A Letter to the PM


Dear Prime Minister,

I must commend you for taking on the reigns of this country,
You took it from the incapable hands of UPP;

They spent their time mismanaging &  wrecking this country,
So now, they must  be dumped in the political bins of our history.

In my view, your Labour Party is a great institution,
With a brilliant person like you at the top;

The world has seen that you are a force to reckon with
And a force, that your enemies cannot stop.

Interestingly, we know you came from a humble beginning
And you grew up in the bowels of poverty;
However, you elevated yourself to reach as far as the United Nation
Where you impressed everyone with your  delivery.

So PM ,  accept from me that you are a great leader,
Among your peers, you stand out to be the best.
Your detractors like the Lovells, Isaacs & the Serpants
Are certainly no match, to put you to a test.

Obviously, you are blessed with immense qualities,
Your foresight and vision is second to non;

You are capable of taking this country out of  any crisis
And empower the citizens & residents of this land.
Therefore, this nation will pray that God continue to bless you,
With good health and sound wisdom.

So that you will continue to lead this country
For many more years to come.


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  1. Fitzroy, I hope whatever you got for writing this was worth it. This is some A class BS. Gaston Brown, that pathological liar, who collected more money than any other in the history of Antiguan and Barbudan politics, and who has borrowed astronomical sums ,capable of lifting us out of this crisis? What a joke! He is the one who got us there in the first place. This is the most inept, incompetent bunch ever. Every government department is in absolute chaos. Great leader? Lol. What leader? This failed experiment? How did UPP mismanage the economy? People got raises, excellent social programs, and we were maneuvered remarkably through a world crisis. You are delusional Fitzroy. Wheel and come again.

  2. Whoever you are your such an asshole. This has been the worst ever in Antigua History. Did the Alp spit in your mouth? Talking nonsense…. Clearly your not living here in Antigua. You must be overseas or something cuz I don’t wanna believe your actually here.

  3. Hey Fitzroy, I hope that when Gaston Browne is eventually kicked out of office at the next General Election, that you’ll still keep posting these ridiculous, grovelling and nonsensical editorial letters to the ANR forums.

    Whilst you continue your undying worship of this “missing in action” Prime Minister, could you enlighten the rest of us about your take on his visit to the Bahamas 🇧🇸, (that he himself admitted), regarding the links with the recent FTX crypto currency crash?

    You NEVER EVER address these type of issues that could cause major concerns to Antigua’s economy.

    I also noted with keen interest that you didn’t mention the government’s calamitous collaboration with Nigeria over the fake airline and passenger fiasco in any previous correspondence. Why?

    Sadly, your letters are now becoming more and more withering and weak-willed, that only wallows in worship for the Prime Minister, and not the dire economic reality on the island. Sad really!

    It makes me wonder if you are a fully paid-up troll or a government plant?!


  4. Source Dominica News Online

    Dominicans now have to dig a little deeper into their pockets to pay for fuel, following an announcement by Director of Trade, Matthan Walter of a price increase–in effect from November 21, 2022.

    “As of today [Monday] the 21st day of November 2022 the prices of petroleum products, specifically gasoline, diesel, and kerosene experienced an increase,” he said.

    He revealed that gasoline increased from $14.99 per gallon to $15.94 per gallon, a 95 cents increase, while high Sulphur diesel increased from $15.57 to $16.72 per gallon, and kerosene from $14.88 per gallon to $15.04 per gallon, an increase of 16 cents.

    “Those increases in the commodity prices stem from underproduction by the OPEC member-states. They have been producing below their usual daily rate of production,” Walter explained.

  5. Very creative & well said Fitzroy…. Antigua & Barbuda is absolutely blessed with a great Prime Minister. Other islands wish they had him. Old negga say, “we better cherish who we hab, bcuz we may regret may come after”. UPP has no class! We cant hab dem ya again. No way not Dem!

    • “… other islands wish they had him …”

      I can bet your bottom dollar EC Dollar 💵 that Barbados doesn’t @ Bluddy Bloke!

      You funny so till 🤣🤣🤣 mi rib ah hurt mi boss … Nice one 👍

      • I wonder why you think Barbados wouldn’t want him. After all Barbados voted Labour Party twice overwhelmingly. And if he were a Barbadian, he would have been a Labour Party Barbadian.
        But the statements of other media personalities are out there. When he took on the Sandals Group and Scotia Bank the Bahamian TV personalities openly said that they wish they had a Prime Minister like him. And so did media personalities in St. Lucia. So that is no fabrication. And when we see the international attention, the PM gets whenever he goes to the UN or fighting for Climate Change funding for SIS his views and his fight are admired by many. Look at the big achievement we got under his leadership the other day. The polluters must pay was his slogan. That slogan was repeated by even the Speaker of the USA House. Nancy Pelosi at the Global Citizen concert. You may not like the man, which is obvious but as you say you got to give Jack his Jacket.

        • Sideline the one and only thing that draws people’s attention to Gaston, it’s his ugliness

  6. Comrade Fitzzy, just be careful Comrade Washee is a jealous other gender and must be wondering whats going on. Btter find out if shim doesn’t mind sharing

    • In my opinion they could be one and the same. Just listen to the praise and worship! Decipher the tone of the letter. I’m sure I’ve heard that same delivery that puts a big SMILE on one’s face when he hears that sweet sounding voice praising on RUM SHOP RADIO. Just a feeling!

  7. The UPP would sacrifice anything or anyone to win power, remember they love to put calabash for the devil at crossroads

    • Hey Bitch Ras Smood… @Ras Smood my wannabe clone. You’re the epitome, of an ABLP #Ass_Kisser like Fitzroy. You folks really enjoy eating shit, masked as Boo-Boy Rice Pudding!

