Large mass of seaweed threatens Caribbean tourism


A massive collection of seaweed that is said to have grown in the Atlantic Ocean is making its way toward Floridaโ€™s shores and other Gulf of Mexico coastlines, potentially depositing deadly masses over beaches and significantly affecting the summer travel season.

It is said that the seaweed, a variety called sargassum, has long generated substantial blooms in the Atlantic.

According to reports, scientists have been monitoring significant accumulations since 2011, but this yearโ€™s sargassum mass spans more than 5,000 miles from the coast of Africa to the Gulf of Mexico.

Reports say it could be the largest on record.

According to Dr. Brian Lapointe, a researcher at Florida Atlantic Universityโ€™s Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, the blob is currently pushing west and will pass through the Caribbean and up into the Gulf of Mexico during the summer.

He said that the seaweed is expected to become prevalent on beaches in Florida around July.

He further mentioned that in Barbados, locals were clearing the beaches of seaweed using 1,600 dump trucks per day to make them suitable for tourists and recreation on the beaches.

He also noted that this new phenomenon of the ocean is harming tourism in the Caribbean where it accumulates on beaches up to 5 or 6 feet deep.

Lapointe said that the sargassum bloom this year started to emerge early and doubled in size between December and January, adding that it was greater in January than it has ever been since this new zone of sargassum development began in 2011.

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  1. Just found out they make floating barriers for this. I don’t know how much it costs but it must be much cheaper than hauling it away in trucks.

  2. Definitely signs of the end of times. Worse shall it become as we draw closer to the end of this evil world.
    We have destroyed everything our hands have touched and even nature is crying out for HELP.
    Unfortunately, our greed and selfishness will only continue to bring more destruction on this planet.
    Our ONLY HOPE is DIVINE intervention.
    No COP27, 28 or any environmentalist can solve this problem which has spiritual roots.
    The` world is in a mess. When they say “peace & safety”; look out because sudden destruction is upon us.
    The world banks are frantically trying to avoid a repeat of the global banking crisis of 2008– 2010. Our governments tell us about GDP growth of 8 …9 percent. They do not tell the people the TRUTH because they are deceived and corrupt. When the markets crash, so will all these small island economies. When the sargassum comes in…then will our tourist industry will crash also.

    People: it is time to awake out of the slumber. Look up for Redemption draws nigh for those who will follow Righteousness.

    A merciful God will intervene just at the right time to rescue all who follow His way.

  3. A large mass of seaweed that formed in the Atlantic Ocean is headed for the shores of Florida, the Caribbean and other coastlines throughout the Gulf of Mexico, threatening to dump smelly and potentially dangerous heaps across beaches and put a big damper on the tourist season. Caribbean Government must find ways of dealing with this issue or risk damage to their tourism product. There was some talk sometime ago about building a plant in Barbados where this seaweed can be shipped and milled into fertilizer for agricultural use. We have to find ways of turning this sore eye into something useful and productive.

  4. In September 2023,I went up to Long Bay. The entire shoreline was fill with seaweed. There was a front end loader and trucks removing the seaweed from the Hotel Horizon that day. I then went up to Devil’s Bridge and did see all of the seaweed coming across the Atlantic Ocean. The experts should be able to tell us. What are the factors contributing to this increase in that type of seaweed.

  5. It appears that this is a natural phenomena that us humans who live on land but love to sea bathe and enjoy the ocean have a problem with. So maybe there’s a way to coexist. Besides they say that that seaweed can be used as a fertilizer so there is a solution for when it’s heading our way. We to turn our focus to cleaning our beaches and at the same time fertilizing our land so that our farmers can benefit and in turn we have food security. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise my peoples.

  6. We seem to forget, that sometimes all the “experts” can do is tell. The reason we have sargassum in the first place is the same reason we have Cuban frogs and African snails…somebody messed with something they shouldn’t have. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but what I heard is that it was disturbed from the sea floor while doing maintenance on some undersea cable. The sargassum grows because that is what it was designed to do. Our beaches are just in the way.

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