LETTER: A most appalling experience in Antigua & Barbuda’s Dee’s Rubis gas station


Dear Editor,

We’ve had a most appalling experience in Antigua & Barbuda’s Dee’s RUBis gas station Old Parham Road, Piggott’s  Village  on Feb 27th 2023 at 11:09 – 11:11am.  We pulled into the gas station and aligned at the pump.

The attendant looked at us then walked away, as she did so another attendant alerted her pointing out that we were there and needed service by saying :”you have customers’.

To this the attendant looked back at us and carried on walking away.

Attendant #2 instead of coming over to give us service, attended to a customer who was just pulling in and getting aligned with the pump.

We poked our head out the window and said “excuse me miss, we were here before that car”, to this she said rudely Just wait!

She started servicing the car and we rolled our window up and pulled out of the service station onto the main road and stopped at the red light.

We noticed that the attendants were shouting at us and we rolled our windows down to hear them cursing so we pulled out or phones to capture their conduct . they kept cursing then both attendants bent over with their buttocks to us and screamed ‘kiss our asses.’

We were so disgusted by it all we telephoned the office but was turned off by the attendant , she said she has no idea of the name of the manager nor the owner of the gas station.

We called another Rubis station and got the names of the managers but couldn’t reach them. We then emailed RUBis via Rubis.com website giving a brief of our experience.

On the 28th we successfully got a hold of Jean Claude who was to put it mildly was pressed for time and not interested in hearing what we had to say.

We then called the local news paper and also decided to visit this page and messaged here.  we’ve attached photos of the 2 attendants showing their asses for us to kiss… appalling when so many respectful persons are seeking jobs right now.

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  1. 😆😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅😄😃😀😅🤣😂🤣😅… murdaaaaaaaah
    Me ah ded wid larf.. oh gad…

  2. Yes it’s true that antiguan customer servics workers have no sense of good behaviour. However, this letter sounds like it was written by a sunburnt, entitled, white man/woman. If the woman said wait, just relax and wait.
    This is 2023 not everybody is going to be groveling servitude to you. Get used to it.

    • The color of someone’s skin shouldn’t warrant rudeness. Bad service is bad service and shouldn’t be tolerated under any circumstance.

    • Before you say Antiguans, just remember what is the nationality of many service stations working. If you don’t know, you may be shocked that the vast majority are not Antiguans.

      • I Kno the gas station an most of there attendance an they are Antiguans. The one bending over is strictly disrespectful because I Kno her an she’s Antiguan

    • Really? And this is why we all have to work these type of jobs instead of elevating ourselves! These people WERE NOT what u said. They were locals just like myself.

    • Grovelling because you asked for fair service? According to the writer they were serving people who came after them.

    • This sounds like it’s customer provoked witg the customer believing they are always right suppose the attendendant had an urgent urge and had to releirve herself for a moment should she suffer herself that and fill up the customer whoch could either cause her to get sick or even mess hereself .some customers needs to have pateince if a girl is assigned to a diffrrent pump you cant tell her not to serve who is her pump before you because you came first she is able to assist you if she is free .they have some people that do anything to bring down ppl because them bed done make and bread butter two side

      • Well said. What a lot of customers need to understand is the majority of service stations in Antigua have the pumps assigned to Attendants. Patience is virtue.

    • Customer Service in Antigua is trash and would not be tolerated elsewhere. You don’t have to be white to see that. Some of you are addicted to mediocrity and it shows in everything you do and say.

  3. There’s two sides to a story. Maybe you were rude to them first. Not saying what they did was right but some persons will easily yield to provocation. Did you provoke them? Enquiring minds would like to know.

    • Does that mean that they are allowed to tear their asses to the customer? The staff are ladies and should have a little more class than that.

      • Totally agree. The obvious reason is that the boss is just as uncaring, disrespectful and a degenerate like his staff.

