Landlord Says He Has Been Patient With Tennesha Greene

Pastor George

Minister of Religion and landlord for Tennesha Greene, Wilfred Cornelius George, says he has been patient and lenient with the single mother of four.

Tennesha says he was “harassed” by her landlord for overdue rent even though he knows she was not working due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Our newsroom reached out to Pastor George and he claims that some of the statements made by Tennesha were untruthful.

According to George, Tennesha moved into the house in October 2019 and with the assistance of her friend she was able to pay the first monthly rent of $500.

She also paid November’s rent in full but for December only $300 because she had to clear an electricity bill left by the previous tenant.

George informed that while January’s rent was paid in full, it was paid late and the agreement is that rent is to be paid on the first of each month; Tennesha paid on the 19th of that month.

For the months of February and March, the unemployed mother of four paid $410 and $450 respectively, both payments were made late.

George also informed that the months of April and May were not paid bringing  her total owed to $1140.

Being a man of religion, George said he has been very lenient and would on many occasions talk to her about seeking employment; on one such occasion she hung up the phone on him.

He says she has been unemployed even before the COVID-19 pandemic and that plays a factor into why he wants her out as well as the late rent payments. In fact, he had offered to pardon her debt under the condition that she moves out, however she rejected the offer and paid $150 on May 26.

Since her facebook live, Greene said shortly after she raised over $700 to go towards her rent.

George reported that she has paid $750 towards the rent and also shares that an anonymous donor had reached out to him privately and paid $500 towards her rent.

Now, the single mother owes no rent but George says he still wants her out and has given her until the end of August to move out.

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  1. This man George … his bowels of compassion is constipated. This woman might have been placed in his property to be converted. Instead…he resorts to harassment, pride and disdain for a single mother.

    I hope his self righteous members take heed. All the tides and offerings you are giving this charlatan, you better not have an emergency. He and his church will desert you. Man George should ask himself in this situation, What would Jesus do? 😡

    • What about what would you do? Do you have bills to pay? Do you eat food? Loans? Children? Do you wear clothes? None if these things come free. Jesus never rented house to anyone. Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s. She shouldnt live in the guys house and pay when she feels like. It puts him at a disadvantage. Why you don’t help her get a job? Maybe jesus would do that.

  2. The man is right! This young lady was very disrespectful.
    So many people are condoning her actions and as he rightfully said the girl hasn’t been working since 2018.
    This is a sad situation. This young lady is lost. Smh


      • My understanding is that the amount owing was deducted from the rent amount due so and applied it to the bill whenever she went to pay it. Not that she paid it separate from the rent due.

      • Same thing I want to know why she’s the one paying left over electricity Bill from the previous tenant that he the landlord was suppose to pay before he rented her the house in the first place

    • Chups …is it you who lost her ?? Seriously she has been braiding hair . Not because she doesn’t have a fancy job like you doesn’t mean that she is not working.

  3. First off why is she paying for the electric bill that was there before she move in dats not her concern

  4. Why this young lady renting house and can’t pay she haven’t been working since first day moved in that 2019 . If u don’t want to work don’t rent people house you lucky he didn’t charge you for the late payment charges if you can’t pay ur rent and u won’t look a job go back home to ur parents home..

    He didn’t say she pay the bill he allowed her to 300 cause of the pass electric bill from previous owner

    • Sound like everyone on this feed paying rent. Let’s look on both side if the equation, how is he supposed to pay his mortgage. She was not paying correctly before the virus. We can’t just think your are going to live for free forever

      • @Jean Whyre

        What mortgage can this man have on a property that rents for $500 a month? Give me a break

        • Why are you people promoting laziness. There is no free lunch. You have to work hard for what you want.

  5. Young lady, it’s best you move out. You will continue to have a tumultuous relationship with the landlord especially because all of this is in the public.
    You also said he harassed you. You surely don’t need to be on the property of a person you view that way so now that you don’t owe him, please move out for the peace of both of you all.

  6. Some people don’t care for or put themselves in other’s shoes until it’s happening to them.

    Minister of religion is true.

    Why did she clear a previous tenant’s debt?

    Her rent is paid in full, so why still kick her out with kids in a time like this?

    He without sin please cast the first stone, because God nah sleep.

