Leroy King Extradited after losing 10-year challenge


US Marshalls escorted Leroy King to the United States to face fraud charges on Friday.


The Former Head of the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC) has lost a decade-old fight to prevent his extraction.


He was taken to the United States via an American Airlines flight, which departed Antigua & Barbuda at 4:30 this afternoon.


US Authorities charged King with several offences for his alleged role in the Allen Stanford 7 billion-dollar ponzi scheme.


He was taken into police custody last evening, days after the Privy Council dismissed his final challenge to his extradition.



  1. Mr. King I am praying that you will be found NOT guilty and return to Antigua in due course. Blessings my Fellow Antiguan.

    • If not I do hope he put up a very good fight. Much better than what Stanford was able to put up. I do hope his family and friends here in Antigua will support him Financially to get the best lawyer money can buy and hope it is a black one

  2. I really do not think Antigua should have an extradition agreement with the USA. Many times the USA does prosecutions for political and nefarious purposes. We should adopt the law of Brazil that says that no citizen of Brazil can ever be extradited to another country.

    Antigua citizenship must mean something! We must protect our own!

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