      • If they need to y not so u want to say the ppl in the car was Jesus an had no roll to play in this an say noting at all for this to happen hmmm 🤔 🤔🧐 well the ppl in the can know now not to fuck around ppl here say what u want now

    • Soo nobody saw that middle finger the girl that showing???
      I can confirm that this gas station has lots of hulligans working there I stop going there because those girls acts like they run the gas station they dnt Kno how to talk to ppl they use indesent language an that girl bending over is an Antiguan because I Kno her,an this is her behavior,I believe this is the worst gas station in Antigua ever!!! No customer service training

    • This was my exact thought. We cannot come to conclusions based on one person’s account. If that indeed happened it’s not good, but some pieces of the story seem to be missing.

    • My thoughts exactly. Whenever someone tells a story and it heavily faults the other side with no awareness of how their actions triggered unwanted behavior, as attentive readers we need to ask what is the other side. This isn’t good journalism to put this out there without investigating the other side also. But, we all know this paper is about drama not facts.

  4. I always told that customer come first, workers need to understand that when they do things that affect the customer, it’s affected the work place as well

  5. Dees service station has all the worst of the worst staff in Antigua. I heard an attendant there tell her co worker a comment about me saying something about my you know what……I do not go there…..take your money anywhere else but there!

    • And the one under hospital…. Those two gas stations have some horrible staff and too say they are females it’s just so horrific.

  6. It is regrettable that these folks had this awful experience. It doesn’t speak well of us neither does it reflect the norm in Antigua. Most of us are service oriented and well aware of the needs to ensure that our customers are served with the uttermost courtesy and respect. I wish to apologize to the visitors for this less than positive impression. Clearly the Management of the service station must take action against these two service station attendants for such a nasty and rude display. And to those who think that there are two sides to every story, you are right. But when you work for someone, you are obligated to adopt their workplace policy of good and courteous customer service to all customers and nothing a customer can say to you should necessitate you “tearing your bottom to them.” It was despicable and shameful and a grave disservice to Dee’s Service Station.

  7. I am not saying that they did not do what they stated but by the pictures I see someone about to sit and the other looking at something. Pictures tell a different story. I did not see them taunting at no one in particular.

    • @Ras Smood the Identity_Thief and bitch, you should stick your mouth below their asses to collect the shit which they’re spewing, since, you love to eat my shit. It’s time to eat someone else’s shit.
      Keep enjoying eating my 💩💩💩💩.

  8. Ignorance on all sides. But the second attendant was doing her job. Gas attendants each work a specific pump because they are accountable for all the cash collected from that pump during their shift. Ex-pats who are unaware of this should take note. Everyone involved reacted poorly to the situation because of poor communication from all sides. The first attendant may have had a very good reason for her action as she might be about to do something that is a requirement of her job. The second attendant should have deescalated the situation by quickly explaining that each attendant works their own pump. But you get what you pay for. You can’t get intelligent workers with good communication skills at those gas station rates.

    • I’m sure a small “hold on I’m coming back” would have lowered the situation ALOT. MANY TIMES I pull into Percival’s on fort road and the gas attendants simply say “hold on sir, I’ll be right back” and they go, do Thier thing and come back to me. MANNERS MAKETH MANKIND!!!

  9. I dont know what to think about this article. I fail to believe that if the writer was a courtesy as they claimed to be, those attendants would NOT have reacted the way the writer claimed they did. And sadly, a still picture would not give the evidence that the write wanted. I am not seeing either attendant even holding their butts – someone lounging on a chair and one bending over, does not signify tearing their butts. But I do know that the service stations are equipped with video cameras and would be able to review the matter.

    I personally normally use the mentioned service station when I want quicker service because they have more pumps and normally have an attendant already at the pump just waiting for your to pull up.

    It would be really interesting to see what caused this situation to escalate to the level it did. For the writer to try to get back at the workers via every avenue including this public medium, it would be interesting to know the details.

  10. Believe me when I say absolutely not one thing will be done to correct the staff on this situation, it comes from the top

  11. Gas attendants at service stations are useless. We can either pay at the pump or pay the cashiers inside and pump our own gas.
    Their job at the service station is irrelevant in this day and age.