  7. Clearly this man george looking at him and reading what he said make me wonder where is his heart place. She is no angel but he is inconsiderate. U renting someone your house with arrears. George u are to flat too,u are a man of the devil.

    • Cuz she put um out pan facebook live. She shudda use the same facebook fu grow she hairdressing business not play victim.

    • The way I see it you were willing to forget the monies that was owed to you if she left your property and now you have collected you still want her out. Di u realise that u got more than what you was owed ??? REALLY MINISTER OF RELIGION! !! Since you still want her gone give her back all the money collected and the ask her to leave after all these are hard times .And you a being patient with her

      • So she suppose to live inna da man place fu all dem months rent free?? Awtfy ah so things go inna Antigua. One gyal go pan facebook live and cry and now da landlord tell fu he side ah da tory da he must ge she back money.

      • Simple maths she will inevitable owe him again in the near future. So why wait for her to owe? She should leave.

    • The young lady publicly put her business on a long video for almost and hour on Facebook and called the name of the landlord. She wanted it to be Public so go ask her

  8. I see everyone taking that young lady side and making out the landlord to be the devil. I really wonder if some of you know what some landlords have to put up with from tenants. I can say from personal experience I have shelled out thousands of dollars to fix damages done to my property by tenants. That don’t include the huge utilities bills left behind nor the amount of unpaid rent. I have even taken some of my former tenants to court and even then they refuse to pay and some don’t even bother to show up. I have had my fair shares of tenants like Tennesha Greene there is more to this story than the public knows I’ll leave it at that.

    • I totally agee with you. None of you know how hard this person worked for his property. Then her hanging up on him when he is asking for his money. Time for her to find somewhere to live. This has nothing to do with whether he is a minister or not. Her true friends should help her move out

  9. Me lub dis YAH! Dis wan ya kno, crucial and irie…

    Translation…I just love this story.
    It so crucial, essential and vital for…

    Sum Irie Soap Opera Scenes; since R We Antigua neargah, and dem lub Neargah business! And, dis ya, mel a nice Lub Tory, between de Preacher Man, Him Wife, de Choir Director(ALGQTBSP member), and of Course, de Star a de show Tameekah, she baby Dan Fadda!

    This story makes some great, Soap Opera Scenes, since, Us, good Christian Antiguan folks, loves a good gossip, peoples business…

    The Saga Continues…

  10. My question is why did this young lady had to clear the previous tenant utility bill? May be that is why she could not have paid in full in December

    • @Sexy T:
      The answer to ur query lies with the assinine policy of APUA. In a real country, when a tenant leaves a rental property the arears follow him/her to the new location. Not so with our APUA. They don’t want the responsibility of chasing their debtors. Instead, when a new tenant rents a property, they have to clear any arears before getting utility service. In most instances, the landlord will clear the arears and then take the former tenant to court to recoup his/her money. It’s confusing as to why the utility service was not disconnected. The fact that ther service was not disconnected means that the young lady lived with the reality that she could be disconnected at any moment. God knows, she probably escaped disconnection bcuz Cabinet instructed APUA to cease disconnections as we struggle with the fallout from COVID-19

  11. There are three sides to every story. Her side, his side and the truth. I honestly believe there is more to this story than what is being reported in the media. I don’t know the landlord but I can assure you that Tennisha is no angel. Far from it. Maybe the landlord is holding back a lot because his Tennant would not bat an eyelid before she would let him have it.
    The bottom line is, you don’t rent a property, you don’t ask for a loan, you don’t get into debt if you don’t have a way to repay. Right now her best bet is to pack up herself and children and go back to Dominica/St. Lucia where she has family to give a helping hand.
    I own rented property and at the beginning of April one of my Tennants informed me that the government said they should not pay rent for three months and I cannot evict them. That’s the mentality of some renters. Even when they have two or three months arrears they believe they can be wrong and strong.
    I am happy she has her rent up to date but she has to do some serious introspection and move out and move on

  12. Thank God that Good Samaritans still exist in Antigua. I pray God rich blessings on this family and may the mother find employment to take care of her 4 young ones.
    Where is/are the father(s) for these 4 young children? A father should able to put a roof over his children heads, food on the table, clothes on their backs, and shoes on their feet.
    I pray these 4 children grow up to be somebody respectable in Antigua and Barbuda, and around the world.

