Last minute ditch to install membranes is not going to fix water problem, says Lovell


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  1. King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe you need new membranes for your brain!!!!

    • You like to regurgitate the same manure every day, using different pseudonym, so I will remind you of the following.

      Alex Saab Moran drug trafficker & money launderer who Gaston appointed as economic envoy in 2014, just 3 months after the ALP won the general, is in US custody singing like a cage bird about his activities in antigua and elsewhere.

      Then there is the cove head land swap,involving the top dawg baby mama. This hair dresser was given prime plots of land at friars hill, for swamp lands at dredge bay

      • Fool Ruler, King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe sank our economy and now wants to reinflict TRAUMA to our country! Hell no👎

    • Just let Sherfield Bowen know you just want to give him a BELOW JOB instead of posting his name repeatedly.
      You are in love with Bowen. Aren’t you?

  2. KING LYAD LIMPY JOE, the two ah aryuh look Horrible.
    Stop that program NOW and get somebody to fix it up properly and DEFINITELY get a better looking host. You too need some makeup. Yuh don’t watch cable TV interviews?


  3. Under Lovell/UPP SEMCORP WAS OWED $22,000,000.00 and started to suppress water since UPP DIDN’T PAY SEMCORP!!

    Paula Lee was the then PRO.

      • Kindly leave shortie name out of your blog-name. To say when he will be charged suggests that he has committed a crime and we do not have any proof of that.

        • EDITOR thank you for banning ghetto rumours and aspersions. NO FACTS just mekkup story.

          The FACT is: SHERFIELD BOWEN used a GUN to SHOOT TESSA BARTHLEY in her NECK!!!

          UPP has now evidently “rewarded” him with candidacy. Poor SHAWN NICHOLAS! Your own people “throw you under the bus”

          Good thing it wasn’t the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

  4. “Too little, too late …”

    Well said Mr Lovell, everyone can see (accept the ABLP “generational” supporters), that all Gaston Browne was doing with the water situation was just pure electioneering.

    Oh, by the way citizens of Antigua, 🇦🇬 there are now 129 days until the FULL implementation of the island wide WATER system by the 30th of September 2022.

    I’m no engineer, but I know a few, and there all in accordance that to complete this water system in just over 4 months is almost nigh IMPOSSIBLE.

    This date is so important that it is worth repeating (so that everybody can make a note in their mobile phones and diaries).

    30TH OF SEPTEMBER 2022 – we still ah watch 👀you boss!

    • I see your arse still pretending to have selected amnesia why don’t you ask Harold Lovell about the 22 million dollars bill he ran up and sempcorp and refused to pay resulting in water suspension UPP needs to have several seats about the water situation cause them nar better than labor. At least this labour governamennt trying something all other government except for Papa Brid didn’t do jack shit about the water situation.

  5. Neither of the two major political parties have anything to shout about as it relates to our water disaster. The problem became a major campaign plank in the 2014 general elections, and played a significant role in the UPP’s fall from grace. At the time, the ALP had all of the answers to our water woes. This can be evidenced by Robin Yearwood’s bold proclamation that any govt that cannot provide a basic comodity such as potable water, does not deserve to be in govt.

    Now that the ALP won the elections, 8 years later, the water problem is worse than ever. Clearly, the ALP is just as clueless and inept as the UPP in this regard.

    We need to forget red and blue and demand the end of the merry-go-round of mediocrity. Neither party has demonstrated the capacity to run this nation.

    • Why don’t you orange man run the country.

      Obviously you have never been in politics, you are a new born baby to this thing. Piggy back as much as you want.

    • @DadliManikou

      Why don’t you put your hat in the ring and quit being a 🤡 in your little circus. Nobody will vote for you 🤣🤣🤣

  6. What kind of pappy show is this? Instead of Lovell going on the radio and face hard questions from the public, just like Gaston Browne does every Saturday, he prefers to be interviewed by one of his party’s hacks and pretend as if this is a real interview.
    Give me a break. You all should go and play dolly house.

    • Don’t you see that LOVELL IS A CLOWN🤡🤡🤡🤡

      He is SCARED TO FACE THE PUBLIC. He refuse to go on shows where PEOPLE CAN CALL IN TO QUESTION HIM!!!!

      A real PUNK ASS COWARD!
      Hiding behind Gisele “pantsuit” as Daney said


  7. Lovell, why you don’t shut to stink mouth u really have some nerves. Ahh you help me bawrl murda!!!.

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