Less than 600 West African migrants remain in Antigua


LOOP: Antigua and Barbuda’s chief immigration officer confirmed today that at least 450 West Africans, who were brought to the country last year on charted flights, remain on the twin island national

Chief Immigration Officer Katrina Yearwood provided the updated figure to journalists today at a media conference.

The government had previously said 637 of the more than 900 people who touched down between November and January remained in Antigua.

Many of them are Cameroonians fleeing conflict.

Yearwood said she could not confirm whether the migrants that left when the figure was revealed did so through “normal channels” but she noted that approximately 200 of the total group that came as tourists left legally.

The migrants from the charted flights have been popping up across the Caribbean in countries such as Suriname, Dominica and Barbados.

Yearwood said a team from the Immigration Department is monitoring the movement of the West Africans that remain in Antigua and Barbuda and they have an idea of the communities that they are staying in. But she noted the “situation remains fluid”.

Yearwood revealed that the Immigration Department will meet with representatives from the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) tomorrow.

The IOM and UNHCR were invited by the government to meet with the West Africans to determine their needs and also inquire how many people would like to return home on a special charter flight.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas noted the government had offered to transport the migrants home. However, Yearwood said no one has taken up the offer.

The information minister said the government remains committed to helping the West Africans while they are in Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. Sooo many questions for the incumbent Crooks in Power. This was human trafficking from the first planeload of “tourists”!!!

  2. Ohh! They have been leaving the island on boats as alledged then –That’s why those 30 were willing to take that risk– they knew some had successfully made it out. So, the rumours of human smuggling in/out of Antigua are true, eh?

  3. You mean 150–180 or so persons just disappeared poof💨 inna thin air? How many of the high ranking officials are involved with the smuggling out of these people? Is there anyone who CAN’T be BOUGHT left in Antigua?
    Let’s hope the authorities in St.K&N will be able to get the pertinent information needed to shed light on who’s behind this sscheme — And, let’s hope they can’t be bribed. Money has beome the universal

  4. I look forward to our Head of Immigration Department Katrina Yearwood revealing all the facts, figures and data regarding the reduction of the Africans who she claims have now left our island.



  5. So, Gaston Browne, the brightest bulb on God’s earth, was DUPED by Marvelous Mike.
    DUPED by another fake foreign investor, again!
    So, Gaston. Tenman. From the Sideline, Alex, Luther are you going to cancel and retrieve the ten or more Antigua and Barbuda passports that were issued in the now DEFUNCT Antigua Airways deal?
    Blinded by Greed, Gaston Browne will be DUPED again

  6. There is nothing in place to monitor or to gauge how many of these people are still on the island. Any number given out by the Immigration Department is pure bogus. While Immigration might have record of all the incoming passengers and those who might have left legally, the immigration would also be mindful of the many who have left the island illegally on boats to neighbouring islands en-route to other destinations. I have never seen a fiasco as messy as this one and it’s like everyone trying to wash their hands from it.

  7. I need help too not just the Africans….how is it you were able to track CARICOM Nationals for deportation but not Africans? Well well well this little 🏝 island of ours Antigua 🇦🇬 no sweet no mo ebery ting gane dun

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