    • And ABLP must also remember, an eyeful 👀 ah nu bellyful 🥘 @ Ras Smood.

      You would do well to recollect that people going hungry, hungry, bad in Tigua under this demonic government as well boss …

      • After all, Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you” (Matthew 26:11).
        Being a Rotarian for over forty years I should know. As we have been feeding the poor for as long as I can remember. But surely the number of poor people is getting less and less. And thank God for other service clubs and church charities. Muy wife feeds them through the church. The Sint Vincent the Paul Society. And you have many others. Kiwanis Club, Lions Club. Government cannot take care of all the poor. Despite all the social program in the ministry of Social Protection and the PDV Caribe Programs. Even in the big industrial countries there is poverty. So I do not know what your point is.

  8. The world’s largest cruise ship docked in St. Kitts today 11/24/22, while antigua is still trying to remove a stone.
    At the same time, people associated with him is raking in millions dipping up water every day.

    • St.Kitts pass Antigua long time. Their leaders have a vision of how they want to see the country develop. A unified one at that. Not a one wing Browne Bird that think he can fly on one wing!!!

      • They only passed us because of the jokers we had in government called UPP for ten years that didn’t dredge the harbour. Even after cruise ships diverted coming here because of that.

        • @Sideline. You’re a man of knowledge and all things happening in Antigua and Barbuda. Now with all that knowledge. I have a question. Under GPH Management. Whose heavy duty equipment are contracted to dredge St. John’s Harbor turning basin to accommodate Oasis class vessels?

    • Dat dem fi study and don’t forget they are getting increases coming December.. Am wondering if people in Antigua doesn’t have any sense!!

    • Maybe if the UPP had done the dredging during their ten years in government, we would not have to chase behind St. Kitts and Nevis. Remember we started this cruise tourism before them. But inept UPP had them surpass us. Thank God for ABLP to bring us back into the race. And soon we will surpass them again. Home Porting is coming in January. So do not gloat because they are having the larger ships coming to their harbor. We are making the investment. And our port will be far better and more beautiful than theirs. We will have Five Cruise Ship docking at one time in St. John’s Harbour. And then we will also have docking at Falmouth Harbour and soon Barbuda. Labour at work. Just sit and watch how a country is ran. Not the pappy show that UPP think it is. With those Laggards, Losers and Con Men.

      • One Ship in SKN equals 5 in ANU. Now you’re an intellectual and intelligent man. I am told. Please reply as you can and tell me. Which country has a higher carbon footprint with 5 to 1?

        The greatest of all time says “10 to 1 is MURDA.”

      • Sidelines you sound like your suffering from intellectual constipation. You cult party has been in power in antigua for over 60 years with 28 before UPP and the last eight years after, yet you have the gall like your cult leader to be blaming UPP, for the harbour not being dredge?
        For the last eight years equipment belongs to HH & Browne have been dipping up water claiming that they dredging. You have some nerve!

  9. Jumbee_Picknee says…this person Fitzroy who keeps kissing Gaston’s ass with S’HIM, #Love_Letters, has broken the Guinness World Record for writing, the most #Ass_Kissing Love Letters.
    It would not surprise, if in the future, there’s a Love Triangle Murder between Fitzroy, Top_Dawg and Maria-Maria!

    At least, the Nation now has a Guiness Wurl Reacard Holdah…The Bullaz Crew is overjoyed!

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard – Vere C. Edwards

  10. Sideline the one and only thing that draws people’s attention to Gaston, it’s his ugliness

  11. @Fitzroy,letter writer:Sometime ago,I suggested that you go and jump off the George Washington Bridge Upper Level.I thought you heeded that suggestion. You did not raise your ugly Hitler head for sometime. Now you are back with the same lame brainless dung. Keep on drinking the Jim Jones’ Red Kool-Aid.

  12. That’s a self written letter. Pitiful. Lies, and more lies. I smell desperation coming through , the stench is real. Red dead. Upp the right choice

  13. Fitzroy u & Gaston gat dem. The “blue” flies are buzzing around spewing political sh*t. Dem can’t face de truth. Whether they like it or not Gaston Browne & his Labour will be there for another 5 more years.

    • I second that. Five more your is his punishment. I can’t wait for election day to come. We will send these blue devils into oblivion.

  14. And @Sideline is quoting scriptures! We have sat and watched ALP run this country for the past 8 years, and there is absolutely nothing, NADA, to point to. Oh, I stand corrected. Twenty-odd failed projects, water once per week for a few hours, millions being owed to locals, crime out of control, abject poverty, our country leaking billions, I could go on and on. And Sideline continues to try to defend this. The claim that UPP destroyed this country’s economy is the nonsense the laborites continue to spill starting with Gaston Brown, who lies every time he speaks. Oh, and don’t forget the scandals, bringing Antigua and Barbuda into disrepute and under the watchful eyes of the international community. We are being told that we have nothing to worry about with FTX scandal, but the Top Dog met with someone in the Bahamas. Was it SBF? As per his displaced MP, he is greedy. We shall see.

    • You guys are living in an alternative world with alternative facts. So if the ECCB, ECLAC CDB and any other reputable institution says Antigua is doing better than any other Caribbean Country safe from Guayana and the country’s economy grew by 7%, you guys will still preach doom and gloom. Like Chicken Little the Sky is Falling. Stay there. Don’t wake up to reality. And soon you will believe that Harold is your Prime Minister. Just like the Trumpers still believe Donald won the last USA election.

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