LETTER: 37 Questions For Mr. Lovell & Ms. Joanne Massiah


Dear Editor,



Right now, I am fed up of Gaston Browne and his Liard Administration. I am mentally drained and right now and cannot take any more of the failure promises, lies, ground faking, joblessness, and generally the betrayed feeling I have for this administration.



Now I am looking for hope, promise made promise kept, just a fresh breath of air from the opposition parties hence I have the following questions.



1.Will you immediately revoke and renegotiate the YIDA, Western Imperial and Global Ports deal in the interest of the people of Antigua and Barbud if elected?


  1. What exactly are your plans to reduce the cost of living for the people of this country? Will the administration reduce gas prices, ABST, fuel variation on APUA bills etc?


  1. Are you open to diversifying the economy of this country so we are not only reliant on Tourism? If so, would industries like manufacturing, aircraft maintenance etc be looked at viable investments for this country?


  1. How does the administration plan to create jobs for young people both school leavers and persons graduating locally and overseas Colleges and Universities?


  1. Will the UPP get rid of the Big Blue Tent nonsense? I understand the former PM wanted to unite the country, but the party must under that labor people doesn’t want any unity is divide and rule, also when you guys were in you kept the same labor people who undermined your administration. If there is not a resolute “NO” to this answer we will not Vote for any of candidates of this party.


  1. Will the UPP commit to removing Morris Merchant, Konata Lee, Hubert Jarvis, Ronda Ceily-Thomas, Anthony Armstrong, Katrina Yearwood, Atlee Rodney, Raju Badu, Darwin Telemaque, Ernamae Braithwaite,Steve Ibis The Livest Freeland, Garfield Burford, Fredrick Southwell,Joanne Walsh, all Current Permanent Secretaries, all current board members of both government and statutory bodies, Eulleta Francis, Telbert Benjamin, Dr Albert Duncan ASAP once in office? Some of these people are known laborities who were in your administration and undermined and leaked lies to the then opposition ABLP. If you can’t commit, we will not vote for any candidates of this party.


  1. Will Antiguans and Barbudans be able to purchase a piece of the rock without the check your Minister policy? How does the administration plan to do such?
  2. Will there be an inept and independent investigation into CHAPA, National Housing, Transport Board, Public Works, and the Customs and Exercise division and criminal prosecution be brought should any wrongdoing be found?


  1. Is there be plans for the administration to conduct Constitutional Reform? If so, how?


  1. How does the administration plan to beautify St John’s and its environment, get rid of the awful stench, fix roads and sidewalk to have a city environment for locals and tourist to enjoy?


  1. Does the administration plan to have water access for every household on island especially places that doesn’t have access to government water and if so, how? Will the administrator commit for all residing getting 24hr water access constantly and consistently? If so how and in what time frame if elected?


  1. Will there be any investigation into the current PM, his wife and Gaston Jr and his administration on how they conducted government business and spent tax payers money and what private businesses or self-enrichment scheme they conducted while in office? If there are any criminal conducts found will be prosecuted and put in handcuffs and placed in 1735 like ordinary people?


  1. What exactly your plans to help the less fortunate and needy of this country? Not talking about the past programs, you implemented, am talking about new and effective programs which people can feel and say yes this is helping me I feel it.


  1. How do you plan to solve the issues facing Social Security paying pension and paying Social Security checks to pensioners?



  1. How does the administration plan to help businesses who were hardest hit by this pandemic especially small businesses?
  2. What plans does the administration have to develop Parham Harbor if any? Does the administration see the potential this particular Habor can bring to the country?



  1. Does the administration plan to totally get rid of government rental to save the government money which could be used to address other pressing things?



  1. What are the administration plans for the car park next to APUA? Does the administration have the vision to create government offices in it to reduce dependence on renting and the car parking area can be given to Social Security so they can make money from parking fees?
  2. Will there be any investigation into the teargassing of innocent citizens of this country? Will there be persons charged and prosecuted for such actions carried out on that memorable date 8/8/21?
  3. Will the administration change the CIP policy to the original policy where we can see all who bought our passports publicly and in the local newspapers, and will they be properly vetted and scrutinized unlike this current administration?

