LETTER: To PM Gaston Browne: Please Address Inflation and Job Creation


Dear Editor,

The Prime Minister Honorable Gaston Browne and this ABLP administration should be ashamed of themselves for the state of affairs the less fortunate and the middle class find themselves in these times.

For a few weeks, I have noticed and felt the squeeze on my pockets shopping at the supermarket. For example, at a particular supermarket I buy goods at a supermarket and the total usually is $200 and something, and in recent months I have noticed for the same goods a stark increase in prices and those same goods are now $300 high nearing $400 dollars. I nearly fainted because of the horror and shock state I was in.

The same thing applies for my medication. Usually, I would spend under $100 for my medication. Now at the same pharmacy for the same medication am spending over $100 for the same medication and I literally had to ask the cashier if she checked the price for the medication right and it was indeed right. I nearly fainted. Of course, I bought it because they are medication, I need desperately but inflation in this place is crazy.

I’m really sorry for persons who live from pay check to pay check, and the less fortunate in this country. This inflationary period is just going to make matters worse for these people, and the government seems not to care one bit. The poor is getting poorer, the middle class is getting poor, and the rich getting richer.

The issue of jobs is like is non-existent to this administration. In all the cabinet notes released weekly, I’ve never seen this government address how they are going to create jobs for the young people of this country. Every day I see these young people home not working which makes me sad inside. This government has not addressed how they plan to tackle the issue of unemployment and about job creation within the government and private sectors. All they seem to be concerned about is keep the current government workers employed, hoping that they will vote for them next election. This is truly sad.

Instead of addressing inflation and creating jobs, we have a government that seems not to care. The Prime Minister has a rum shop show on his Station that he goes on Saturdays and he never uses it to address the issues facing the people of this country. All he does is use it to curse the “useless opposition” and people he despises.

Neither has the opposition parties has addressed the issues facing the people head on and how they would make thing better. Before the party supporters attack, I support no party, and these issues mentioned above affects everyone regardless of party colours.

I have no faith in ABLP, UPP, DNA, or GO GREEN. They are all one and the same. Until we the people stand up and let our voices be heard and demand better from our elected officials, nothing will ever change.

Kerry Crump
Frustrated Antiguan

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  1. Things must looking up for home owners… good, no need to complain of the hardships homeowners were facing…

  2. To Kerry Crump’s letter:
    Kerry I am going to address your last paragraph. If our people learn to look within ourselves for solutions to this problem of inflation and not always be dependent on Government or some other entity to find solutions for us we might find ourselves in a better place.
    Instead of sitting down at home and doing nothing, why not look at what skills you possess, look at ways to turn those skills into legally profitable jobs.
    For instance: for a young girl, are you good at sewing, Christmas is around the corner, curtains, tablecloths, comforters, arm chair rests etc. are things you can start off making, make sure your product has a feature that makes it stand out and peddle it. A young man might be good at repairing small machinery like bikes, offer repair services at an affordable enough price. Good at making baked treats, start small, sell in a high traffic area. Find small ways to bring in an income, learn more about the business as you go along, invest in a few courses to improve yourself, your product and your skill. The best investment that we can make is an investment in ourselves. Be independent and not depend on others all the time.
    Yes, those institutions, such as governments have a role to play, but not sole provider. It is the single biggest reason why our society as a whole is seen as easy to being manipulated by politicians. For the notion of if I scratch your back there comes a payback when you feel you have to scratch theirs or you may loose what was given.
    Become truly independent.

  3. What are your recommendations regarding the government addressing inflation? Are you calling for subsidies because at the end of the day prices have skyrocketed in our source market for consumer goods. This issue is beyond the government and importers…the phenomenon being experienced is termed cost push inflation. So is it that you are asking for subsidies, tax relief etc for importers with the expectation that such benefits are passed on to the consumers?

    • That’s not a bad idea you came up with. maybe the focus should be on the importers. I would add for business and job creation, give local people the same concessions we give others. In fact revamp Social Security and add an investment arm that partners with the Development bank and IRD and people who have ideas of business and small business throughout the island. GOAL: create 15 – 20,000 new jobs. Give incentives to business for hiring and contribute to SS. An example of an incentive would be reduced import cost or tax break. The same is happening in the US and EU but they have safety nets and social programs for their people.

  4. A #Rock and a #Herd #place!
    Once, the alleged Herd Immunity is reached, there will be no #Back-To-Normal, nor Back To The Future!
    This is the #New #Norm, and the businesses of COVID-19, just like those which survived the Roaring 20’s(1900 – 1950), many of which have allegedly created such things as climate change or global warming, and made trillions of dollars, these businesses of today which are profiting tremendously, could give a rats ass, as to which economy is suffering, who are dying, who can’t find work, who’s pointing fingers at whom, their bottom line/profits remains their main concern.

    When the goings get tough, the tough get going even when it’s rough!

    While some are advocating for entrepreneurship among the younger generation’s in particular, the businesses of entrepreneurs still require a framework to function, and part of the Government’s responsibility to provide a part of this framework, built on education, Grant’s, tax breaks etc., the same old talking points which we’ve heard over the years from politicians.

    These days the #Spider dangling on a single silk thread, in mid air and not letting go, must be the #Spirit of many people during these times.


  5. Does the writer of this letter watches international news? Or is it easier to blane everything that happens in the world on Gaston Browne?

    • @……To be honest and #Frank with you, even though my name is Vere and not Frank and pointing fingers, ain’t gonna do #Diddly #Squat to help.
      Antiguans and Barbudan who have being spoilt by these politicians over the years with trinkets, junkets and fluff now need to become what, we say we are, and this is INDEPENDENT, not as a governing body, since, all of these governing bodies are interconnected in more ways than imaginable with basically similar policies, but INDEPENDENT as a People. This is the crust of the matter, the # Critical point from which we must reverberate from, going forward in this #New norm/dispensation.

      Said …

      …it’s a hard road to travel
      …and, a rough-tough way to go!

  6. Everyday an idiot writes a story it is being published. What a shame. It lowers the standard if you ask me. Cannot comment on every stupidity that someone voiced. Leave them in their own ignorance.

  7. @Sidelines: You are calling the writer an idiot.I am reading your response and you are more idiotic than the writer.Then you went on to say,you could not comment on every stupidity that someone voiced.However,you did respond,Gaston Browne as Sidelines.

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