these are the last days!

  6. Hallelujah Amen, I think you should go to the churches and tell all the pastors that because I don’t get you. They preach against the same stuff and even more and people will say hallelujah, but he’s not a pastor so he hate women?. He is giving his opinion, it’s up to the people to listen or ignore. It’s not forced! It’s the same when people walk around and say Jesus is coming, is either you take it seriously or carry on. God set his standards and instructions in the Bible and he use people to carry out the message, he can be one of the messenger, we don’t know. If Jesus can be persecuted who are we as men smh

  7. @CrookenCrackers You do know women regardless of their attire can choose their sexual partners, right? Not because a man approaches her, that means she has to give him her number or have sex with him. She still retains that right. You are making it seem like if a man approaches a woman and he only wants to have sex with her, the woman has no say in this. And the last time I checked, most people meet their partners at work or at work- related events so it doesn’t matter what a woman wears to party. What Asher or a woman wears to a fete obviously isn’t the only set of clothes she owns to make or break who she is.

  8. So nice of this author that claims to be admonishing JTruths method and language
    of addressing someones attire — but
    simultaneously belittled all women who agreed with JTruth by referring to them as “bottom of the barrel women.”
    I wonder why this author thinks he has a higher moral authority than whom he’s critiquing — You just degraded alot more women, numbnuts!

  9. J’TRUTH is a clown. He should not be on any medium. He always begging for money. How the hell He feed His Children from different women ? He is a NOVICE.

  10. One thing about these artist is that, they will sell their souls for a dollar from their slave masters. Everything about morals, values and dignity is out the window because many of these artists especially female artists will do anything for the attention when they are not making it big in the music industry. Who are the ones puppeteering these black female artists to display themselves in less clothing because in reality sex sells, not morals and values. I was never a fan of Asha Otto, she just seem to be an individual who will sell her soul for a dollar or any opportunity. At the end of the day it’s her life and it is up to parents to guide their youths and not societal figures who already sold their souls to the devil. Many of these females who display themselves as cheap prostitutes have the mind frame that feminism empower them to dress like prostitutes and be on display, but in reality it only devalue them. These days you many females sleeping with multiple guys and switching from man to woman. One day they are with a man and the next day they laying in bed with a woman. Back in the days these behavior would be frowned upon and women who lived like this would have to conduct their dutty deeds behind closed doors, but now this feminism they are inheriting make them display their dutty ways in public with pride. People focus on your youths and teach them the right ways and tell them not to lust after the ways of these entertainers who already sold their souls for vanity and small opportunities. As for Jtruth he can say wa he feel due to freedom of speech, as for myself I do not listen to his posts and before I used to for entertainment, but after a while when my brain consume trash speech I begin to get a headache. He has certain points that are valid, but I would hope he learn how to articulate himself in a more appropriate way appeal to all and not just using ah ton of vulgar.

  11. One more thing about Asha Otto is that she is aware how much of an impact she has on young girls in Antigua and instead of keeping that positive role model image by presenting herself in an appropriate manner as she used to she is now selling out for opportunity and influencing the young girls in a wrongful manner. If you look at past shows of her she always dressed presentable and clean lol now you see her exposing herself lol. After she dun expose she self she will go to the schools where young girls will rush her to hug her lol.

  12. There is a point about wearing a tasteful bikini bottom. Here body is amazing and a bikini bottom would in no way take away from her gorgeous figure. However, he was wrong for comparing her to a ‘sket.’ Often, it’s not what you say but how you say it. Also, he doesn’t have a moral ground to stand on. He is having his fourth child out of wedlock. I couldn’t believe it because most people with full time jobs can barely afford to have ONE child, nevermind someone who is often forced to beg when he needs to fix his car, plan his kids’ birthday, replace equipment or pay his bills. What example is he setting for young women? That they must be prepared to lower their expectations in order to date him? What does God have to say about rampant fornication? What about the filth that he constantly spews. What kind of example is that setting for young people? As Bob Marley says “If you live in a glass castle….don’t throw stones!”

