Lawyer rubbishes suggestions that Choksi is faking illness


Mehul Choksi’s lawyer Justin Simon QC denied suggestions that his client was feigning sickness to delay court proceedings.


Simon called the suggestions “nonsense” and said Choki sought and was initially denied medical attention when he was first held in Dominica.


“In fact, when the matter went to the High Court on the writ of Habeas Corpus, which means bring the body before the court, one of the orders that the court made was that he seek, he obtain medical attention immediately”, the lawyer said.


Choksi arrived in Antigua on Wednesday, a day after the High Court in Dominica granted him $10,000 bail to travel for medical treatment.


“You can see from the video footage that he has come not only in a wheelchair but also machines attached to him”, Simon said, insisting that his client was genuinely ill.


“Let me also state that the order from the High Court in respect of granting bail was by consent so that the other party, the police represented by the DPP and the other lawyer Lennox Lawrence consented and agreed to the order, which was made. So, it was an order by consent, both parties agreeing that this was necessary,” the lawyer explained.


According to reports, Choksi will be treated by a specialized neurologist in Antigua then must return to Dominica to face trial for alleged illegal entry there.


Simon said that his client won’t know how long the treatment will last until the doctor assesses him on Thursday.
Simon QC

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  1. Why doesn’t your client go to US or Uk for treatment if it’s a matter of life and death for him. Even Indian government is ready to give him world class treatment for his condition, absolutely Free of cost.
    But still your client wants to go to Antigua and not any other country which might be able to provide him better treatment, speaks volumes about his sole intention to avoid facing the law for the Frauds he has committed.

  2. A lot of fraud has been committed by some of the leaders and we turn a blind eye because of politics. This little rock was built on corruption with a self enrichment leader who seeks to get rich while others suffer pretending to care for the people but is concerned only to fill his pocket.

  3. …and, we know when it comes to #Filty Lucre
    …you can wash it through any lawyer!
    …and even if, you spell it #Dirty Money!
    …Our Nation can wash it clean!
    …just bring to Antigua & Barbuda
    …and take it to an attorney! Cousin Justin.
    …’cause, they the machinery!
    …to wash them, by the bag full!
    …just like any Laundry City.
    …so! PAPI! Put your mouth piece on that
    …and blow it out! Shout it out!
    …don’t care if the Lap Dogs bark and shout.
    …since, these are the facts!

  4. India has wonderful medical facilities and chubby Choski will get world class treatment there. Time fo him to just get outta here!!! India will send a first class Medivac Plane for him.

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