LETTER: A Politician in Disguise?

Joseph/ Wayne Mariette photo

Subject: Michael Joseph – A Politician in Disguise?

Dear Editor,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. I am writing to express my concerns and seek clarification regarding the political affiliations of Mr. Michael Joseph, a prominent figure in our community. While Mr. Joseph has portrayed himself as a community activist and has been actively involved in various philanthropic efforts, recent developments have raised questions about his true political stance.

It has come to my attention that Mr. Joseph has been seen at executive meetings of the ruling ABLP (Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party).

This, coupled with his consistent presence at political events, has led many in our community to question whether he is indeed a politician in disguise. Furthermore, Mr. Joseph’s generous donations to the community, although commendable, have raised suspicions about potential ulterior motives behind his actions.

In addition to his involvement with the ABLP, Mr. Joseph has a history of serving as a former Red Cross executive. While his experience in humanitarian work is noteworthy, it does not dispel the concerns surrounding his political affiliation, as these roles are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

The community deserves transparency from its leaders and public figures. If Mr. Joseph is indeed a politician, it is essential that he comes clean and openly declares his political affiliation to the public.

This transparency will help our community make informed decisions about his actions and intentions.

I believe it is the responsibility of all public figures, including Mr. Joseph, to be forthright about their political roles and affiliations.

This transparency fosters trust within our community and allows us to better understand the motivations behind the actions of those who seek to lead and serve us.

I urge Mr. Joseph to address these concerns and clarify his political status for the benefit of our community. Openness and honesty are fundamental principles of democracy, and we should all strive to uphold these values.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I hope that this letter encourages a constructive dialogue within our community about the role of public figures like Mr. Joseph.


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  1. I want to say thank you making such donation. I am pretty sure those people who are burning up from the sun’s heat truly appreciate this relief.

    Thank you. I always want to give back in major ways. And proud of that young man for doing so.

  2. From the day several months ago that he surfaced claiming to be given donations I figured that was his intention. This really begs the question as to whether people are truly genuine with their intent or they just do so to appear favorable to the electorate.

    I remember the Freeland fella for instance who was busy lifting old fridge, stove and bed when they had national clean up in Piggotts because of course he was hoping to seek nomination by the disgraceful ABLP. He was thrown to the curb and guess what he is no where close to the community any more when they have their clean up. As they say beware of Greeks bearing gifts!!!!!

    • Do you find it strange prominent people don’t want to be associated with the UPP? Would you and the author be questioning his intentions if he was attending UPP meetings?

      • Thank you Dunlop! He human and it is his political right to venture behind who he feels to. Writer sounds like a bitter UPP supporter. Miss me with the BS.


      • UPP is a SUNKEN SHIP. Even ratta jump arf. If u nah believe, just check the Can’t Park at East Bus station. Dem fellas move in and tunnum into wan RATTA CONDOMINIUM

      • @donlop
        I don’t find it strange that so call prominent people joining ALP because in ALP not even the Gaston has any political ideology that benifits the masses only white monopoly capital, their politics is social mobility towards self enrichment, VC Bird had a political ideology of seeing Antiguans move up in life standard. All other ALP hangers on are salivating at the nostalgic enrichment scheme like Humphreys and safati melon farm promissory notes that tax payers had to pay and gun to Colombia money making and medical benifit inquiry, the onliest thing though they forget the jail part, that it’s the small man go to jail. Humphreys was pardoned but elmede Jarvis did jail time for following ministers instructions.

  3. We have been trained to think that we as members of our communities that we should divorce ourselves from the very thing that impacts our lives in the most fundamental of ways. So although this gentleman is a well known philanthropist in his community he is not allowed to be affiliated to any political party or politician because he is seen as a “closeted” politician by some in the community. As we become more enlightened as a people we will understand that all of us should be involved in our politics and we should never resent those amongst us who actively help in the community while at the same time they choose to affiliate themselves to any political party. It’s all part of who we are as a people to freely express ourselves and be supportive of each other.

  4. The writer should pen his name for transparency….ain’t we all affiliated with one political party or another…!
    I’m sure rural west would welcome his candidacy if he decided to get in active politics…This is a quality candidate….young..bright..honest..without blemish.
    What’s wrong if he is affiliated with ABLP!?

  5. All this writer is asking is for Mr. Joseph to be up front and declare his hand. Are you an ALP
    Politician hoping to run in the next election? There is nothing wrong with asking this question. The writer wants an answer to this question so that he can clarify in his mind whether Michael Joseph is a true humanitarian without any expectation of a return on his benevolence or he expects to receive votes in return for his donations and contributions. It is a fair question because we see politicians giving donations time and time again and when their time in politics is up, they disappear along with their donations. The writer is seeking to determine the motive behind Mr. Joseph’s actions.

