Lawyer Says Magistrates’ Courts Should Be Returned To Their Original Locations


Attorney-at-law Leon ‘Chaku’ Symister has called for the Magistrates’ Court to be returned to their original location.

He told Progressive FM that more attention needs to be paid to the lower court.

Symister was making reference to two Magistrates’ Courts which are operating from temporary locations.

Last year, the Government made a decision to transfer the operations of the All Saints and St. John’s courts to more suitable locations because they were in a deplorable condition, with mold and leaking roofs.

All Saints Court In Herberts

Now, the All Saints Magistrates Court is operating from the Transport Board facility in Herberts, while the St. John’s Magistrates Court, inclusive of the Traffic Court, operates from the Knuckle Block complex in Grays Farm.


Symister told the radio station it can be challenging for accused persons, other litigants, and witnesses to get to Herberts,  using public transportation since that location is not one a direct bus route.

Given the challenges, the attorney says that every effort should be made to return the courts to their original locations and ease the strain on court users.






    • That’s just what I was thinking! Is this old boy, Chaku Waku or whatever his name really is, running for office or something? His ideas on this matter make sense, however.

      • He is from Grays Farm.He was born there and grew there.All of us played sports in King George Ground.Such a sporting facility was not available to us as young boys growing up the the Community.Why do you think.He is running for Politics.Because he spoke out in this matter.

      • @Carla, Isn’t Cutie Benjamin old to and he is running in the next election and also he is the Attorney General? Chuku has the right to be what he wants. He is a born Antiguan just like Cutie.

  1. By the way a Donovan’s me barn.
    That knuckle Block Project was built as a sporting complex.For the poor children of the Gray’s/Green Community and beyond.Why it was turn into a Magistrate Court.Not a Basketball Court is beyond the pale.The people for whom it was built.Should not be sitting idly by and let this continued.The people of those areas are always being taken advantage of.Since the days when VC Bird was the Representative of that Constituency.There was a garbage dump in the heart of Greenbay.Persons were living within 100 feet of it.They were living in the area before that dump came along.When it was lit.The smoke was stifling for those persons and further afield.We the people put a stop to that.We put up barriers to prevent the trucks from entering the area to dump garbage.We did not back down.Sometimes you must take a stand and be counted.That Knuckle Block Complex.Should be returned to its original usage,a sporting complex.Not a damn courthouse.I am from deep in the Mud and me say so.

  2. How old is this guy anyway? He is looking so ageable. Nothing against his proposal, just shocked to see him looking that old.

    • Guess you have NOT seen Cortwright Marshall then. Brace yourself. If you think Lovell look weary, you nah see nutten yet.

      • BUGSY you are the best. Very humorous indeed and maybe Kristi is indeed looking for a husband.

  3. It is full time for the people from the Grays Green community to enjoy their patrimony for whom the complex was built for….. In my view, an exchange is no robbery. The govt have been using the complex for several years now, why couldn’t they pay a monthly fee to the Grays Green restoration committee on behalf of the Grays Green people for the usage…? Atleast the complex would be enjoyed by the Grays Green community,
    one way or the other.

  4. A. JAMES your question as to whether Bowen can run in an election to become a member of the House of Representative is answered by section 39 of the Constitution. Under the provisions provided in that section with respect to disqualification to run for election to the House, Bowen does not fall within any of those provisions. So the answer to your question is yes Bowen can run. I know it is a question that is on the minds of many ABLP supporters because they know that Bowen will be a formidable candidate to beat in St. Phillip’s South so they are running scared already. I know for sure that it is something that is occupying the mind of one Caudley “Beef” Joseph.

    I am a UPP Supporter but this ISSUE is on the minds of many Antiguans ( BLUE or RED) so please let Us not POLITICIZE this issue. If Mr. Bowen is confirmed on this ticket the ABLP will have a field day. UPP cannot afford to give the ABLP anymore AMMUNITIONS if UPP want to win the election. In my opinion I would advise Brother Harold Lovell to veto Mr. Bowen nomination. Let Us take the constitution out of this…Most People DO NOT give a damn about constitution. PERCEPTION is reality. You as a LEGAL ADVISOR to the UPP should know better . Lots of UPP members are upset.

  6. A. JAMES if you are a UPP supporter then I believe this is a matter that we can have a discussion about. I am sure you know where my office is so feel free to drop in any time for a chat. You asked the question whether Bowen was eligible to run and I answered by indicating that he was not disqualified by the Constitution so I was not bringing the Constitution into it, I was only stating the law. If you believe that Bowen’s candidacy will be giving AMMUNITION to the ABLP you might be very mistaken. In fact the prospect of Bowen’s candidacy as a few others on the UPP’s slate is driving serious fear in the ABLP. This is a case in point where perception might not be reality. Anyway, only time will tell but I am convinced that Bowen will be a very formidable candidate to beat.

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