Land Reassignment: Ministry Cracks Down on Payment Defaulters, Offers Second Chance to Interested Buyers


The Ministry responsible for lands has announced its intention to implement a new policy regarding the reallocation of land parcels that were previously assigned.

In a press briefing held on Thursday, Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst provided details about the policy.

Over the course of several years, more than two thousand parcels of land have been assigned to individuals.

However, many of these individuals have either failed to make any payments for the land or have not completed the required payments.

As a result, the Lands Division plans to reassign these lands to other interested parties who are not only willing to acquire them but also make the necessary payments.

To prevent the transfer of their land to someone else, Hurst advised those who have been assigned land but have not fulfilled their payment obligations to either make immediate payments to the lands division or establish alternative arrangements to ensure their interest in the land remains registered.

If payments are not made by June 1, 2023, the Lands Division will commence the process of reassigning the unpaid lands to other interested parties.

Hurst clarified that many individuals initiated payments for the land but later discontinued them.

With a high demand for land, the government aims to facilitate the reassignment of these parcels if the outstanding payments are not received.

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  1. Good move gaston and maria.

    Sell off the lands are you give you all old-ass comrades under some ‘land for youth trickery scheme’.

    Dem bruk comrades (unlike gaston and maria) must learn fu pay and tap look freebs.

    Comrades, tek dat in a are you s****ing nen nen.

  2. Aryu too chuppit!
    Not one comrade will lose a single plot of land. This is a move to dispossess only those Antiguans who didn’t vote labour last election. Mark my word! This is badminded Gaston’s revenge.

  3. Look dey, Maria Browne meking sure unclaimed and unpaid land will be acquisitioned, so that family, friends and associates will benefit in the long run.


  4. These ALP wretches are just giving away Antigua people reparations. Now the mafia will get all Antigua people land.

  5. We need to know where are these lands located. Just saying lands that have not been fully paid for is not enough. Give us more details as to where these lands are, parcel number, size ect. Just want to make sure that this is not one of your schemes to sell to those in your circle. A list should be made public for all interested persons.

    • Sadly @ Dark and lovely, the Browne family are out and out VULTURE 🦅 CAPITALISTS 💰 working to the detriment of autochthonous Antiguans and Barbudans.

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