  13. It is such a joke how a man’s “opinion” have some of you women so bothered but y’all wouldn’t come together to fight for our country, but then again plenty of you a ride and deep throat politicians for things so couldn’t give a damnm. Alot  of our women are showing ass in public and on social media leaving nothing for a man’s imagination and its not related to a specific themed event, you just want to be seen! We’ve seen practically nearly all Antigua’s so called hot and popular girls half naked and scantily dressed over the years, so we know where all your tattoos, birthmarks, scars, lumps and bumps are located about your body even if we didn’t hit it. Some of you are mothers of young boys and girls, setting such a bad example, imagine your young son or daughter telling their teacher at school that thier mom is always showing her butt when she goes out. Are these the same women who don’t like to see men with their pants under thier ass? 🤔💭 then again most of you have no morals or standards and are just a bunch of pretenders.
    Some women have nothing to offer but their body and are in fact whoring for material things so seek the men who are well off to get things from them to live a life that their salary cannot afford – like the lodge men, politicians, doctors, lawyers and drug dealers who now have your dirty secrets via pictures and videos, well not really we know most of you and these men talk about you. Women want the latest phones, shoes, hairstyles, tickets to go to these events – attend every one that comes out, they need money to help buy their vehicles and if they have to sleep with a man for it they will so they can compete and impress people like they got it like that. If you see the types of men some of these beautiful young ladies sleep with you would be shocked and they act so high and mighty.

    Most of our women are shallow minded and want to be in the mix. For intance in your honest opinion if certain men were just regular citizens working a 9 to 5 do you think these women would look in thier direction? like if the Ms. Set Good singer was a regular guy and not a Soca Artist would he get all the front he getting from these pretty girls? if a certain big head sound man was not a good entertainer would yall look his way? would he get so much pum pum? after all we know he ain’t that handsome and would be hard to look at during sex, but his status as a bad sound allows him to dick down plenty pretty gyal. if a certain black NOnot so handsome guy was not a politician or business man would you women look his way? NO!! NO!! NO!!

    yall have no pride, no dignity, no standards!! that’s why you have bumps all over your pums, herpes and the likes from exposing your self and being whores.

  14. And here come the holy rollers and the Christians who discriminate against other Christians that don’t go to their church….. And then on the other hand the morality police…. We are all living our best lives and are judged by our peers…. who give them the Authority? God gave us all free will and it’s he who will answer to not the judges on earth that can’t even get their own houses in order…. I’m not condoning anyone who dresses like he or she wants the world to see what their Momma made…. to me it’s disgusting but that’s between them and their God… let people be, God didn’t give us that power….

  15. Honestly the article is wack ….. Wen the rapture com we will kno who is wat…. It’s not our place to judge….we can offer advice tho…. My advice is if u want a good partner pay attention to their personality not jus looks….. Looks are deceiving …. Good women dress like prostitutes as a sense of fashion( following the crowd) n som prostitutes dress decent to catch rich men …… Speaking as a witness so don’t blast me. But the worst part is that children are following these examples….targeting anyone they think have money even to blackmail them

  16. the women that lost their shape because them love eat too much and not working out, the fridge shaped ones, and the Johnny Bravo looking ones just mad!!

  17. Everybody has the right to air their opinion. I can care less about how anybody wants to dress, once it’s not my lil sis or offspring.

    Now, some of ya’ll need to know your place! J’truth isn’t attacking ya’ll and ya’ll are mentioning the guy kids. Don’t ya’ll know that people youth are off limits?!

    Get real man! Nothing is wrong if you do not like what’s being said, sometimes the delivery makes a difference but leave the guy kids out of your mouth. Cuz I’m pretty sure if the table was turned you would have fly off the handle.

    Ya’ll always over doing! SMH

  18. So… I guess.. only HOs play MAS or participate in Carnival? Only HOs wear bikinis? Since when men are so troubled over women’s attire?
    It’s all about “Time & Place”. For Carnival, boat cruises, Day Fetes and the beach, women do dress that way.

