Double-Murder Convict Burga Says His Sister Destroyed His Family


In the trial involving double-murder convict Calvin “Burga” James, James told the court that his sister, Liburd, was responsible for destroying his family.

James’ lawyer, Justin Simon QC, gave supporting details saying his client’s actions were due to a constant issue with his sister, Liburd, which escalated to where his children had been barred from walking from his home, through hers, despite it being the ordinary path for them to get out of the yard.

Burga was given a chance in the court after family members shared their feelings in a victim impact assessment procedure and he explained that his actions were not premeditated and that he only brought a gun to the home to protect his money.

According to him, his nephew (Lawrence James) was coming into his home to shower and so he shot him but not with the intention of killing him.

He added that his nephew and his nephew’s girlfriend made attempts to beat his girlfriend in the past.

In the early part of the victim impact assessment, his nephew (Lawrence James) spoke first lamenting over his deceased girlfriend Sanchezca Charles.

A tearful James shared that he and Sanchezca had big plans for their future together.

However, while his nephew was in tears, Burga could be seen chuckling, shaking his head and behaving in a dismissive manner.

Last month, James pleaded guilty to two counts of murder for the death of his niece, Tahisha Thomas and his nephew’s girlfriend, Sanchezca Charles.

The women were shot dead during an incident in Donovans on October 5, 2018.

He also pleaded guilty to shooting with intent to murder since he also shot his nephew, Lawrence James during the same incident.

At the time of this incident, the defendant was on bail for charges from another violent incident, in which he attacked other family members in 2015.

Last July, he pleaded guilty to attempted murder of his niece, Amanda James and wounding his sister, Ineta Liburd with intent.

After hearing Burga’s statement, the High Court judge concluded that Burga had no remorse and is in fact still outraged about property and other trivial family matters.

Sentencing was originally set for Thursday but it has been postponed to March 12, 2020.






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  1. Still not seeing the error of his ways. Stop with the excuses. You murdered people by bringing a gun to a snowball fight! Then people want to say have mercy because you plead guilty!!! You need to be hang plain and simple

  2. I am still wondering who is the victim….. Is it Burga or is it his family members who got shot…….? Yes I may sound a bit controversial but according to the story, it appears that Burga has been provoked based on the alleged family feud… The bible clearly states provoke not to anger… I certainly agree that what Burga did certainly was not right…. Life is sacred! He did not give life and so, he has no right to take any… In addition there is consequences to one’s actions…. Now, if Burga is considered a victim in this instance, I assume every action creates a reaction…. However, I will certainly not agree with the reaction of taking a life… We cant allow our emotions to take the best of us especially when we are upset about anything……In the end there will and can be regrets…….

    • Many of us have been used abused and swindled but he take our cases to court or to Our God as we understand him in prayer. We do not go on a rampage and try to wipe out our abusers. He is a danger to himself and society at large . May God have mercy on his soul

    • asking Bluddy Bloke, why exactly are you wondering who is the victim? Even if he was provoked, killing your own family members in cold blood can not be excused. Let us not get too philosophically here, there is a point when certain actions can not be justified.

    • May have been provoked,yes-but there is no justification for the vicious acts he carried out on his own relatives.. When faced with any situation in life,we have choices ,the choices we make sometimes come with huge consequences..I do not think the death penalty justifies anything,but a life sentence sure will be torture,when he has all the time to really think about what he did and maybe he could have simply walked away instead.His conscience will be his tormentor,that’s if he has one

  3. He is an obvious psychopath he had no conscience or the capacity to feel empathy, evidenced by his amusement
    In the victims ststement given by his nephew. Whether he was born that way or crested by chilfhood Trauma because i am aware his mother died when he was (approx 1976)just a child and God only knows how he was raised. His uncontrlsble rage and cruelty makes him a danger to everyone who may cross him. Thete is no cure for that . He should die in prison or be executed.

  4. My sympathies to both parties, you know why? because there’s never a winner in these sad situations no one wins, we all wish it never happened but every action has consequences, may god help them all🙏🏾

  5. It looks like one badass bunch to me, a totally dysfunctional case. Who raised there people anyway? He must now hang by the neck until he dead. That is JUSTICE.

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