    • Minister of religion or not. Business is business.

      After getting an insight on her personality, my only concern is about the children.

      Where is/are the father/s?

      The bill is already cleared, so I think he should be a lil linient but he going to still want her out because it gone viral.

  13. Maybe one of you can take her in, or take up a collection to pay at least 6 months rent for her in a new place. She can do hairdressing at her residence. It will be very uncomfortable for the landlord having her there after she painted him as a landlord from hell.

  14. Melchisedec June 11, 2020 at 2:00 pm
    Having children in this era is a choice. Birth control is no secret.

    It is cruel to bring children into the world to face such hardship.

    Why add to an impoverished situation by having more babies? This is not sensible.

    One should have as many babies as they can afford.

    It is most irresponsible to further burden the society with unplanned babies.

    Why is it she has no family support? Perhaps her condition is her doing.

    Never allow your emotions guide your reasoning. 1 2 3 4 is not 4

  15. Although a man of God, I’m sure the landlord has commitments. The tenant is typical of people
    these days, having children, when neither parent has a foundation. Now that her debt has been paid by society, she should leave and work on becoming employed, hopefully before child number five. If all fails she can always turn to Facebook.

    • A lot of you people on this site and on Facebook are on Miss Greene side and are cursing Pastor George but like it or not business is business and Pastor George most likely has commitments to. Miss Greene to me seems lazy and rather irresponsiable having 4 children and not being gainfully employed and please miss me with coronavirus because she became unemployed since 2018 when the call center closed. Where are the father’s of Miss Greene children? Why cry on Facbook about life being so hard and Pastor George harassing you when you know you are a bad tenant? Is it to gain public sympathy and support? What are you going to do cause I’m sure sooner or later the public going to see your true colours. I do hope to the people who ralley behind Miss Greene find a nice place for her to live pay her rent and support her business so she does not come back on Facebook and cry about how life hard. I hope the fathers of her children man up and look after their kids. And I do hope Miss Greene is not playing on people’s emotion and looking for someone to pay her rent.

  16. Why did she have to pay previous tenants bills & then say she only paid 300 . Firstly the house needs fixing I wouldn’t pay 500 for that but you call your self a man of God . You should have prayed for the young lady & her children

  17. Her rent is all up to date.So why would you give her notice to move out in August.Why she had to pay for a previous tenant’s electrical bill?That should have been the responsibility of the Landlord.

    • Cause she is a bad tenant who nah pay she damn rent on time. If you want put she up in one of your houses on the north of the island and allow her with she 4 kids to live there rent free. Next case

      • @Chupz:Those houses of which you speak.They are fully owned by me.While persons like you were buying cars for show.I invested in real estate and now reaping the fruits of my labor.Are you too bad minded.

        • Bad minded for what. Last time I check I won my own house, I own my own piece of land and yes I own my own car. I work hard and made my scarifices so wheel and come again tuna fish. People like you want stop ah foeigen and show off ya self like ya important. The man right fu throw she out cause she nah pay he. Since you ah such a goodwill man go mek she live inna one of your fully owned property with she gang of pickney rent and utilities free lets see how long your generousity last. Next case.

          • Well said. Not one of them bashing the landlord would take her in with her four children
            They are only on the landlord’s case because they want him to be responsible for her. They know that they would not take her in themselves, so they bash landlord to salve conscience and responsibility

    • Would you still want someone who bad-mouthed you on social media to remain on your property? I think not.

      • Freedom to speak is not a privilege.It is a right.All of us were born with that right.While some of you would want to curtailed that right to speak,freely.It would never happen inna Antigua and Barbuda.It would never happen.

  18. His rent unpaid, he is unable to mert his financial obligations for which he depends on her rent to pay.

    Show hands if you would allow someone to live in your property rent free. We are expecting much of this man simply because he’s a minister but he’s first human with financial needs, obligations and responsibilities.

    Where are these babies fathers? Why make 2,3, 4, if she cannot support 1? I read straight in the young lady and spare myself the ill of listening to her video. In society many love to become the victims even when they are wrong. Sir, proceed with eviction notice forthwith.