  4. Is the administration planning to have a better Public Relations with the public, like weekly press conferences from the press secretary or chief of staff and letter us hear from the elected PMM at least 1-2 a week whether it be on National television or on Observer Radio? The last administration UPP administration had an extremely poor PR which in part cost them the election. If this can’t be done “NO” vote?

  5. How would the administration approach Covid-19, State of Emergency and Curfew different from this administration?

  6. Are there plans to fix all these horrendous main roads, Village roads and side roads properly with proper drainage? If so how and in what time frame if elected?

  7. Will the administration pledge to get rid of the policy check your Minister?

  8. Does the administration have plans to attract international banks to Antigua since soon the sole CIBC might be sold to local banks? If so, how will that be achieved?

  9. Will the administration revert back to the 2 uniforms for school vouchers for children and extend it to the State College level?

  10. Is the GATE program going to be reinstated along with the ICT Fest for the young people of the country? If so how and in what time frame?

  11. Will the building which is supposed to house ADOMS on Factory road house that entity and other government ministers that is renting be moved to such location to reduce the governments rental fee?

    28. Is it a priority for the administration to have a beautification program to keep gutters clean and bush regularly cut at the side of the road so that we can look like a decent country finally?

    29. What are the administration plans for Agriculture for this country? Is buying local going to be top priority? Will there be regular engagement with farmers as to how they can increase their production and expand the amount of crop they produce?

    30. Is it a priority for the administration to ensure every street and lamppost has street light to ensure all villages are not dark and ensure the safety and security of all?

    31. Will the administration disperse backpay checks if elected? If so how and in what time frame?

    32. Is the Administration open to create a section in the Constitutional reform where it is mandatory for heads of all Ministries must come to parliament every 6 months to answer questions about the affairs of their respective Ministries and Departments to the elected officials and to the people of this country? If they lie to the people, they should be prosecuted with jail time, just as lying to Congress is a criminal offense in the United States of America  .

    33. Will Mr Paddy Simon be given a opportunity to serve in the Ministry of Education or Culture to help in the development of young people and help them appreciate their past? There are people right now working in the Ministry of Culture and Education who are making 7k and more a month doing absolutely nothing to progress the youth of this country.

    34. If elected will there be an Antigua first policy in terms of buying and trading?

    35. Is the administration planning on acquiring Cargo ships zo we can transport our own containers from overseas so that we can reduce the transportation and food bills because of over reliance on other companies?

    36. Would the administration be willing to engage companies like Google who owns (YouTube) and Facebook to monetize content creators right here in Antigua and Barbuda so that young people do not have to beg for office jobs and go through the who you know phase? They can gain money to help themselves and the people around them without looking and waiting for a call to get an office job.


  1. What is the administration’s plan if elected on Green energy particularly electric vehicles, solar and wind? This can help to reduce the emissions we produce and lower the cost to consumers who consumes energy.

    I will be awaiting the Leaders swift response to these questions!


Zoey Daniel

Young Antiguan

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  1. Joanne Massiah you have the right to ask questions and oppose that why you’re in opposition but there are some questions need answering Especially concerning some busineses set up during UPP”s tenure while you were a minister.
    Do have any information on any business registered never operational yet paid large salaries to it’s ghost workers.
    Asking for a friend



    Antigua is very corrupted veryyyyyyy..
    Positions are given to who do as i say ….

  3. All of sudden, it’s sad how you guys writing all kind a letter to yourselves just to provoke the populace with your nonsense. People need real news, help prepare for the rough road ahead, where shipping prices hiked tremendously and will directly affect our basic everyday need. Your damn journalists need go out do some research and bring some break meaningful stories.This reminds me of some tabloids crap my dad used to bring home from Panama base back in the day.
    I worked for a paper in Virgin Islands back in the day so I’m familiar with these tactics.
    Get F’ing real ANR

  4. Some Answers to some of the questions:
    Q1. No (my excuse is that it is already signed and it will be too much headache and cost to try and change).
    Q 2. Yes we will. Upon taking office however nothing will change since they will blame the ALP for leaving an empty treasury.

