Lands, Education, Culture & Religion = Native Antiguan


By Makeda Mikael

Our hardworking Nigerian friend in Agriculture needs a native Antiguan understudy who will keep him out of trouble in these pre-election times. And as we say native Antiguan, we are simultaneously recognizing that with the introduction of our Criminal Investment Program, we now have several levels of citizens with native Antiguans coming last.

This most recent fiasco in Old Road has forced our good Land-warrior Kublai to move in with his people to defend the lands for the native people of Old Road.

The rebuilding of community is a pleasing sight as the breadbasket of Antigua is protected by the people for the people.

Our Ministry of Lands allowed the native fisherfolk to be sold out to a Chinese Principality which has the power to shutdown their fisheries in the entire Northsound region, and in spite of the environmental disaster looming nothing is being done to safeguard rights for the native Antiguan livelihood. The people must hold on to their lands.

Kublai has to remind people that it was Old Road that fed the native Antiguans when for one whole year Bird and the people demanded that all, “Hold the Line” in a strike against the colonial Moody Stuart, (and his heirs and successors!).

Clearly our modern administrations having sipped from the cup of globalism in the days of giving are learning the hard way now in the time of taking, when all who gave are now coming in for the take. Native Antiguans must continue to ‘Hold the Line’ when it comes to land which native Antiguans bought and paid for with their own sweat, not just the sweat of their ancestors.

Antigua and Barbuda are islands which really are their lands, and without which as a people they do not exist, especially in these times when citizens are a dime a dozen, and natives are placed at the end of the line, constantly robbed of their land and possessions to satisfy the needs of the new citizens, their heirs and successors.

The hills are constantly denuded of trees in this drought stricken land to make room for ocean view mansions, without thought of tree replacement as a boon to nature. And as the supermarkets increase in size so do their permits for vegetable and fruit imports stymieing any farmer’s dream.

Education, our culture, and our religion will no longer be part of native Antiguans if the lands are owned and controlled by the other newly found and gratuitously citizenized peoples of other worlds and cultures.

Native Antiguans are being pushed into the background of all their affairs as other citizens take over their roles in all areas of government and the private sector. Time for action, NATIVE ANTIGUANS “HOLD THE LINE!”

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  1. …lakkah de saying goes,
    …who nar hear will feel

    The Art of War, is always shadowed by The Art of Deception!

  2. This article contains thinly disguised racism and xenophobic ideas.
    It expresses typical socialist tactics of ‘divide and conquer’, pitting rich against poor, white against blacks and foreigners against natives. The concept of being ‘native’ I find particularly amusing.

    History informs us that our so called ‘natives’ were brought here by Europeans and some of these European families still live here! So obviously, who is MORE NATIVE?

    End this CLASS WARFARE nonsense for it eats you up.

    • That article is correct and native Antiguans should protect their rights before its sold out to foreigners. There is no way that Antiguans are able to go to China and purchase prime real estate. Barbados, Bermuda and other islands have provisions that protect native rights, this prohibits foreigners from purchasing real estate and regulating work permits. Antigua has been very inclusive to the detriment of our country. You seem to be someone who migrated to Antigua and benefited from our country’s free enterprise but have contempt for the people. People like you need to leave my country.

    • @My opinion on this…while European families may have brought some of ‘natives’ whose families, and some of the European families still live here(as in Antigua), there are several key #facts which you have omitted, intentionally or not…

      1…those European Terrorists sponsored by the Churches of Europe, who came to these islands and then brought forced labor from Africa, met natives here on these Islsnds who they terrorized, murdered and stole their lands.

      2…Those stolen lands were then made to produce goods by those enslaved by the Terrorist European Orders who not only profited tremendously, they did very little physical work, as in toil day in day out, in squalid and inhumane conditions to live and enjoy life.

      3…Speaking of “toil,” even though many of those European Terrorist families still have offsprings living in Antigua, how many of these offsprings had to #TOIL, to purchase these public lands which are being given away to all and sundry?

      The fact of the matter is, the divide and conquer ideology which you brought forth is now being employed by the offsprings of those European Terrorists #Who’re running scared of losing their control to the Asian Culture.

    • @My opinion
      This is not class warfare. This is the simple fact that native Antiguans should hold on to the lands that VC Bird bought for the people. Antiguans are concerned about loosing their lands and then being regulated to second class citizens. Name me a non black country where black people have moved to and taken over the lands? The native people in these countries would not allow it. Why do other races think they can go to black countries and take over?
      Black people are one of the most discriminated and hated people in the world by other races just because of the colour of their skin.
      We recognize that there are non black native Antiguans and we all live in harmony.
      I blame the current government for what is happening. We need a government that really cares about Antiguans and put us first.
      In Antigua all we have are our lands and our beaches and we must hold to them so future generations do not become second class citizens in their country.

    • “My Opinion on This…” Do you serio usly believe this lady is a socialist??? Tim Hector and VC Bird were socialists, and the UPP leader even was a socialist once upon a time. This lady is one of the elite. I doubt if there is anything socialist in her??? I hope I’m wrong.

      • “Our hardworking Nigerian friend in Agriculture needs a native Antiguan understudy who will keep him out of trouble in these pre-election times.”

        No, I doubt that she is a socialist but it sounds like those AROUND her are.

      • CErmle from your comment I am left to ponder whether you think being a socialist is a bad or good thing. However, I suspect that you think it is not a bad thing since you dubbed VC Bird a socialist. Some would today dubb Jesus Christ as a socialist so I guess it is not such a bad thing.

    • History will have to be rewritten. Those europeans met blacks here and that’s a fact. They simply brought more here to work without pay for nearly 400 years.

  3. remember people land and passports are only up for sale here because the people who YOU AND I AND ALL OF US put in power, are making that possible. It’s not because foreigners come here and say they wan buy dis and dat, that they can just do so. It is our so called leaders who have allowed them to do this, they have been the ones to put everything up for sale, right in front yalls very own eyes, and I’m sorry but yall voted these people in for a mere $200ec or a turkey or a computer, or some for even just “a promise to do such n such”. Its about time Antigua wakes up and takes proper interest into what our leaders are going to do and want to do, and for us to hold them accountable for it! Remember you put these people in power, I tired of hearing people say well them politicians cyan do whatever dem want and get way with it….. They do this because we allow them to… we “forget or Forgive” everything when they come around our house with a Christmas turkey… we then remember what they are doing when shit has already hit the fan (for eg. Choksi case)…. You want better for your country, well start to make better and more informed decisions…. these leaders should not be able to do whatever they want and how they want… remember we the people pay their salaries… why you think we pay taxes and ABST, and social security etc etc….. where yall think all this money goes?? You know during the Economic Depression in 2008, the people of Iceland after finding out that their leaders had invested the country’s money stupidly and lost it all, they physically and lawfully removed whoever was in power… why don’t we do the same here? Are we afraid of these people? Yes most will say but that’s because we have a long history of letting them do what they want because they are MP’s… complete bullshit!

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