Larceny Victim Says She Forgives The Perpetrator


A business operator Vivia Ingram, who was a victim of a recent break in, says she forgives the perpetrator who she knows well and she won’t forget.

Two Saturdays ago Vivia woke up to her snackette, in front of her house on Johnson Main Road, broken into and the contents therein all gone.

“I realise the fridge empty, nothing at all was it, not even a bottle of water. Gas pan was gone and money; everything was stolen. I checked the freezer and realised that like the meats and all those things were gone.” She said.

The intruder had reportedly gained entry to the shop by removing louvers from the window.

Vivia says it was not her first time being a victim of theft as her former business, a game shop, was robbed of all its applicances. As such she had a greater sense of preparedness with the installation of a surveillance camera in her snackette which captured footage of the perpetrator in the act.

Caught on camera, the intruder was seen scurring through the snackette, taking contents from the refridgerator stacking them in crates which was used to store empty bottles.

The business operator says the perpetrator caught on camera is someone she knows very well and although she feels betrayed, she practices forgiveness.

“It was somebody I talk to, laugh with, we run jokes and everything. The person doesn’t live too far from me and I am really surprise that he could do something like that to me but honestly I forgive him; I already forgive him. Even though my kids, my grandchildren they could not get anything to eat for days because the only cylinder he left was empty and searching all over Antigua there was no gas.” she said.

“Yes he didn’t have any mercy on me, but you have to say what would Jesus do” she added.

Police have arrested the suspect but as for Vivia her snackett remains close. She appeals to other business owners to be as prepared as she was by installing surveillance cameras.




  1. Forgiving someone for stealing from you.Has nothing to do with the Police handling of the matter.The Police do not based their judgments on your forgiveness.Because if the Police were to do so.All alleged criminals who are forgiven by the victims would be walking free.

  2. Its a good thing that Vivia has forgiven the thief, now she can get on with her life. I just hope that the justice system provides an adequate response.

  3. Forgiveness is one thing and yes Vivia must be commended for that….. However, the perpetrator has caused a deep hurt & suffering among many, hence they need to be punished… There are consequences to ones actions and forgivingness is certainly not of them… Yes malice should not be held towards the perpetrator but If we continue to forgive especially if the act is not a mistake, then the fabric of our society will continue to deteriorate because the perpetrators will prey on these emotions of forgiveness…..

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