Larry Gonsalves Bids Farewell After 44 Years with WIOC


After more than four decades of service at the WIOC Friar’s Hill Road service station, Larry Gonsalves bid farewell to his colleagues.

West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) organized a special event to express their appreciation for Gonsalves, his team, and his family.

WIOC’s CEO, Gregory Georges, commended Gonsalves for his dedication to customers and the industry, acknowledging his role in developing and training staff.

Georges also highlighted the support of Gonsalves’ wife, Jonette.

Regarding recent legal matters between WIOC and Gonsalves, Georges stated that their relationship remains strong.

The Friar’s Hill service station will return to WIOC on October 16, with future plans undisclosed.






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  1. Future plans are not unknown. They are known but not disclosed. Maybe Gaston jr. knows of these future plans?

    • This is a very sad situation to witness. The poor man looks so tired. 44 years only for the PM to take the man’s business to give it to the PM’s son. With the government as the supplier of his livelihood, via WIOC, what choice did he have?

      Antigua will never improve in this manner.

      • What a sick comment! Small wonder that certain groups in this society have nothing but pure contempt for the intellectual capacity of the local populace,
        Toss any color crap to them and they would enthusiastically gobble it up. The man looks tired because, his failing health aside, he has been managing WIOC’s service station for 44 years!!! What choice did he get have? The answer is NONE!. Like any other lessee, his lease is up! 44 years later!!! What is so “sad” about this situation????? And as if the asinine comment were not shameful enough,
        Mr Really feels the need to spew the trademark MO of his sorry clan. Gaston took away the service station to give it to his son!!!! Poor, pitiable fellow.

  2. “relationship remains strong” – OH Please. You kicking the man out the place, there was/is legal battles, the man not even smiling in the photo, but yet, “relationship is strong”.

    I Tell U bout dem People

    Anyway just make way for the World Boss new investment

  3. Those of us who frequented that service station knows of the tremendous service that Larry and his wife Jonette and their staff have provided over the years. The customer service was always consistent and warm. Larry is a beacon of light and often comes to the pump to serve customers himself occasionally. Thanks for the excellent service over the years.

    • I fully agree!!!! However, life is a state of constant motion and so Larry, like all the rest of us normal people, it’s time to move on. Best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement.

  4. Just another grab by this greedy,corrupt government. Sad,really sad. George’s is another puppet, singing to maintain his $40,000 salary. These people lie with impunity. I will not be patronizing that place.
    Oust this lunatic DAWG, and let the investigations begin.

  5. Gregory…your father would be disappointed at your inhumane and mercenary behavior. He would not be proud at all. Shame to see how this elderly man was treated.

  6. @Really, let’s just wait and see. I don’t give a damn what article you’re referencing says. Our courts are compromised, just like so many people in this country.
    Our country is shrouded in lies, deception and secrecy spearheaded by the ALP government. We have seen no audited report of our tax dollars,we know not how much is being spent on the Alpha Nero. What makes you think that what we’re being told is on the up and up here? Continue to be naive. Time will tell.

  7. The lease is up so nothing is wrong with the owners taking it and running it, that’s business. Larry was a good manager and if he saved for retirement and payed his statuary contributions he should be getting is retirement checks.
    On the other hand it is normal for him and his family to try and hold on to this business, since from all accounts it seems be doing well.
    Gregory is following the orders of his puppet master and of course protecting his big fat pay check. It is sad that he took this picture with Larry who looks very unhappy and him grinning from ear to ear and posting it like a joyous occasion for both parties. That shows how disingenuous he is or has become. That poor publicity Gregory it would have been much better to go through the entire process quietly.

  8. Mr. Gonsalves looks ill and maybe it’s time to hang it up and get some well deserved rest and relaxation. The legal issues is now before the courts and the judiciary will provide a ruling.
    It is a great thing that the Company expressed their appreciation for a dedicated manager and his team. Mr. Gonsalves has provided forty years of dedicated service to that Company and it’s clients.
    There comes a time when we all have to hang it up. Otherwise we might expire on the job. As a customer of WIOC, thank you Mr. Gonsalves.

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