Latest consumer price index shows major increases in cost of food, energy


The Statistics Division, under the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance releases the CPI for Mar 2022.

Year-on-Year Analysis

The All Items index rose 6.1% for the twelve months ending March 2022. The annual inflation rate rose further than the February 2022 inflation of 4.5%.

The Food inflation increased by 9.4% over the twelve months while the Energy index increased by 11.0% over the same period.

All major food group indexes increased in March. The largest increase was for the index for Oils and Fats which increased by 24.3%.

The index for Fruit rose 18.6% while the index for Sugar, Jams, Honey Chocolate, and Confectionery was 14.3%. The index for Meat and Meat Products rose 14.2% with all of its components increasing. The index for Fish and Seafood increased by 8.7%.

The Energy Index rose 11.0%, the first increase since October 2020. The rise was due to the increase of fuel at the pump.

A gallon of diesel increased from $12.20 to $15.50 while gasoline from $12.50 to $15.70. All other major components remained constant (20 lb. LPG cooking, and fuel variation rate).

The index for All Items Less Food and Energy rose 5.0% in March following a 4.1% increase in February.

The indexes for Miscellaneous Goods and Services, Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco and Furnishings, Household Equipment, and Routine Household Maintenance were the largest factor in the increase. All other increases remained the same from the previous month.

Month-to-Month Price Changes

The Monthly Consumer Price Index increased by 1.5% for the month ending March 2022.

The Food index rose 0.2% in March. The largest increase within the food category was the index for Sugars, Jam, Honey, Chocolate, and Confectionery which increased by 8.0%. It followed a 2.8% increase in February 2022.

The index for Oils and Fats rose 3.3% while the index for Food Products N.E.C increased 1.8%. The index for Milk, Cheese, and Eggs rose 1.1%.

In contrast to the increases, there were decreases in the indexes for Fruit (-6.9%), Meat and Meat Products, and Vegetables (-0.2%).

The Energy Index rose 11.0% following increases in Diesel and Gasoline at the pump.

The index for All Items Less Food and Energy rose 0.8% in March. The index for Transport Services rose 10.1% in March 2022.

The indexes for Alcoholic Beverages, Tobacco, and Narcotics increased 1.2% over the one month period.

The index for Furnishings, Household Equipment, and Routine Household Maintenance increased 0.3% after rising 0.1% in February.


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      • The likkle malnourished boy from Point don’t give a damn about you or any other Antiguan. In case you haven’t notices. the man is corrupted by money and power and is the worse Prime Minister Antigua ever had. no clue how to deal with the problems that Antiguans have to face.. no water..bad roads.. high prices..while he gets richer.. the sooner we vote him out.. the better!

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          *SOME* accomplishments include:

          1.Made shares available to the citizenry from WIOC
          2. Abolished Personal Income Tax
          3. Provided many upscale homes in Denfields, Dredgers & Paynters to the average person
          4. Constructing PLH in Barbuda
          5. Improve the housing of the residents in Booby Alley in Point
          7.Renovated several Gov’t building
          8. Extended & created a 1 stop shop at the port
          9. Relieved customers of arrears for APUA
          10. Improved ABS programming
          11. Removed the $5.00 charge from the school meal program
          12. Paid off the IMF in full
          13. Transformed & expanded St. John’s Harbour
          14. Transformed Heritage Quay to accommodate Oasis class VESSELS
          15. Constructed a university
          16. Granted young & old to own a descent vehicle
          17. Reduced jail sentencing for youngsters who smokes marijuana
          18. Improved the water system.
          19. Masterminded & became a trendsetter to manage Covid-19 virus
          20. Built the Novelle Richard’s secondary school
          21. Improved VR Stadium drainage to avoid another embarrassment of having sand as the foundation
          22 Saved the banks from being sold
          23. Increased the Scholarship program
          24. Initiated a Entrepreneurial Development Fund
          25. Instituted the H.A.P.I. (Home Assistance Program for the indigent)
          26. Constructed polyclinics in Glanvilles & Villa
          27. Constructed the Friars Hill & George Walter Highway
          28. Instituted the 2nd Chance program
          29. Created a new runway in Barbuda to accommodate bigger aircraft
          30. Rescued the Barbudans from the Hurricane
          31 Reached out & Granted amnesty to the non nationals
          32. 1. Ensuring that profitable State insurance was not sold
          33. Renovated existing government buildings instead of turning one for eg into a parking lot as was planned by the former admin
          34. Saved former ABI Bank depositors
          35. Property tax debt forgiveness for home owners
          36. The Global ports deal which will ensure A&B starts receiving profits from its port investment
          37. Changing Barbuda from a ghost (PLH investment, airport project, alt energy project)
          38. McKinnon’s Upper Gambles, and York’s communities climate change adaptation project
          39. Banking policy which ensured assets for intl banks came to local ownership (Scotia & RBC sale)
          40. Equipping Sir Lester Bird hospital (30 million) with diagnostic equipment
          41 . Friars hill and airport road Project
          42. Early childhood Learning and Resource Centre in buckleys
          43. Housing program catering to the $3,000 income range
          44. Expansion of UWI FIVE ISLANDS
          45. Recipient of UWI LEGACY AWARD
          46. via UWI, educational studies for inmates inthe Lifelong Learning Unit

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