Lennox Weston is not denying that this budget is an election budget


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  1. You had 8 years to make life better for us. You concentrated on self-enrichment now you come to make promises. We go vote out your arses.

  2. If ABLP think they can buy their way back into office then they are seriously delusional.
    At this point, after all the trauma their covid policies have inflicted on people, they will be lucky to escape with long prison sentences.

  3. Antigua needs a political reset. This man is on tape saying one labour politician has $100mill dollars and it is public or government money. I am sure I also heard him say on tape that another politician has invested in 14, or something like that, in hotels with another individual who came to Antigua without money. These are only two politicians. He should say what all the other politicians got from public assets. Antiguans are in a sorry state of mind. The country is a rubbish heap, there are no infrastructure for the almost fifty years labour is in power. Can’t the docile Antiguans see that the labour government is a self enrichment racket and care nothing about the developing of Antigua. And people are flocking to join them to also get rich. Antiguans need a reset.

    • At the moment, Antiguan’s have only ONE political choice… LABOR or LABOR.
      We need to take a NEW POLITICAL DIRECTION. WAKE UP ANTIGUA. The hypnotizing words of leaders who really don’t care about YOU, are robbing you and your family for their own self enrichment. STOP FALLING FOR THEY PROMISES THAT NEVER COME TRUE

      • Antiguans have a choice. Get rid of the labour government once and for all. They have failed to develop Antigua. They have robbed the country blind and have gotten super rich. We must vote them out. Then we must correct the ills in the country.

  4. UPP 15-1 (sorry Lovell). People won’t accept last minute promises from the gov after 8 years. As Gaston said, Pringle ah de man

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