‘Kublai can jump high and he can jump low’ – PM


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the residents of Old Road must respect the property rights a woman who has been granted a lease.

The villagers are insisting that agricultural lands in the area belong to the people who live there and are refusing to allow the occupation of seven acres of those lands to a couple they consider to be outsiders.

The woman who applied for the land to plant coconuts is said to have been born and raised in Antigua.

Disgruntled villagers also took umbrage with how seemingly easy it is for ‘outsiders’ to be given lands to occupy while they, for years, have been denied the same opportunity to cultivate these very lands.

PM Browne spoke on the issue for the first time yesterday.

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  1. Wait, is there no one advising GB? The man just opens his mouth and whatever comes out, comes out. Book bright really ah nuh steet bright.

  2. I hope the people in Old Road and round South remember this statement come election time. There is a proper way for an elected official to make a statement on a situation, and there is Gaston Browne, the aspiration dictator way. Kublai, time to start organizing the people round South for the next election. GB is a real arrogant fool not fit for public office.

  3. Something fishy about this. Family and friends.
    Another coconut farming individual. Smells fishy! Lawd!
    This government is involved in too too many land disputes.

  4. Kublai Mannix,just a reminder. You do not have any CXC subjects. What you do have. Is a love for the people and Old Road as a whole. That is something Gaston Browne lacks in leadership. If he had listened to you into that matter at Morris Bay. We the people and the country would not be in that cesspool it is in now. Where the lands were in essence given away to an invisible Investor. Where is he now? By the way,I do not have any CXC subjects either.I had to Google to find out.What is that CXC.Do not give up the fight people of beautiful Old Road Village.The Public Lands of Old Road and beyond do not belong to Gaston Browne and his Minions,Rumpswabs,Hacks and Moonbats.The Government Lands belong to WE THE PEOPLE.Bought with and paid for with our damn money. The people need to stand up. Like we did to VC Bird in 1968.We did not surrender and we did not back down.Good Luck people of Old Road and Antigua as a whole.Gaston Browne is a COWARD.Do not fear him.Do not be afraid of him.

    • R u serious about Kublai? This is biggest Joke of the century. “. “Love the people of Old Road”. Do you know who owns the Pineapple farm in Old Road? Do you owns the hotels in Old Road? Do you know the same lovable person, sell his catch to these entities? Did you know that the labor governments gave more Land’s to Old Road people’s than the UPP? Kublai and his followers were dumb when the UPP was in governance. Political Diatribes and tribalism will not benefit the good people of Old Road. There is nothing of significant they can point to for they continuous blind support of the UPP candidates inclusive of hypocrites likes Kublai.

  5. This is the logical result of people supporting the nonsense in Barbuda where only “Barbudans” can own land in Barbuda. There is nothing in law that supports that stance and the charade has been pushed by some Barbudans, with the support of some in Antigua. (By the way, Trevor Walker isn’t a true Barbudan, eh. The guy is of Montserrat Heritage and wants to dictate what takes place in Barbuda.)

    Now, here come the folks from Old Road trying to dictate who can own land in Old Road, and we have some folks supporting the nonsense. So if I was born and grew up in Seatons then I can’t own land in Jennings? Is this the kind of country we’re running now? And we have some commenters above supporting the nonsense?

    Truly, Krokrus was right when he sang “everything is upside down”.

    • Agreed 💯👍. Karma have a change way in bringing people to their knees. Someday the shoes will be on their feet and I hope they will able to reconcile this ignorance all because of filthy Political games.

  6. Let truth be at the forefront of you head , This is one time in this country that there is so much land discrepancies, from land swap, to making decision in cabinet for misinformation to get land.
    The greedyland grabbing administration.
    The most attractive plots of lands are not owned by the Caribbean nationals and we must believe these people desire the best for the people. We are placed in the center where our borders are surrounded by alot of choksy taking up all the beach fronts

  7. Will this be another Coconut Farm for GB who said Farmer Brown farm is to plant Coconuts and Avocadoes?
    I am just asking.

  8. What has become of QUEEN IVENA? ? ? Didn´t this same Kublai leave her hanging after egging her on to sing that song about the PM?

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