LETTER: A House Divided Cannot Stand…


A House Divided Cannot Stand…

That is a saying we should all be familiar with, and I urge caution, caution my people of Antigua and Barbuda.

I have watched, dishearteningly so, as a wedge is driven between the people of Antigua and Barbuda, post-Hurricane Irma. And the man holding the mallet that drives that wedge deeper and deeper, is none other than Gaston Alfonso Browne, our Prime Minister, and the one who should be seeking to heal rather than divide.

The latest fiasco has been his attack on the United Nations, shaming the people for helping out in Barbuda after they had placed stickers on some of the projects they had helped out with. The brazen sense of entitlement Gaston walks about with! It is shocking. God knows what the UN’s response will be should we need them in the future. Who does this man think he is – this ‘World Boss’ rubbish is clearly going to his head.

Pause Antigua, and pause people of Barbuda. Let us not forget life’s simple lessons; that there is strength in unity …that we are our brothers’ keeper. I have watched with dismay the way we have attacked each other, on social media, on the radio, in public. And it doesn’t help when the government itself passes a land build which it admits has illegal elements in it. Do not allow the petty bickering of politicians to divide us, my people – they will come and they will go, we have to live with each other every day. Let us not forget the words that guide us as a nation:

Fair Antigua and Barbuda
We thy sons and daughters stand.
Strong and firm in peace or danger
To safeguard our native land.
We commit ourselves to building
A true nation brave and free.
Ever striving ever seeking,
Dwell in LOVE and UNITY.

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  1. One question
    If Antigua and Barbuda suppose to be one then why I a born and raised Antiguan caanot purchase land in Barbuda but a born Barbudan can come to Antigua and purchase land. Until then no matter what or who is in power Antigua and Barbuda will always be divided.

  2. The issue you should be more concerned with is why Robert de Niro will get land for 200 years by paying pennies for the land. This is for UM

    • Its not Deniro you should worry about, he just the figurehead
      Look at Packer he’s the one calling the shots and a ruthless son of a ruthless father he is

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