Legal Experts: Governor General Lacks Power to Commission Public Inquiry in Antigua and Barbuda


The Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda pursued and obtained two legal opinions from King Counsels (K.C.s) via the Ministry of Legal Affairs regarding the authority of the Governor General in relation to the establishment of public inquiries.

The legal experts reached a conclusive decision that the Governor General lacks the power to initiate a public inquiry.

Consequently, the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda takes the responsibility of establishing a Commission of Inquiry.

Through a Resolution, the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda grants the Governor General the necessary authority and also holds a vote to authorize special funding for the inquiry.

Any claims made by political operatives suggesting that the Governor General possesses the authority to initiate a Public Inquiry are completely untrue.

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  1. Surprise surprise, I told you that this whole issue would end in farce. All the Governor General good for is dress-up!

    It looks like the Teflon Don 🥸 will escape scrutiny once more.

    Mi haffi laugh … 😂

    Why don’t we just rename the country “Gaston Island” and be done with it!

    • @Brixtonian Wait its news to you that his purpose is mainly ceremonial? How is it when the UPP was in office and ABLP pushed for an inquiry (WPP), the UPP never said go though Lake Tack (The nation is happy they don’t have to hear her voice .. was like scratching galvanize)? Instead they argued it would be a waste of funds and they would not be going down that road, end of story. Some 150 million ec wasted, UPP saw no need for a inquiry yet for AA, where there was hardly any public funds expended, they now asking the GG to institute a COI.

      “The Antigua Observer reported Brown on July 4th as saying “The ALP is not prepared to sit down and allow the prime minister to sweep this issue under the carpet. We will definitely demonstrate to force an investigation, and the investigation that we will push for will be a Commission of Inquiry”.

      Browne gave Spencer until yesterday to make a decision and it was yesterday that the statement was issued by Baldwin’s office over the ministerial sub-committee (see Antigua to consider request for probe of controversial Chinese power plant. .stabroeknews.)

      • Look @ tenman, you are doing your utmost best to defend the indefensible, but, however much you want to live in the past, we must now deal with the present – and it stinks!

        Everywhere you turn this government is ducking and diving so that they will NOT be held to account for anything.

        Ask yourself this tenman:

        If the ABLP has NOTHING to hide (as they say) regarding the Africans entering Antigua was legal and above board, then why not have an independent enquiry?

        Your elaborate defence (again) for this government shows that you don’t care about holding them to account for ANYTHING in office.

        Antiguans deserves better governance … and you know it!

        • @Brix-Then once you and or the opposition provide the funds to pay for it, yes then lets do it. Fact is government has answered all questions related to this saga. The real issue is you don’t like the answers. Hence that’s your issue so if you want anything more, then you and your kind need to pay for it. Think you know something like this will be even more expensive than anything we have done before since it must involve interviewing persons who live abroad (Nigeria & Cameroon). Telling thing is even if you did find something (the proverbial unicorn) it can’t be used to prosecute anyone says the COI act.

          • See, you’re doing it again, this isn’t about the money, it’s about integrity, clarity and the government being held to account by the voting public, whatever your political colours.

            If for example, the UPP found themselves in the same kerfuffle as the ABLP do now, wouldn’t you want answers and investigations as well?

            Again, if there’s nothing to hide, then why are the government hiding?

            Because tenman, even you fear what might be uncovered if an independent enquiry was held.

            Furthermore, if nothing untoward is found then fair enough, but these serious allegations must be looked into, to ensure that we haven’t got a crook or crooks running Antigua.

      • Tenman you like to cherry pick and ignore the facts when it is staring you in the face. I guess you forgot the fact that when Lester and some of these same scoundrel who were in his cabinet, Gaston, molwin, Robin and Cutie, uttered the same nonsense, James Carlisle ignored them and instituted the medical benefits inquiry?
        Who are these nameless lawyers that gave them that opinion? Is it Garry Watts and Astaphan from Dominica?
        Everyone know two lawyers can look at the same law and interpret it differently, that is why we have courts and judges to decide who wrong and who right.

