Lake family issues statement on previously missing woman

Dwannia Lake

(Press Release)

The family of Dwannia Lake would like to thank the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda for all their assistance in finding her. Miss Lake’s family is extremely thankful to the media for getting the information to the public in a timely manner. They would also like to thank the public who sprung into action by circulating the missing persons bulletin across their social media platforms and message boards.

Miss Lake was last seen physically on Friday evening by family members at home. Due to uncharacteristic behaviour as well as a troubling message sent by someone to a family member on Saturday afternoon, and unsuccessful attempts to reach Miss Lake by all forms of communication the family contacted the Police Force and made a report. They provided CID with all the necessary information indicating the serious nature of Miss Lake’s disappearance which promoted a missing persons bulletin to be circulated to the media.

Dwannia was found this morning, just after 7 AM unharmed, but in need of critical attention, in the Buckleys area after CID acted on reports of her vehicle being seen. Miss Lake has subsequently been taken to the Mount St John Medical Centre for examination. The family is extremely grateful to everyone who provided CID with helpful information as to the whereabouts of their family member. They are indeed grateful that Dwannia was found safe.

Senator Aziza Lake

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  1. “in need of critical attention”
    Thanking the general public for helping to find this woman and saying she is unharmed, but is in need of critical attention is quite misleading. Does she have a medical or psychological problem???
    It’s wonderful that she’s found unharmed, but some clarification would be appreciated

    • It is not misleading. Be incisive or verify the meaning(s) of harm/unharmed.

      You do not need to know further details to just have compassion and express gratitude. Some respect for their privacy at this time would likely be appreciated.

      Have a merry Christmas!

      • Antiguans Are Very Secretive About Everything! Why Every Damn Ting In Antigua Is A Secret? Like Lord Boldface Say! “If You No Know!” “You Just No Know!” I’m Happy That She Was Found!🌴

    • Is that your concern, though? Suffice it to say we are all glad she is alive and not worse! Give the family the support of keeping your mouth shut when it is not your business!

    • I hope you’re not actually as horrible a human as your comment makes you appear to be. What do you mean by next time don’t come to us for help???

      I hope no one is deterred by this kind of callous and immature comment, from seeking the public’s assistance in locating and ensuring the welfare of their loved one!!

      Is your position truly that if you are not given the exact level of details afterwards that you want but do not at all need, that “next time leff he/she fi even dead, me nuh kay”.

      That is really what you in essence chose to comment this blessed yuletide season at that??

      This mentality is outrageous and sickening. Do not wait for the new year, please get rid of it now.

  2. Our society is really sick, because the family refuses to tell you sensitive issues that can make the healing process more complicated ,you nar assist in the future?

  3. I love American free press…. Stories like these no question is left unanswered.
    1 They would interview to friends about the type of person she is.
    2 They would speak about husband boyfriend etc.
    3 They would speak about a typical day for her.
    4 They would speak about possible motive for her being missing.
    5 They would profile her parents.
    6 They would profile roommate or persons that she lives with it.
    7 They would profile co workers.
    8 They would look at her medical history.
    That’s American free press for you but in Antigua everything is a secret. But in Antigua everything is a secret even the PM’s Wife did not tell her husband about her intention to go into politics.

    • LOL!! You reall a gah dead if you nah fine out de “juicy details”?? Take a chill pill and give thanks that she was found alive.

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