    PS… and if you don’t pay attention, they’ll rob you.

    Customer Service in Antigua stinks!

    • No job is rendered useless because not everyone knows what to do when they pull up at a gas station…. Plus the customers can rob the gas station too . Cuz u paying a cashier 50 then u put in 55 or 60 … The cashier wudnt have enough time to stop u … So think about it.

      • @Lucy…
        A…if one is operating a motor vehicle legally, after obtaining a license(privilege), to operate said motor vehicle, then they don’t deserve such a privilege. They should stick to riding a donkey/horse or walking, which would help the environment, according to the New Age Globalist pushing #Global_Warming or #Climate_Change.

        (i)…unless an individual(s) has the instant ability, and or capability to recalibrate a pump mechanism(s), how do they, recalibrate 1 gal/liter of Gas = X amount of dollars?

        Again, the ATTENDANT(S) at Service Stations in Antigua are irrelevant in this day and age of computerized systems which deals with dispensing services.

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

      • @Lucy: You would pay the cashier inside $50.You cannot and could not put more than that amount you paid for in your tank. Once the amount is entered into the pump from inside that’s it. You would pump that $50 and not one copper more. I have had issues with those pump attendees in Antigua. I go to Antigua and now watched them like a Hawk.

      • Well said Lucy. I don’t know how to operate the pump. Everyone needs a job. Everyone has a family/themselves to feed. Not saying things could have been handled better however saying these people are not needed Ras Smood is harsh.

  12. Not sugar coating it like others the article sound like a straight up lie. Unless I see video this only sound like a vindictive act to get the workers fired for something not mentioned here.

  13. FIRE THEM…They will learn to stop messing with people business and act civilize at all time when at work. So no one will capture you on recordings or pics. Vex or not, no one force them to bend over at the right time for this pic…FIRE DEM!

    • @Ras Smood…fetch 💩💩💩your payment is readily available from The Latrine Bank! Fetch💩💩💩💩

  14. It’s really simple, take your money to another gas station, this one is awful, don’t give them your hard earned $.

  15. Been there three times and encountered the same illmannered attitude from three different attendants.


  17. Gas station attendants are human beingd they are not people you should treat like slaves yelling and barking at them ready to fight. When you enter a gas station try making them laugh rather than being so uptight and you will see that majority of these people are very nice.
    Some of you all feel because its a minimum wage job that these attendants are not educated or they are poor. Talking about the are irrelevant . How disrespectful can you be. I hope to god you keep your money clean and up so your doesnt get what you dish to these attendants. I have seen customers go to 24 hour gas stations and dont even know what to do but yet still, attendants are useless. Customer service doesnt mean i disrespect you and you fall to my knees. Me personally not taking no disrespect from no customer. You go be talking to yourself.
    Note: pump attendants do not steal your money of rob you. Things happen and if you knew the amount of work that is included you would hush and lap your tail. You spoon fed customers always have something to say. 95% of you all are spoon fed and are linked with higher paying jobs . For the people that have to start somewhere, dogging them is only gonna discourage them. You never understsnd how u react to these people until you have the sticky end of the shit and find your self working the same minimum wage job anytime another pandemic aproaches or something happens thats gonna be drastic.

    Stop calling a gas station job a low life job . A job is a job. You all government workers get paid the same . Sometimes aryou nuh even get pay when the month pass miss me with the bs ……

    • Couldn’t have said it better A Fed Up Customer Service Representative. Many jobs that people look at as degrading and the workers are unintelligent is so illiterate for them to think that way. If the over seven billion people in the world were doctors what would happen. We all need each worker and we need to appreciate and respect everyone for the job they do. Whether they work on the garbage truck or are a lawyer. No job should be discriminated and looked down on.

  18. Poor Customer Service is an endemic in our country and it maybe that not enough emphasis is placed on training our people to do what is required. They do say that training begins at home. That maybe true and there may be a falloff in the home training because as parents we may have a lot going on so we rely on our teachers to do it. Our country’s proprietorship should also place more emphasis on training and supervision so as not to loose clientele and business.

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