  19. I just have one question why did she have to clear a bill that was left behind by someone else. That seem so un fair to me. I am also a landlord and I take the responsibility of whatever my tenants leave behind either by paying it or taking them to court. I feel like the electrical bill money she paid should be deducted from her rent. How can you be a man of God and did that to this woman with four kids. You knew when you rented her she was not going to pay on time or she would be able to if not for that bill you placed on her. My advise to the young lady try and leave his place. The true God has something better for you sometimes we stop our blessings by holding on to what we think is an ideal situation for us. Gods knows best. Move out lesson learned move on.

    • @ sissy..Do you have Any other advice for her? In terms of being more responsible with her life decisions ?? Some people need guidance but it seems like she’s being Pacified and not being held responsible.

      • Elsa G no I don’t have any advise for her nor anyone with their life’s decisions. Some people act like they never made a bad decision. All have been a place in life that we would love to change. And as far as her been pacified no one knows that and what if all 4 kids are with the same guy and he is dead then what. I gave her an advise. You seems to know she needs guidance instead of been pacified so why not make some guidance suggestions. Black life matters is the talk around the world hear we have 5 black lives still alive but in our black community they don’t matter. If you see your brother in need help either financially or emotionally cause today they are wearing the shoe you might wear tomorrow

        • Ms .. she has a video out on Facebook a video done in very poor taste. Her children’s fatherssss are alive and well.

          People don’t mind helping others but some people are lazy and complacent as in the case of this very young lady.. if you listen to her she herself said that she never kept a job and she’s always on hard times ????

          Why is that ?? Again she needs life advise and to be more responsible not handouts and not people saying oh leave her alone!

          Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

      • Right. So it’s like she paid him $500 and he took $200 to pay the light bill. That means she did not pay out of pocket

  20. So because he’s a pastor she suppose to get away with not paying rent?? The man nah have Bills isn’t he human? All are you a run ur mouth, why you people dont put her in a house and see for yourself, she can go look a security job ,if she realize ends not meeting, everyone struggles, but after the second child she gone down that road again and still inna people rent houses . You people just love to be seen?? Baby dad na mind the children but it took her 4 children to come to that, pastor or not pay the man he money, because I sure yall would want your money too. It was her choice to take the house knowing the Bill’s are backed up, so who she wanna blame?? Hope she puts the money to good use, the man say he want she out just get out!

  21. This lady needs to do better.. you don’t fall down over night.. you don’t get lucky overnight.. each disposition has a history behind it.. so look at the decisions you have made and your history and maybe try to change your actions and behavior.

    Step one get a job!

    Step two. You are not from Antigua so if you are in Antigua and are constantly homeless as you mentioned and have had to give up your kids in the past as you mentioned, then maybe Antigua is not for you..

    I would return to my country with my family if I cannot make it else where.. decisions decisions can’t be any worse off than homeless and begging in the land of your birth with your family.

    Good luck .. it might be time to change direction. This is blatantly not working for you.

  22. What a pompous man… turn the other cheek preacher man. Just look how he stares down at the camera in his slick preacher suit the same way he looks down on his sheep. These preachers that ask for money in exchange for the word of God are practicing priest craft. Read your Bible to learn what happens to those who collect silver in exchange for the word. Christ and His true followers never charge for the word or salvation. ‘Come unto Me,’ He said. Not, ‘Come unto me by making the messengers of my word rich by giving your last cent.’ This preacher man has earned his earthly reward, and Christ shall say, ‘I know you not!’ A more pompous man I’ve never seen. You needn’t even read his words, just look at his picture and you can see it all. Beware wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  23. 4 children * 500 dollars in child support equals 2000 monthly. 500 for rent and the rest in bills and food clothing etc. she get a job to support herself.

    • You right “On the Inside”. Where are the scamps who fathered these children? They are the ones who need to pay child support or spend some serious lock up time in 1735. These breeders must pay. Name them so we know WHO owes what, and how much.

    • Thank you very much! Maybe some people can afford to say I’m going to stay home and do hair.

      But with 4 children all so small. This woman is not one of those people .


  24. Even ppl that in his house renting …and behind a month he behave like a pig to them, a wonder what u go say pan pulpit tomorrow Sunday smh

  25. The Man of God is right. Where are the father(s) of these children? How about the child support? We’ve got a breeding problem in Antigua.

  26. Lesson from this story- stop open yuh foot to deadbeat men. And you won’t find yourself in this position

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