    Q3. Yes we will. The reality though when they take office the same tourism will remain the main stay.

    Q6. Yes we will. But you know how the thing set up we will fill them with UPP loyalist.

  5. Zoey I love these questions BUT……the same problems existed under UPP and Joanne was also a member of the UPP during this time. The fact that UPP has zero vision and their train fell off the track is not inspiring to voters. Come election time we are all left wondering…do we leave the status quo or put back in a party who has also failed us.

  6. I stopped reading at Q6 because EVERY government will hire and fire people who support their party and voted for them…..

    You are only encouraging them to do exactly the same thing.

  7. These are generally good questions but some are just unrealistic. the capital costs for some of these are almost impossible. to have and still maintain a country. but I await a response from leaders and hopefully some reflective introspection from Antiguans & Barbudans

  8. I agree with changing the Permanent Secretaries especially the one at the Ministry of Education, $25 million on empty e-books under her watch, too incompetent to run any ministry, education at that. Harold must take an L for that, he made her a P.S.

    The staff at ABS would be glad to see the manager go. Numerous individuals had to quit because of that said manager. We should have a Docu Series entitled “surviving Misses Braithwaite the ABS saga”

    I wouldn’t move Badu, after all government workers need to get pay. Telemaque can go brings nothing to the table.

  9. There is no way Antigua can have a thriving manufacturing sector to have that of a significant impact on GDP. All this talk that opposition speak about regarding diversification does not happen. Tourism is our business.

    • The real question is what are we going to manufacture? Where we going to get the resources to manufacture? If by some miracle we get Into manufacturing how many of you young Antiguans are willing to work in the manufacturing industry?

      • These are some good questions….it is just lip service that can be paid to this notion of Antigua doing manufacturing.

      • Thank you! Maybe we can have sweat shops (that’s sarcasm for the slow). We have no raw resources either so it will be another big company coming in if we were to make that move and Antiguans will be upset about it as per usual.

    • BS, with the right partnerships we can. Your Chinese friends help out all the time by setting factories in other countries and contract the orders

  10. To the author of this list… A hearty commendation … This and these are questions I am certain that plague many Residents and citizens. I am most impressed by the highlight and inquiry of question #33.

  11. The letter writer is what a prominent member of the DNA would call a dunce element. Clearly he/she is aggrieved but to shame themselves so publicly.. Go and get help

  12. The questions may be good but unrealistic. Do you know how much debt Gaston brought on the country? The interest payments suck up all the revenue the country earns. Where will the money come from to pay for all these services? I feel sad for our country. If labour is returned to power, Gaston is going to sell off Antigua lands to pay the debts, and if another party gains power, they are doomed with all the debts round their necks.
    Gaston may be just happy to loose the election. He has his money so he can invest in the new free trade zone.

  13. I have an idea.There is a River that feeds the Niagara Falls.It is best seen from the Canadian side of the Falls.I would put all of them lying,thiefing Politicians in CABINET into a dinghy. Send them down River and tell them survival of the fittest,Niagara Falls here they come.

  14. The person who wrote this seems to be vindictive and bitter and not about the country’s progress as a unit. Also, some questions were posed with suggestive responses exposing how small- minded the author is. Why is the author concerned about people getting fired? People’s whose name they can’t even properly spell? The writer wants the reversal of the GPH deal just like that and did not ask if the parties have an alternative, cost- effective way to revamp cruise tourism. An absolute dunce wrote this. Gwaan ah yah bed yah man.

  15. Youth you are most welcome to the platform! Thank you for your penetrating questions which will not be answered so get ready to marshall your registered voters and teach these political parties that you are the majority!
    Force a coalition government of the islands making them learn to work together!

  16. If Gaston and all his cronies stop enriching themselves at taxpayers expense, we will have some money in the treasury.

  17. I despise politicians and lawyers these days. Don’t care from what party as I’ve never joined. Liars and con artists for the most part. Scamps.

  18. This rambling letter seems to come right of the bowels of the UPP, and knowing their history, it isn’t to be taken seriously. It’s a political ploy, an attempt to sow discord and confusion. Their current leadership is not capable of leading this country. Let the young people take the reins of leadership.

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