        • “The scheme has been plagued by strong and persistent allegations of financial corruption and unauthorised diversion of monies to help fund government expenditures for the health sector, forcing Prime Minister Lester Bird to establish a commission of inquiry chaired by Sir Alister McIntyre, a distinguished Caribbean scholar.” see Saga of a medical scheme that went terribly wrong by Rickey Singh Observer Caribbean correspondent, sept 2002

          Cool Ruler- Your knowledge of history as usual proves wrong. Tim Hector back then reminded the GG had no such power. The government had a legal opinion from an expert that made clear the GG by himself (without cabinet approval), could not do it. It was LB himself who instituted the MBS not the GG by himself. The GG has no such power to initiate any such thing

      • Waddling Power Plant is not even an issue. There was never any talk of corruption being involved in that venture; it was exclusively about the status of the equipment, whether they were new, and the same Tap Darg claimed that he had no evidence that they were used and if the persistent calls didn’t cease, then he’d be forced to reveal the identity of the person/persons who were offering rewards for him to make that claim.

    • @BRIXTONIAN…Justin Simon misleading the Antigua and Barbuda Citizens AGAIN. UPP must read and understand the Law. BRIXTINIAN , FRANZ and Ms.KNIGHT fit the same cloth. Bunch of IDIOTS.

      • Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

        When will cabinet disclose the identity of the two kings counsels?
        Transparency please!

      • @ PETE

        You seem to be the fool and CANNOT READ NOR INTERPRET the law for yourself…….you minions are constantly being misguided by LIARD LIONEL HURST AND GASTON.

        Do not forget what the judge said about Lionel Hurst: ‘his words never to be trusted’

  2. Caesar will NEVER call an inquiry into Caesar. There must be a separate body/entity who can call an inquiry when needed, into the actions of the government. It cannot be that only the government can call an inquiry into itself.

  3. @ Cabinet

    I would like you to publish the names of the KC that provided the opinion.

    Remember that your government is SO TRANSPARENT. I can bet my last dollar that the Cabinet will do no such thing, because on qualified lawyer would offer such a spurious opinion to TARNISH their reputation and turn away future clients.
    PUBLISH THE NAMES OF THE KC’S who gave the opinion.

      • @ PRIM

        That hurts doesn’t it?

        ALL YOU MINIONS who are drinking from the trough cannot ever disagree with Gaston and the ABLP because your bread getting days would be over!!!

  4. From an apolitical standpoint, take a look at this, just as relevant today as when it was originally presented.

    I’m sure that koolaid drinkers whether red or blue will get upset, but the first step towards change is recognising the problem.

  5. Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    Prim, you calling people Djnce?
    if cabinet give you sh!t fu nyam you will nyam um. Lick off u fingers and say Yum Yum.
    Lie-no-hell what are the names of the so called experts / KCs?

  6. Avatar photo When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    Prim, you calling people Dunce?
    If cabinet members give you sh!t fu nyam you will nyam um. Lick off u fingers and say Yum Yum.
    Lie-no-hell Hurst, what are the names of the two so called legal experts / KCs?

  7. Whosoever have the power to call an enquiry the Antiguan public wants an enquiry, regardless it’s the ablp appointed waste of time GG or the cabinet, we want an enquiry, rob cradle Gaston clown that married to u god child we want an enquiry !

  8. I have read the constitution regarding this matter and it is clear to any rational, deductive mind, that the GG has all the authority to call an independent inquiry. Carlisle did it in what 2001, under another ALP administration.
    People, ALP only uses the term “transparent ” to continue feeding the cool aid drinkers knowing fully well they will swallow it hook, line and sinker because they represent the societal dunces.(Listen to the Dawgs and you will hear him suggest this) .Numerous are the scandals under this Gaston Browne led ALP government because they are greedy and corrupt.
    Contrary to your statement @tenman, this government has told us nothing but lies concerning the Antigua Airways saga.

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