    • @Not So Common, nonsense. Whether or not he is an aspiring politician does not take away from his past and continued contribution to society. He did not start community activism yesterday or last week. His work and activism has been well documented. If he now decides to contribute at the highest (one of the highest levels), it’s his right to do, and he has no obligation to give the writer, who did not provide a name, an answer.

  6. Dwayne George gave out the exact same fans. I saw pictures of George posing with identical fans. Same colour, everything. ALP must have sourced these fans and then gave some to each candidate to pretend they are giving a personal donation.

    • If you live in Antigua, you would know that plenty “Mego Man” sells these fans. Townhouse and Cool and Smooth are just two of the popular stores that sells them also. These fans are a staple in many Antiguan households. Some NGOs have also been donating them. UPP parliamentarians have also been donating them.

  7. Adding to what I said earlier, there’s absolutely nothing wrong if the young man wants to serve his community and country in a higher capacity. I don’t know him personally, but I know of him and his community service and activism over the years speak volume. If representative politics is your ambition, go forward young man.

    PS: The author and . are just slighted that he did not choose the UPP as his vehicle. Leading up to 2004, the UPP were attracting these kind of talent. The party needs to do some introspection. But alas, the leadership takes no responsibility or accountability for its sinking ship.

  8. Utter nonsense. This is cry cry baby shit. We need to grow as a people and stop this pettiness. Why declare his affiliation or his intention. Aryou nah see a wan ABLP shut he hab arn? Anyways, empty vessel does mek.de mos’ noise. All dis bawling bawling. Min’ aryou nah get sudden fu cry fah!

    • While cost of living killing us,this is what people arguing over . The guy is going to be the next ABLP candidate to replace Gail . Let us get our city clean of the nasty smell and bad roads . This should truly get every one’s attention . Not Michael Joseph political affiliation.

  9. Is this letter forreal?
    I am a tad confused as to the tone of this letter. The writer sounds quite bitter.

    A young man, a young Antiguan man, is helping his and other constituencies, also helping the less fortunate. Whether he is affiliated with red or blue, we are grateful for the assistance over the YEARS (because he has been helping others long before we saw him in a red shirt). Mr. Joseph, we wish you well in the political arena if you so choose to enter. Please keep up the good work.

    We’ve seen others get a push into politics because of who they’re married or related to. They barely know the streets of St. John’s. Now, this strong black brother is trying to better himself and Antigua, you write a whole journal entry about your personal feelings?

    What is your Agenda?

  10. UPP is LEADER-LESS!!!!

    Wan EMPTYHEAD DEAD DARG PICK-UP-CORN CA-CAPA-TI-TAH baby-daddy a try wan ting. But de ting nar ting attarl.

  11. Antigua is too small for people to be picky about accepting simple, harmless donations. People are in real need and it matters not the donor’s political affiliation.

    • You sound much more deranged than I thought you were. Maybe you have abandoned the Strong Red Drink for the favourable Risperdal.

  12. micheal joseph is from the community and have always given back to the community. you all should check that from the time he opened his first biz he have donated to his primary school. micheal desire to represent his community should be commended. a young humanitarian is what grays green needs. Fresh new ideas someone that demonstrate that they will put grays green first and that they feel their pain. who on here remember when he gave that speech for the UPP.. when a party is not moving in the right direction and your aspiration is to serve the people and uplift the people one must make the necessary changes for the better good let’s go micheal a man that understand that grays green deserve better

  13. I can understand your concerns for transparency but don’t ever question Micheal heart. Political gain or not he is a true HUMANITARIAN and a proud grays green member.

    Micheal over the years has always been an active member (more than what you have ever done to give back to the community mr.concerned). Even if he is attending meetings or affiliated with ABLP aren’t we all some how politically affiliated whether blue or red.

    I would love if that is the case because this is man I KNOW for a fact will NEVER forget his community if we was to be elected.

  14. Yo. In that photo Michael is thinking wtf did I just hear.
    If Michael really wants to be a policymaker, he needs to form his own party cause he will have that look 24/7

  15. Deemmmm….who cares???,..

    All the politician’s are poisonous snakes,let’s them eating more rats and be more deviants.

  16. Chupes bitter much bish?? If he min inna ah UPP bet u won’t even bother write. U would be kissing his azzz. Bex ya bex cause he support labor

  17. I don’t like this article. Even if this guy has political aspirations nothing is wrong with what he is doing, especially to know his background. I am no where affiliated with any political party. In fact at this point my preference weights heavily towards the UPP Party. I don’t like the leadership of ABLP ( dictatorship). UPP is lacking a good political Leader on the other hand . We are in a serious political leadership crisis. With all that said It is his democratic rights to choose which political party he chooses to be affiliated to .

  18. Dear author I would like to find out if ACB and Sons of Solomon (the Lodge) have aspirations to run for politics since they are seen giving away the same fans to schools.

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