Lawyer Concerned Over The Lock-Up Conditions At Police Station Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic


Attorney-at-law, Dane Hamiliton, has shared his concerns over the present lock-up conditions at the St. John’s Police Station saying it is a health risk especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

He expressed his concerns in a Facebook group, Crime Antigua and Barbuda Report.

“I’m concerned. In light of the virulence of the virus causing COVID-19 we need to look at the unsanitary conditions at the St. John’s Police Station for arrested persons, some of whom may very well be released without charge” Hamilton said.

Hamilton also shared from his experience after visiting the station recently, saying “on conducting a station visit I met the usual numbers of detainees, no precautions, no distancing no additional sanitary measures”.

Hamilton is calling on the relevant authority to give Station Bail to persons charged with minor offences where there is insufficient facilities at St. John’s police station.

He also suggested that persons who are to come into the station for questioning should be given dates and times to attend.

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  1. The best way to avoid these problems is to simply be a law abiding citizen. Jail or prison was never meant to be warm and inviting. It’s the doorway to hell on earth, and lawbreakers should know that in advance.

    • Are you positing that once a person is arrested that they are automatically guilty and deserve all that’s coming? If so, where is the natural justice ? Even if they are guilty there is something called human rights. It is not expunged by guilt. The attorney seems to be a strong advocate for human rights and he recognizes a serious public health risk that can affect not only the prison system but the very society we live in. Kudos!!

    • Hopefully one day you’ll be wrongfully convicted even as a so called law abiding citizen, let’s see what you’ll say then… One side thinker!

    • Conard I would like to see your mother in jail. I’m sure you will have another position . “Grand Con ” If you’re so smart translate.

    • It is not all in lockup have committed a crime. Some are held there for a day because of drunk and disorderly. Those that are accused of committing a crime have not been charged or convicted should not be treated this way. We are all human and have the Human Rights Act to protect us.

  2. It’s a burning shame that a lawyer has to bring such a matter to the fore….. The police are deemed to be the ones responsible to enforce the law…… Why is it percieved that they are breaking it….?Are they operating by the mantra ” do as we say and not as we do” The police should know better….. Social Distancing is a critical ingredient in our daily living whether or not the law has being violated…… Persons health comes first!!! As of officers, now is not the time to be hostile…. It is the time to begin to think outside of the box and think of new ways to operate with persons who violate the law. Remember, the Covid-19 virus is an infectious disease and it can be easily transmitted…… Minimizing the transmission will be better for us all including me and for you….

  3. Mr Hamlition is right but did it really take covid 19 for them to see how inhumain the conditions at St. John’s Police Station is? Hope he will keep up with this after the covid crisis is over.

  4. The conditions of the cells at the St. John’s Police Station and also the conditions at the Prison are well known and lawyers have commented on the issue for years. About a year a more ago the Attorney General tried to have the cells in St. John’s cleaned. However, the issue raised by Mr. Hamilton with respect to the conditions of the holding cells is even more critical now given the ease with which covid 19 could be spread while being in police lockup. I was at the station on Saturday to see a client and the first thing that struck me was the number of young men in the cell and without masks.

  5. On leaving the station I expressed my observation to the guard desk. Can you imagine that if one of those men was afflicted with the covid 19 virus that all of them would likely catch it because of the close confinement and lack of masks. An accused is innocent until found guilty and therefore better conditions should really be provided for people in police lookup.

  6. Tabor why are you complaining now ? Was it the same condition when UPP was in power …Also was it the same condition when you were arrested ? So CONVENIENT . You like to paint a perfect photo for UPP . Be HONEST IN YOUR postings.

  7. True Antiguan? Where does politics come into the present discussion of the conditions of police lockup, particularly with the overcrowding and the possible impact of the covid 19 crisis on those held in the lockups. You guys politicize everything. One can only ask God to help people like you to see clearly and act objectively.

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