  19. What did he say about her ?? Does anyone have that info or article!?? Also is so much children he have ???? And don’t work ?? .. I’m just here to be nosey … and BTW just the other day I said Asher Otto is always naked.. if I hired her for a show I would stipulate her dress code .. she has a nice body yea … but her ass is always out for no reason

  20. @bitter wife, you are indeed bitter.. The setgood artist has a NEWsong intimating wet private parts. Tbh, I used to be a huge huge huge huge fan, but after that song, I can only ask Jah to deliver him and the music producers esp.one who is a PK.
    @everyone else, Yes, these are the last dayz, but we can still chose to be better. The thongs are great for your inside events, preferably with your partner/s. But not so great for the outside events for more than one reason. If you don’t believe me, research the causes of bacterial vaginosis.

  21. JTruth’s personal life has nothing to do with if he is allowed to have an opinion on a particular topic. Otherwise we might as well all be quiet on every topic since no one lives a perfect life. I didn’t listen to his show, but it sounds like he was a little rough on the lady. Unfortunately when you are a public figure, your actions do impact other people and their children. So, they have a right to an opinion and to challenge you about them. But, public figures are people too. So, best not to insult people but speak to them respectfully. Doubt other ladies are jealous. Not everyone is obsessed with appearances. People choose each other for many other reasons including personality and values.

  22. Women that shows off their bodies it’s hard for a man to settle with her an have a family cause that man is seeking a good role model for his offsprings, if any man seek to get such women to start a family they r jus the same as the woman an that man would do almost ANYTHING an I meanANYTHING to seek attention like that woman, think bout that ANYTHING when I relate to the man

  23. I don’t know why some of you don’t shut up 🤐 bout jtruth he is Lowe minded has no respect for woman come for the man dem like how you come for the women and see the difference he won’t cause he’s afraid of the outcome

  24. While decency should have guided Asha’s dressing (As a public future she reduced herself go being ghetto) Jtruth is a very sad person.

    Any man who intentionally seek to hurt or damage a woman’s emotional, professional or, social reputation is sick and one who needs help.

    Jtruth seldom does positive things. He will not be the featured speaker at a graduation etc because the level of his influence is repulsive.

    I feel sorry for the young girl who is now pregnant with his child. One can only imagine what she endures with him.

  25. @ Bitter Wife, we f**king, s**king and swallowing the rich husbands and boyfriends all summer and beyond, they getting the b*ttum hole too. I need a new phone, carnival money, clothes shoes and a new car. You flat batty, fridge shaped, big back women always hating on other women that look better than you. go work out and get your body right!! 😁

  26. What J. Truth said is facts, facts in the raw state, you don’t get it more authentic than that.
    And you shall shall know the truth, “the J. Truth” and it shall set you free. Who the cap fits, let them wear it.
    You walk like a HOE, you talk like a HOE, you dress like a HOE, guess what???????
    “”So there you go HOE,………..””

  27. @ Bitter Wife, we f**king, s**king and swallowing the rich husbands and your boyfriends all summer and beyond, they getting the b*ttum hole too. I need a new phone, carnival money, clothes shoes and a new car. You flat batty, fridge shaped, big back women always hating on other women that look better than you. go work out and get your body right!! 😁

  28. Right message wrong messenger. This is a guy who created multiple broken homes by having multiple babies with multiple baby mamas. And let’s not talk about the filthy mouth he has. He should.be the last to tell anyone about morality.

  29. @Alice First of all, all is fair in war. If you don’t want people to talk about you and your family, keep people’s name out of your mouth. Some of you are too dumb to even know when your children or you are being attacked. Mentioning that you aren’t a present parent to your children isn’t attacking a child, you big sour front dummy.

  30. i see certain women on social media bashing a man for his opinion and i know alot of them were and still are politician pass arounds 🤐 yall are so full of it!!

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